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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I am the zookeeper!

I have joined the Scrapagogo girls  having used several of their kits and am now a subscriber. There are a few friendly faces there - Hi Vicki, and loads of  cheery support. 

I am so glad I joined!

I uploaded this LO, made using the September Soiree kit and have had such good feedback it has really cheered me up.

Second day at work in the new regime yesterday was slightly better than the first. Not quite so hectic but still the new people are a bit odd! Had to bully some of them into saying hello and telling me who they were!

I am working the late shift today, so a little bit of time to play before I go in, but I really don't want to go. There are some things I need to do co's I completely forgot yesterday (not like me) but am not going to be home til very very late and will miss my evening snuggle with BM as he will be tucked up in bed asleep by the time I get home. How rubbish is that?
Catch you later bloggers.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Squirrel watch!

I have been very true to Dolittle form recently.
 I have always enjoyed watching the squiggles in the back garden and the way they use the trees and fences as their own speedy highway. Often there are about 5 or 6 of them racing around jumping from tree to tree.
This year I decided to help them out and have bought a huge bag of nuts for them to feed on. I put them in a big pile on the patio and throw a few into the grass and then sit and watch them come and eat and bury them away.
It's very relaxing and great for practising my photography skills. They are gradually coming closer and closer, reducing my need for my zoom lense. I am hoping to feed them by hand one day like the cheeky little squiggles in Hyde Park.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday blurb!

Nothing much to report today.
Yesterday was spent loafing, a wee spot of shopping and even some housework which was long overdue got done too!

A nice relaxing Sunday,  busy doing nothing in some fabulously sunny weather.

Today however was not so nice.
It was my first shift in the new regime and I have to say that so far I don't like it! Apart from being ridiculously busy, I was on my own and none of the new people in the office were particularly chatty or seemed to want to get to know those of us who have remained.

Suffice to say that I came home and fell asleep on the sofa and didn't even photograph the LO's that I made over the weekend! Instead I will leave you with a card that I made. I forgot to use my new punch on it but I think my efforts are getting better - must be all the inspiration you lot give me?
P.S Hello to Judith, welcome to the Zone.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Lure of the Pally?

I had to go, I couldn't help myself! 
Despite the flood of stash that has recently graced my letterbox, scrapagogo delights and online wins (most of it several weeks late) I still  couldn't resist the lure of Ally Pally!

BM and I got up quite late, had yummy bacon sandwiches and then decided it was too late to head off to the zoo, so set off up to north london to spot the croc wearers and other crafty folk.

Why is is that crafters are generally such lovely friendly people, but put them within 100 metres of a craft show and they turn into evil ill -mannered monsters?? I was pushed out of the way so many times and had people stand right in front of me when drooling over stash that I really lost my patience and didn't scour the stalls as much as I should have. Still managed to secure a healthy number of new die cut papers though, which  I (heart) sooo much and BM even kept his promise and bought me another new Martha Stewart punch!!! 

We returned south of the river on the tube while I jealously eyed up other crafters bulging totes and trolleys and collapsed happily on the sofa. No sooner than I started to rummage through my haul when the doorbell rang and as far as BM was concerned, the best pizza box of all arrived!!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Quality time!

It's the weekend at last!

I survived my course and even have a sad little certificate to prove it!!
Can't say I learnt anything new, but there were some very entertaining speakers from within our organisation who do jobs that are far sexier than mine, and they were very interesting to listen to!

Have got a whole weekend to play now and spend some quality time with Big Monkey. We are in the town house this weekend so there are vague plans to visit London Zoo/Regents Park with my camera for a play and maybe I might even manage to take BM and his credit card to Ally Pally on Sunday.
Who knows? 
 I plan to start the weekend this evening with a bottle of wine, a chinese take away and maybe even some scrapping as I haven't managed any for a few days and am suffering withdrawal symptoms!!! Also the postie seems to have got over his reluctance to visit my letterbox and I have had a few stash parcels in the last couple of days so lots of rummaging and sorting to do. I might even get round to a spot of housework, but I doubt it, too many fun things to do first!!
Enjoy your Friday evening!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Time for change!

This isn't the sort of photo you will see of me very often. A) co's there aren't many, and B) co's I try not to mention what I actually do at work, even if I do moan about doing it quite a lot!!!!

Today, the unit where I have worked for two years began a new phase. We have changed our name and working methods, and in the process have lost about a third of our workforce and increased our workload about tenfold!!! 
I am sure eventually the change will be a good thing, but am very aprehensive about the next few months and the stress and workload it will involve. (Part of the row with BM last week!!)
It is also the reason for being on a training course this week as all staff have been told to go on it before we go live - which was today!

