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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Another day at the farm 2............

After my last post just now I thought I would share this one too.......................continuing the theme, if my work is like a day at the farm and a good day was like the farm layout then a bad day must be like a safari trip - unexpected and dangerous with a bit of a thrill ???

Mmm, will think about that one?

Another day at the farm....

..........sadly not the fun one at Godstone, but the office one. Believe me - sometimes it seems full of animals!!!
Today wasn't too stressful and I managed to avoid any flying muck that tends to get slung round quite a lot, loads at the mo, which leads me to my rant! 
Recently in the press, the DPS (Police who police the police) -  a big hoo har about some PC who wrote something daft on Facebook who is now being investigated. We have someone in our office who is blatantly abusing a maternity sickness policy, and was then seen at an amusement park in photos on Facebook, it had been reported (annonymously) to said DPS who have replied that it is not in their remit to deal with it!!!
How can that be?
 Why the double standard?
I don't know but it drives me mad!!! 
The Organisation is so rubbish really, sometimes I wonder which side we are on?
End of rant!

Not sure I actually like this LO? I had intended to use the background paper for a camping page, but then this sort of evolved as many of my LO's do and it turned into a farm one? I kinda feel its a waste of the trees really, but hey, will have another good idea tomorrow and I still have some great stuff to show you from my mini scrapping marathon.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

My own marathon?

I have had a great scrapping marathon today, have actually managed four pages and also a card as it is my best buddy at work's birthday on Tuesday.

Neither of these two LO's are todays efforts, but the last of the pages from my birthday trip to Kent (for now anyway, but I am sure there will be some more tiger pics fairly soon - love them too much!!)

The Canterbury Tales page  has our own canterbury tale written on it, athough the photo doesn't do the colours justice, and I kept the Leopard layout quite simple as the photo was such a goodie.

I have started to scrap a page from the hen do last weekend but am waiting for a new edging punch that I want to use on it - it didn't come in the post on Saturday! Boo! So it was nearly five pages???

Well done to all of you who ran the marathon today - great weather for watching, not so good for running. the year I ran was like this and it nearly killed me with the heat!

Who's he?

Another page about my little friend at Port Lympne.
The journalling is from Winnie the Pooh and reads;

Tigger: (looking at his reflection)
Oh, hey hey. Look, look, look. Oh what a strange looking creature. mmm, look at those beady little eyes and that purrrposterous chin, and those rickydiculous striped pyjamas.

Winnie: Looks like another Tigger to me.

Tigger: Oh no its not. I'm the only Tigger. Watch me scare the stripes off this imposter.

(Tigger growls at reflection; he scares himself and hides under the table)

Tigger; Is is is ....is he gone?

Winnie; All except the tail

(Tigger tucks in his tail)

Winnie: He's gone

Saturday, 25 April 2009


I love this layout - this little fella had such fun playing about in his pond with a ball.

The photos aren't great as they were taken from a distance trying to avoid the lines of wire of his enclosure, but I am still pretty pleased with them.

Have a weekend off to myself so am going to get on with some more scrapping and using my lovely new journalling books. 

Will show the results soon

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Scrap happy!

I finally did it!
Ever since the course finished I have been meaning to put all the photos and comments into a mini book to record the effort we put in. I'm not very good when it comes to mini books - i need the space a 12 x 12 gives me to create and I can never manage to co-ordinate the pages properly - maybe I need to go on a course for mini books???
Anyway, I found this lovely notebook in a stationers and fell in love with it. Strangely it also looks like the background to CJ's blog, so I had to use it for my PWL notes.
I painstakingly printed out every page of the forum that I had posted on, my photos and all the lovely comments and encouragement that everyone left me about them. I printed the logos and the assignments and the comments from CJ, I even went through and printed out everyone's mugshots and now I have cut them all out and stuck them in this notebook, along with comments about those of you on UKS.  A true record of each week of Painting with Light.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I survived the night shifts and narrowly escaped being late off this morning as a new case loomed at 0615 hours!! Luckily I was on the bus home as day duty had taken over!

I was then a silly girl and instead of going to bed I went into the ZONE and cut and stuck all my PWL pictures into the little notebook I bought - will reveal more of that tomorrow!

Then I had to go to the post office and collect a stash parcel I had forgotten about, lovely new Bobunny journalling books - will be trying them out tomorrow too.

A quick trip to the supermarket, a visit to This Morning and Loose Women later as the sun shone through the window on me loafing on the sofa and that was it - I was out like a light til nearly 7pm when the phone rang!!!

Lots of new LO's and stuff to show you tomorrow, but for now I'm off to bed!
Night night

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Laura's Hen night!

I am still on night shifts, but did manage to sneak out before I started work yesterday and went to my friend Laura's hen night.
She held it at the Medieaval Banquet over by Tower Hill and it was an absolute scream. There wasn't a huge group of us and we wished we had dressed up in costumes like 75% of the rest of the clientele, but the evening was great fun nonetheless!
I certainly didn't want to go into work afterwards! 
These are just a few of the pics taken - I can see a scrapping page in the making with the slurping bowls of the banquet! That's me with Jules by the way, and the soup was delicious!
The wedding is at the end of May and I am really looking forward to going.  Big monkey and I are going to stay over at the hotel, more quality time for us! I am also going to take some pics of the day and make Laura a little mini book at the end as a keepsake.
Meantime back in the real world I have another night shift tonight - boo! Catch you laters, hope you had a good weekend. xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Deja Vous!

