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Sunday, 28 June 2009

The wedding

What a fabulous day it was at Rosie and Ivons wedding!

Of course the weather was gorgeous, as was the setting. The guests were a fabulously friendly bunch and a real mix as you see. 
The bride and groom both looked stunning, and neither of them could stop smiling all day. It was magical with beautiful heartfelt speeches and  delicious food. The groom provided us with a superb solo performance on the dance floor and we all came away happy and smiling, glad we had the chance to share this special day with them.
Congratulations xx

Friday, 26 June 2009

The night before.....

Today passed, I wouldn't say quite uneventfully, but it's not stuff I want to share with you guys. It was bad, but now on the mend - hopefully!

Tomorrow - now that is a whole new day and it's gonna be busy.
 I am up at 0500 as I am working the early shift then a quick change at work to go to Ivon and Rosie's wedding!  They are both colleagues from work who fell in love with each other.........ahhhhhhh!

This LO is from Rosie's Hen weekend in Birmingham a few weeks ago. We had a great time, drank lots and laughed even more at the Comedy Store, the acts were great! No tales of naughtiness or woe though, we were all very well behaved - promise!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Just Thursday

As promised here is the finished cover and another page from the mini book that I made for Laura. I used the fabric that was tied in a bow on the chairs at the reception to make it. She is now back from her honeymoon so I plan to give it to her this week.

Also one of my pages from the other day, the photo is a couple of years old, but that was a fun summer on the bikes and the fittest I've been since my marathon running days - hence the purchase of my Wii so that I can shed some of the scrappers pounds that I have accumulated. You know how it goes.....stick one, eat one, glue one, eat one.....?

Anyway the monkeys have gone to Chessington today, YES - without me! NO - I am not impressed! Apparently school doesn't matter these days, nor does it matter that I had said I couldn't go today as I had other things to do in preparation for yet another wedding this weekend! So I have sat quietly at home, done some washing and played beach volleyball and made a card whilst they were out having fun. It seems that my thoughts don't count for much these days, and as usual I come second. 
 I am back at work tomorrow for a day and half before a big rush to get to the wedding on Saturday afternoon - hopefully it will be quiet and not too stressful,  although I won't hold my breath!
See you again soon

Monday, 22 June 2009


Well,  Wii actually. 

Today I am the very excited new owner of one (courtesy of ebay!!)

We had a little play before BM went to work his night duty and then after some blog hopping and more ebaying, I had another little play, but now I have to go to bed - boo, co's I have to be up at 5.00am!! So short post from me today!

Can't wait to get a wii fit and a dance game and boogie on down and start to get a bit fitter and lose some weight. Am looking forward to dancing round in my lounge and thrashing BM at beach volleyball.
Sadly no photos to share as have been too busy playing???

Night night

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Scrappy!

Woo hoo -  I've managed to spend the weekend as intended - scrapping!

I've realised that part of the problem with the flagging old mojo is due to the fact that I haven't been anywhere or done anything worth photographing recently. 
I'm think I'm bored with my photos!

Normally when I have been somewhere I come home and have a frenzy of ideas based on my new pics, but that has not happened recently co's I haven't been anywhere, apart from the wedding which I have now scrapped - both for me and for Laura's book. (I've managed to finish the cover now but haven't taken a pic yet!!)

I have tried very hard this weekend to find 'old' pictures that are worthy of a LO, and discovered to my delight that the wonderful new styles and shapes of 12 x 12 can lift an old pic and give the LO a fresh look. I love shaped and scalloped 12 x 12 - it's so exciting before you even add any embellies, makes the job so much easier so I have made quite a few LO's today. Now I will just have to replenish my sneaky recent pizza box delivery as I have used it all up already...........!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Crazy life!

This week was good - only had to work for two days which has gotta be good in anyone's book?

I now have the whole weekend to myself, to blog hop, card make and scrap to my hearts content, that's assuming I can give the old moj a shove in the right direction.
Am sad to say that this months issue of Scrapbook Inspirations still hasn't arrived, despite me phoning up and being promised a replacement copy - am frustrated to say the least! Will just have to spend a couple of hours poodling round t'internet to get some ideas!

Hopefully will have some good stuff to share with you later?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Hot stuff!

Here's another LO from my mini scrapathon - haven't scrapped Big Monkey for ages but he looked soooo handsome all dressed up at laura's wedding. Shame he didn't think so despite loads of compliments?? 
If you agree please leave a comment to prove him wrong?

Well my little car is safely back with me now after some welding and an MOT!
 It was quite an adventure to go and collect it today, the train and the most bizarre bus journey. I used to get the bus when I was a kid, it cost a pound and took about an hour as it went all round the houses. Today it cost £4.10 and still took an hour but went all round a different load of houses and didn't end up where I needed it to!!(And I was the youngest on the bus by about 20 years!!!) Anyhoo, drive back to London later, (sadly no roof off as it spotted with rain the whole way), and I am safe at home with a headache and a chicken salad for tea. Must be the muggy weather I think? Off to bed shortly as up at sparrows fart in the morning for work. 
Am going to dream of my hunk in his (birthday)suit!!!?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mini Scrapathon?