As I travelled home on the tube from Hendon I thought about the last time I had
 a big change in my current career. It was when took off my uniform for the last time and went to the unit I am on. It was a really big deal for me at the time, co's I loved my time in uniform but joined the 'Job' to do what I do now. Big Monkey was his usual thoughtful, wonderful
 self and helped me celebrate the end of that era with choccies and a cheesecake! I remember being a bit scared about the future but excited at the same time. 
This time however I have to say I am filled with concern and trepidation. 

So what did I do?
Went and got all my hair chopped in a funky new style, that's what!!
Just hope I can make it look this good in the morning!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Precious moments!

Have been absent all weekend working on one of the most scary awful hideous crimes that I think I have ever worked on, which also included some hours that were also fairly awful and hideous too!
Have been home in the wee hours of the morning and up again shortly after to resume the necessary liaisons that my role requires.

No time or energy to blog hop or post and so have read about everyone's fun weekends today through the matchsticks propping open my eyes. 

Am on a training course this week - more about that later in the week,  but hopefully will be able to catch up on sleep and even get some scrapping done as we finish quite early in the afternoons.

This LO is all about our visit to Paignton Zoo where we were lucky enough to see the four six month old tiger cubs that had been born there. Sadly, the day after we went one of them died. I wanted to document the fact that we had been lucky enough to see them, and what a precious moment it was. (You must realise by now how much I love tigers!!!) 
Life is short and sacred. 
Treasure those precious moments - oh and don't forget to scrap them!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Fabby Friday!

Well it might have been better if I hadn't had to go to work?

House of monkey update - things are calm and pleasant again after our recent upset and no further vodka (or Tequila - Polly) was required! Just as well as I am getting too old to cope with hangovers and it severely hampered my crafting ability in that I didn't do any and just slobbed on the sofa all day yesterday, blog hopping!!! ( Oh and maybe I accidentally managed to sign myself up to the complete Gogo monthly kits to cheer myself up!!)

Anyway back to today, my non subscription september Scrapagogo kit finally arrived - yeah! and it is indeed truly luscious - I can't wait to play with it, but that will have to wait for another day!!
AND.....my Scrapbook Inspirations magazine finally arrived too - yippee. Bus journey to work tomorrow will be improved 200 per cent by it's arrival! Still waiting for a few other goodies but am a happy bunny for today.

Not sure about this LO, I like it but feel it's not quite finished somehow. I feel the need for some more ribbons or something rich and royally coloured to give it a bit of oomph!
What do you think?
Catch up with you soon

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A prickly subject!

Todays posting comes to you from the depths of a vodka induced following day fuzz!

Have had a stressful week at work this week and although not every week is even remotely this bad, I have struggled this week both mentally and emotionally!

Last night I went to the pub with work colleagues and drank lots and lots of vodka and had a very good time and it was a great de-stress session!

Unfortunately this was also the week that BM also had to work lots of night shifts  (something he doesn't cope very well with, ie; gets overtired and grumpy)  and so we have not seen much of each other.  This has meant complaints from BM about our crazy hectic 2home lifestyle, and the usual row that ensues. Apart from winning the lottery and one of us giving up working  (me preferably so that I have more time to scrap!)  I am not sure that there is much that we can do about it so I don't see the point of the row and therefore tend to ignore it. This of course winds him up even more and I forecast a rough few days!
 Oh great! And I am working at the weekend so I guess it's not going to be a good one!
Oh yeah - and due to him having an early night and me drinking too much vodka I didn't phone home either so apparently I have kicked a dog when he is down???
Add to that the fact that the postman has clearly forgotten that I exist, so no new Scrapbook Inspirations, no newly ordered stash, all adds up to a week that, along with the weather is pretty pants!
Any suggestions for a remedy anyone?

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bye Bye Summer!

It is well and truly Autumn here today. The back garden is full of golden leaves and the sky is grey and cloudy. The wind is up and there is no sign of the gorgeous warm sun from yesterday!

I am ashamed to admit that we didn't make it to the River Festival either. My friend and I both cried off due to the weather and decided to meet up over a bottle of wine next week instead!! Not so good for the photography I wanted to do, but much warmer and no standing around for hours then being disappointed with the results!

I spent the day as per this LO - Monkeying around!!
 I managed 3 new LO's yesterday which I have yet to photograph but not one today. I don't really know where the day has gone, because apart from some time spent on the Wii fit I have achieved nothing! 
It has amused me to learn that according to Wii fit my age is correct, but BM's age is apparently 46 which didn't please him at all!! Nice for him to be older for a change. I was horrified to learn how overweight I am though, so with 9 months to go I am going on a diet/ keep fit plan! There is no way I am showing this body in a bikini on the beach!!
Back to court tomorrow for yet another trial aswell as the end of this weeks which over ran, so settling in for a snuggly Autumn evening of TV, Jo Lumley's - Cats, which just makes me want one even more, and then Casualty and Waking the Dead! 
Hope you had a great weekend!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Busy all week............