I can't believe it's Friday again already, and even worse, I am back working nights again for the weekend!
That has come round fast!?
The only good thing about it is that it is raining and Big Monkey is also working nights this weekend so I still get to see him and we can share our back to front existance together.

This page is one I forgot to upload after our trip down to Kent for my Birthday in February. We spent a couple of hours in Rochester in weather not dis-similar to todays. We climbed around the castle and mooched in the high street, even stumbling across a craft shop. I was still getting to grips with my new camera, but I think this simple LO reflects the trip well

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The end!

That's it!
It's all over!
Cj has chosen the final four and although mine wasn't one of them I am still chuffed to bits that I was in the shortlist! The top four are stunning pics and deserved to be there!
Well done to all of the girls.
PWL is now finished - all I have to do now is scrap the journey!

The lovely long Easter weekend is over - didn't we have great weather?

My first day back at work is now over - hoorah! And lucky for me it was a short day too - am sat in the garden as I type -  enjoying the sun.

Have read up on some fabby ladies blogs whilst sat here - you guys really inspire me,  and as soon as I can be bothered I am going indoors to scrap some of my lovely pics from Port Lympne.  All too soon it will be bed time, but obviously there's the Apprentice to watch first!
Another day over!

Catch you soon xxx

Monday, 13 April 2009

Port Lympne

We had a fabulous day today - not only did the weather turn out to be bright and sunny (unusual for a BH I know) but there weren't too many cretins out and about when we went down to Kent to visit Port Lympne Wildlife Park.
You all know what a Doolittle I am, so what better place for me to practice my photographic skills than somewhere with these furry beauties?
I am really proud of some of these as many of them were taken through very small squared mesh fencing!! I was spoiled on my birthday going to WHF in Feb where the fences were not a problem, so I was in despair trying to avoid the criss cross lines of fencing today - many rubbish shots later I did manage a few money shots!!

We finished off the day with Fish n Chips sat on the beach at Hythe - then a walk along the prom. Wonderful! This is what days off are all about.
Hope your day was as good?

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Well I didn't make the top four for Module 5 but I am still pleased with this photo, I wasn't going to submit it but Big monkey suggested that I should so BIG thanks to him!
Even more exciting is that this week I have again made it into the top 8 shortlist - who knows, I might even be one of Cj's fave 4 this module? 
What a great way to finish the course that would be?

Having a lovely lazy Sunday doing nothing with Big monkey. The weather is pretty pants and we are nibbling on some mini choc eggs. We are planning a day out tomorrow that will hopefully involve my camera and some furry creatures. 

Just a quick welcome to my new follower Clare - thanks so much for joining me in the zone, would love to hear what you think?

Whatever you are doing today - enjoy xx

Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

At last the weekend and I am looking forward to some quality time with Big monkey - we need it!!!

I am off until Wednesday and intend to do very little this weekend except maybe visit a craft shop or two instead of eating chocolate eggs!!

The PWL course has finished and we are just waiting for our final feedback, I will miss the gang but some of us have now hooked up on UK Scrappers, so will have to make sure I keep in the loop there. Still not sure if my last pic made it into the top 4 for the module as CJ hasn't posted yet, but will share it with you anyway soon.

Have a lovely Easter! xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

Speed demon!

Did you have a good weekend?

Mine flew past in a blur of nocturnal activity, and non of it the toe curling good kind either!!!?

Here we are at the start of another week,  and time is still whizzing past. It's the last week of the PWL workshop and I am thrilled to say that one of my photos from last week has made it into CJ's top 8!! Will post it later if it makes the top 3.  
Sadly I don't know how or when I am going to take this weeks module, its quite demanding and I don't have a spare minute to devote to it. Some of the others have already posted some stunning pictures and I am in awe of them, and no idea where to start.
I think I have three minutes to myself tomorrow after a training day, so will take my camera and hope I can find something that will fit the bill.
Wish me luck! xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Aaah! The weekend

I hope you all have a good one!

I am working nights again this weekend, so just a few hours to play this afternoon before I go in. Tomorrow won't exist co's I will be fast asleep!
Typical then that the weather looks great and I won't be able to enjoy it.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago at Sheffield Park. We were larking about using things as frames for my pictures. I wanted quite a simple page as the main focus needed to be the picture, so just a few rub-ons were added and some layered papers in the colours of the shrubs and plants in the garden.

See you soon xx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Calm in the chaos!

No crusty fighting for me in the City yesterday I am pleased to report, although Big Monkey had to get up at silly o clock this morning to go and watch them at the Excell Centre today.

I didn't have breakfast with Hilary Clinton, even though she stayed in the hotel next to where I work!

I didn't line the street hoping to wave at the President as his circus drove past!

A normal, hectic day at work for me, phonecalls and general weariness and nothing exciting to report.

I did go here for a float and it was heavenly and I did scrap when I got home which is always a joy. I seem to live in a little bubble sometimes when all the chaos of the world just passes me by?      
I'm not complaining  it's lovely! xx