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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Its beginning to feel a lot like....................

........2011 is running out fast!!
Seriously where has this year gone?
This time last year I was at the French Market in Lille and uber excited at going to be going to the USA on Monday!!
In comparison, this week this year I have gotten very drunk on mulled wine at the bavarian Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and spent the most amazing 24 hours with my USA Marshall on his flying trip to London!

I have put up my little tree and hung some decs up around the flat and am sat snuggled on my sofa with yummy candles burning looking forward to the Strictly semi final!
Sadly no crafting for months!!
Life has been pretty busy and hectic but sooo much fun. Burning the candle at both ends for weeks and for once its not all work work work although of course that has featured too :)
On Thursday night I even spent an hour directing traffic in the pouring rain as there had been an accident in my road and there was no-one to help. Barney, who has had the sniffles, and I were on our way back from the vet. Poor little dude, sat in my car surrounded by flashy lights while mummy got soaked to the skin, he didn't really understand what was going on!!

Yesterday I spent the day as tourist guide and thoroughly enjoying the city, showing my US friend around. We had a lovely day and finished it off with a visit to the ballet. The tickets have been booked for months and I was going with the girls, but one dropped out last minute so my guy was able to come along. Matthew Bourne is a fantastic choreographer, quite modern and this version of the Nutcracker was fabulous as always. Not the usual choice for my rufty tufty American hunkster, but he is into music and the arts too and so thoroughly enjoyed himself!!

Bless him though, he wasn't quite prepared for the cold despite me telling him to pack a warm coat, and spend the day clutching at hot chocs and me for warmth!! Obviously I wasn't complaining :)

Sadly crafting has fallen by the wayside. I am soooo behind with scrapping and getting my photos sorted its not funny!! Maybe that will be my New Year resolution to get back into it and stop forgetting my blog!!??? I am sure that come cold January that will all change as I sit snuggly indoors and look for things to do?
Promise I won't be away so long next time  :)

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