And relax..........................!

What a week - all spent at court (yawn) and more to follow next week! Not much fun, although I did have a beer by the river last night, hence no post yesterday!

I had lots of intention to scrap today, but I have to admit by the time I woke up, collected an undelivered parcel from the sorting office and indulged myself in a dreamy 2 hour float the day had almost passed. 
Do I feel guilty?
No, not really - that's what days off are for!!!!

I am off into the zone now for the evening, but will share with you this little LO all about my new work handbag. BM calls it the Mary Poppin's bag because just about anything you could ever wish for can be found lurking in the bottom of it!
 This was very true on Thursday night, after our work dinner, when my detective and I visited the scene of the venue for our case at court as an issue had arisen during the trial. We needed to measure an area which was the scene of the alleged crime. Everyone involved was extremely amused when I produced from my bag not only a tape measure but also a small torch or two - it was a small dark fire exit we were measuring! (They are small keyring torches I hasten to add, from my car keys, not a foot long Maglight!) 
Anyway - the LO is all about the fact that I had decided to buy myself a new improved Poppin's bag, as the old one was looking really tatty and a lovely friend had given me a Debenhams vouchers to spend. 
It might be rather sad subject matter to scrap - but it is a major part of my life which is what we scrap to record isn't it?
Will catch you tomorrow, am off to the Thames River Festival with a friend so should have lots of pics to share!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Very special award!

This fabulous face is courtesy of the lovely Brenda who has made me a very very special award!
I am very honoured and very happy to receive it, shame it can't be delivered with a real life lick and a wag! Bernie here is just so adorable, I want to borrow him for snuggles and cuddles but will have to make do with this gorgeous piccy instead!
Thank you Brenda.
I am sure you won't mind if I scrap it!

Quick post tonight as I've been out with work for dinner and some wine - hic! Just a quick blog hop and off to bed as up at silly o clock yet again tomorrow!! Couldn't not share Bernie with you!

Big Monkey rang me at court today to tell me I had two new followers. Two? Wow! 
Hello to Lynda and Helen, thanks for joining my little zone.
Night night

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


My oh my!

The lovely Louise has just awarded me my first ever blog award!

Oh wow!

I am speechless!

After a fairly frantic day where I had to be up at silly o'clock, drive to Abingdon to collect some stuff for court and then drive back to get it to court on time, then sit through the most annoying legal discussions I was thrilled and chuffed to bits to read this!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

The rules of this award are to give it to 5 fabulous people and also list 5 things you are addicted to!
Hmm, let me think.............

The five fabby people who inspire me, make me laugh and leave me lovely comments have got to be

Helen (and Monkey)

There are sooo many more of you, but I know that some of you wonderful gals who I stalk and admire have already had many awards given to them! You are all fab and it was too hard to choose! Can I cheat and give out more please???

The things I am addicted to are (in no particular order)

1. American Crafts 'Thickers', any alphas really!
2. Die cut papers
3. Photography/trying to improve mine
4. Scampi fries crisps
5. Blog hopping

Back down to earth, this is another page I made last weekend. Small Monkey has changed classes this year from Parrots to Lemurs. He couldn't stop telling us the day we went to Monkey World and of course had to buy one as his souvenir from the day! He has become very important this year as he has been made a server. Now we just need to encourage him to do that at home???

Thank you again!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hot? I missed it!

These are the cards I made last night, not sure where the inspiration came from really but glad it did - it was probably due to my new punch - did I tell you I had one?? BM actually bought it for me you know!!! And he even said last night that he would buy me another one next week after payday!! Oooh which one to choose..........? I am such a lucky girl!

Today was dull! 
Hot and dull! 
Not that I got to see much of the hot, being inside all day was not fun or fair and sometimes I wish I was still at school so that I could go outside and play! (No, not really, that was far too long ago!!) I did get off the bus and walk home some of the way just to get some air and sun on my face , but the back garden was in shade by the time I got home so no good for sitting in!

Oh I am such a liar, can't believe I forgot!! I received a Scrapagogo kit to play with today. I wanted to see what all the hype was about and being fans of SJ and Laura's blogs I wanted to join in the fun! I have to say I was not disappointed with the contents - now I just need to get on and scrap with it, maybe some of the photos I took at the weekend  when we visited Nymans will be suitable. Roll on the weekend and some play time!
See you soon

Monday, 7 September 2009

Head in the clouds!