I don't know how it happened but after a week of dull nights where nothing happened, I slept loads more than usual (which is a lot!!) I came home on the last morning and.............didn't go to bed!

Instead I sat and scrapped solidly for about 12 hours, producing two 12X12 LO's and a whole mini book, well not that mini as it turns out, but no mean feat I can tell you.

Not sure where all the mojo came flooding back from but who cares.......wheeeeeeeeeeee............. here I go again in the Zone! 
(sounds like a song there??)

Anyhoo, the not-so-mini book is for Laura after her wedding, she's back at work this week so I thought I had better get on with it before too long passes. I have to say, not being a fan of minis, I found this one quite easy, if a little time consuming. I think it's co's Laura's wedding was simple and elegant and I scraped enough of the table confetti up to make 3 books, and just used that and her colour scheme, so it too ended up being simple and elegant. The cover was the main prob and am still working on that...........here are a few pages, sorry they are hastily photographed!

Today I thought I would scrap all day but have only managed 2 more LO's. I think I must have peaked too soon yesterday and all that mojoflow just flowed off and out into the garden. Maybe is was just co's today was soooo gorgeous and I really wanted to just sit and do nothing in it, but I have been moaning about not having time/mojo to scrap so ??? The smell of my fresh laundry wafting in the patio doors doesn't help either, ahh lovely summer day!

This LO is a tribute to Ralph. Mum went on holiday after that hideous day last month, and one day walking on the beach she saw a Plop in the flotsam. She sent me the picture and I told her it was Ralph looking down on her and sending a message that he was ok and running around fit and well 'up there'. Had this idea brewing since then.

Well this has turned out to be a long post........will be back tomorrow with some more of my LO's and a tale of the returning Cappy?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

No time like the present?

Haven't had a chance to scrap yet this week despite the new stash I want to play with winking at me from the zone!

Have a few ideas of things I want to scrap but seem to be lacking whatever it is I need to get me started, ie time and a kick up the old mojo.
 I think the last few weeks have had more of an impact on me than perhaps I realised. Time is a great healer and maybe that's what I need still?

Have loved looking at all your LO's and blogs but haven't left any comments as am still feeling a bit lost for words.

Holiday time is approaching and another camping trip , here's a LO from last year when we went out with GW and PJ to Honeybrook Farm.


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's time.............

.............for a holiday!!!
Having booked ours now I want to go.......now!

.....I miss my little friend!

oh and by the way...............where is my Scrapbook Inspirations?

 If you see my postman would you ask him?


Monday, 8 June 2009

Large glass of red for me please.......

Well, I survived the weekend with Grannywen.

 There were some very sad moments that Ralph used to fill, the nudging nose as you ate some salad, the woofing at morning excursion time and the cuddle before bed. He has a very handsome new cubby to rest in though, all wooden with a lovely plaque and he can still go camping with GW and PJ, but the final letters to Petplan were almost too much for me to bare.

Worse to come was the news that my little Cappy failed its MOT, and that PJ suggested it got sold after it had been sorted. I feel like I am losing everything at the moment, next thing will be the plot I fear?

There were some good points too, a trip to The Range was full of exciting new stash and the next two camping holidays have been planned and booked - at bit last minute, but we have pitches so are sorted!! Just need to plan some good weather and we will be on for a fab couple of weeks in the tent! I can't wait, really feel like I need a good break from life at the mo?

Am intending to scrap today before nights tonight, the new stash is beckoning at me. Will show you later  xxx

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Busy week!

As weeks go, I have to say, this one hasn't been too bad. Sure I have been at work everyday and very busy, but I have also managed to slot in some really great stuff too......

On Monday night I went to see Sister act with some of the girls from work. You gotta go - it was fantastic! We laughed, the songs were great and the standing ovation at the end was more than deserved. Great night out!

On Tuesday I got the chance to meet some of the fab ladies from PWL/UKS. Louise and Helen were in town and I snuck off to meet them for an hour or so. They were there taking pics for PWL the Sequel, but it has just dawned on me that we didn't take any pics of us together? Top ladies  - hope they come to town again soon!

Yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster, had a tiff with BM, but it was sorted out and we had a lovely dinner on work's time and snuggled on the sofa when we got home to watch The Apprentice - wow, didn't expect the outcome of that either???

So, Thursday - what will today bring? 
Last day of work for me, bound to be busy? Looking forward to seeing Grannywen tomorrow.
Will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Feelin' blue

Not me for a change, well maybe just a bit...........been reading about everyone's fab weekends in the sunshine and where was I?
You guessed it - at work!
Boo hoo!
AND it was busy! Something about the sun, alcohol and my line of work just don't mix too well?

So, I missed the lovely sunshine, and now I'm tired out and can't wait for next weekend to arrive. 
We are going down to Grannywens's co's my car needs an MOT and PJ is the man to see about things like that.
Am a little nervous as it will be the first trip back since Ralph chased plop away to heaven, and 'things' from around the house won't be there anymore - including him! Hopefully it will be good weather and a trip to the Range will be in order for some goodies. Maybe even a trip to the seaside? Jules from the last post is from there too, and she managed to come back from a weekend there this week a very gorgeous tan colour! Not fair!
Anyhoo - gotta get thru the rest of this week without losing the plot first?
 See you soon!