Work was very dull today - am at Southwark Crown Court for a week and it went very very slowly!!! Maybe something to do with the fact that I was still dreaming of spa's and beaches??

I thought this little LO was appropriate with my head in the clouds, I made it last weekend in my scrapping frenzy and couldn't wait to use that cute little Jolees title sticker - I knew exactly which LO it was going on. Also here the birthday card I made for BM, couldn't show it before in case he peeked. I made some more cards today when I got back from work - I couldn't wait to use my new Martha Stewart punch, will have to show you tomorrow thought as I can't be bothered to upload the pics now!
Have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Wow! What a great weekend!

Not only are we still getting over the enjoyment of our trip to Jersey but as we are staying at the Monkey country retreat this weekend rather than our town house we are very very close to 2 of my favourite  crafting establishments - The Glitter Pot and The Craft Barn.  
No stay would be complete without a little visit, so after a wander round Sheffield Park, we (ok, just me) oohed and aaahed for several minutes whilst I snuck a few goodies into a smallish basket! You can imagine how thrilled I was when BM said he would buy me a much longed for Martha Stewart punch! 

Ooooh!  I am a lucky girl!

I am not currently taking part in 'Learn Something New Every Day', but know that some of you are and I am enjoying seeing your pages and mini books. Today  I learned that using lovely posh toiletries acquired from recently stayed in lovely posh hotel does NOT recreate the luxurious spa experience in one's bathroom that one enjoyed at the said posh hotel!!!

Oh well, back to reality and work tomorrow!
See you soon

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Thursday dawned and BM still had no idea what I had planned for his birthday - even when we had to get up at 5.30 and I bundled him blindfolded into a taxi with his Ipod in so he couldn't hear!

On arrival at Gatwick he still had no idea where we were going and didn't until 5 minutes before we boarded - it was the best kept secret ever!

The short flight to Jersey was brilliant, Monkey couldn't believe it, and when we landed and booked into the Jersey Grand Hotel and Spa he was beaming! The room was luxurious and there was a special birthday message, fruit and choccies from the hotel for him. We had the best two day micro break ever - neither of us wanted to leave last night.

We explored the island as best we could, but didn't visit half the places we wanted - something to do with also wanting to spend hours in the luxurious spa at the hotel and not wanting to get out of the oh so comfy bed!!
We did manage to drive round the island, visit Castle Orgueil, see some Jersey cows and eat some Jersey spuds - all yummy! We even managed to find a little craft shop for me - he he!?
Bless him - he couldn't stop thanking me, but there was no need, he spoils me all year so it was a thank you for him too!
We had such a fantastic time. 
This is my new favourite place!
Can't wait to get stuck in to a little mini book for our micro adventure now.
Happy Birthday Mike - love you!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bon Voyage!

Ooh am up early today after another quiet night shift, as lots to do.
It is Big Monkeys birthday at the weekend and I am whisking him away to somewhere unknown (well to him anyway) tomorrow. He keeps asking me where but it IS going to be a surprise so I can't even tell you in case he peeps on here!

I am really excited even though the weather forecast for there is as rubbish as is is going to be here for the next few days. We are going to have a fabby time! 

Still very excited to see that I have yet another follower this week, thanks Vicki - my numbers have almost doubled in one week. I'm sure most people aren't bothered but I get so excited to see that you are actually out there and enjoy looking at my little zone even if I waffle about nothing most of the time. Your comments are greatly received and spur me on even more (much to BM's amusement), I just wish I was as witty as some of you guys in your posts - Craftyfish was last nights source of amusement! Brilliant observations!

Anyway, might be a bit quiet from me til the weekend, we may get hijacked by pirates or held hostage by the local natives for the next few days - now there would be an interesting mini book, but I will take lots of pics as usual to share and scrap on our return!

Have fun, and if you are not a follower yet - go on, join us!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Just a little post today - haven't been up long and thank you to all who kept their fingers crossed for me last night. Nothing happened at work, but it did mean that time went oh so slowly!

I did some serious blog hopping during the wee hours, and found some very cool and very funny blogs  - Hi Polly ,Helen and monkey.

I love it when I find someone else who despairs at the cratfyness of Hobbycrap, and calls it so!!
Both these girls had me laughing out loud and falling off my chair, so anyone walking  past my office must have wondered what the heck I was doing. (Not that anyone did - no other bugger was awake at that time and the station is very creepy I can tell you - ooohh maybe I will do a page about that...............)
Anyway - had better go and have some tea/breakfast????  Have got to go in again tonight - may have to take some card making stuff to keep me occupied.   It's a shame I can't plug in the wii to our crap office TV - now that would be entertaining to anyone walking past!!!
Laters xxx