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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


They're funny things, those rose tinted specs we sometimes wear. They make you look back at childhood memories with such a dreamy glow that when you revisit those memories as an adult they are often somewhat disappointing!
Take yesterday for example.
Determined to DO something I set my alarm for an hour that I wouldn't normally see unless I was getting up for work! I lay in bed wrestling with myself (mentally not literally!!) trying to talk myself out of my snuggly bed and into an adventure and failing miserably! I convinced myself that I really didn't want to sit for hours in Bank holiday traffic when I could utilise my precious free time by sleeping a bit longer then getting up for a late breakfast followed by some scrapping?
I had thought that I would visit Arundel, a previously unvisited opportunity for photos galore, especially as it was their festival day? but evil thoughts about traffic and parking problems and being disappointed with what I found when I got there began to win the battle and the duvet slowly pulled me back under!

Enough! I leapt out of bed and into the shower as a plan emerged in my head - go somewhere by train - its free for me - no traffic problems! Where to go? Easy! An old favourite popped into my head - Cowes on the IOW! Perfect!

I remember Cowes from my days as a tiddler, we spent a lot of time there as ma and pa were BIG into sailing then. I remember boats and sailing clubs and great holidays in our bungalow, HUGE swimming pools and golf socks as stockings at Christmas! Too much to pour out to you today, but just know that it was all yummy and good!

I was full of excitement as I sat on the train, looking forward to the Red Funnell high speed crossing and a day of boats and sea and photography, a nice meal maybe and some knicky knacky noo shopping in the twee shops?
Oh dear!
To say I was disappointed was an understatement!
 Cowes was small and the sun went in and the food was delayed and rubbish when it was finally served! The beer and the ice cream were delicious but sadly not enough to boost my melancholy air. What happened to the playground of adventure that I thought I had vividly remembered? I really had to force myself to take some pics just to prove I was there, but they are not particularly interesting and neither was Cowes!
I did find some trinkets in a shop, and did get some lovely fresh air, but by the time I eventually got home I wished I had gone out in the car so that I could have had some control over where I went and when. Perhaps then I could have enjoyed the gorgeous sunset more from a viewpoint, rather than being packed like cattle with returning festival goers on the train!?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hang on Harry!

Well I managed to survive my 18 day run at work - just! There are some very strange happenings there at the moment, not good things either, and I am tempted to hide under my duvet but instead I think I will have to go in guns blazing if I have any chance of survival!!!?

Tuesday sees another 13 day run, with yet again more night shifts thrown in next weekend, so not much time left for scrapping or any other excitement at the moment!

You would have thought that I would have made the most of this weekend, being my only one off for a while, but I wasn't sure if Harry's new chums were arriving or not...........and they are not!!!

 I am a bit cheesed off because I probably wont get them until the end of my next run now as there are not many opportunities to take a trip to Banbury and back in one evening!! Not the breeders fault, but I am not very impressed as it is Harry who is losing out! Hence this LO, not a very flattering pic of me in my jim-jams, but it was taken the weekend that Willy left us and H was actually being quite cuddly for a change!

So what have I done this weekend? 
Had a good old spring clean and completely re-organised my bedroom for starters. You should have seen the tumbleweeds under the bed??? (Should have saved them to scrap or at least taken a photo??) Got my hair cut.  Mooched at the farmers market and become addicted to Humous!! Tidied away all the camping stuff that was languishing in the hall  - unused! And generally nested getting ready for the Winter! 
I can hear the music festival up on the common, but haven't ventured up to nosy, I do think that tomorrow however, I might venture a little further afield on a day trip out...........?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Decidedly Autumnal methinks!!

That's what I thought during my two wheeled commute last night and again this morning. The air had that very autumnal chill to it, which made me think of bonfire night and sparklers!!!  AND it had nothing to do with my still soggy trainers from the same trip 12 hours before!!

 That and the leaves that fill Hyde Park as I whizz through - what's going on???
 It's still August isn't it?

Anyhow, it seems that if that is the case it will have put pay to any further camping trips for either me or Harry this year, not that I managed to go on one yet - life kinda got in the way!! And with the imminent arrival of tiny feet life is going to be far too hectic in the next few weeks.

On that note, the patter of 8 tiny feet was due to be this weekend, but it may be postponed thanks to the miracles of modern science and laser eye treatments (not on me I hasten to add!!!) Hopefully I can sort something out with Foster mummy as this is my only weekend off, and will be back on nights again the following one. Harry is bearing up  -  I think he is actually beginning to enjoy our one-on-one's now.
He is going to get such a shock when they do eventually arrive!!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Life thru a lens - NOT!

Morning all!
Its Saturday morning already, that means 4 down and 3 to go!! Woo hoo!
I've been out and about every night and to places I've never even heard of - thank goodness for sat navs, but I have enjoyed the night shift so far and it has been nice to miss out on the daily bedlam!  I am especially enjoying the cycle ride in and out - not so many commuters - bliss!!

I am really missing scrapping time though and the ability to get out and about with my camera - I really need to get my butt in order next weekend and DO something! 

I know I have oodles of photos just waiting to be scrapped, and don't even mention the Venice mini/maxi book.!!! I have even got two new Gogo kits that I haven't been anywhere near with scissors or ideas yet?  But, I am feeling the need for some fresh adventures to boost my creativity, lets face it I haven't done anything FUN for weeks and you must be so fed up of my inane ramblings on here???
Any suggestions?

Right off to bed - night night! 

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shake your thang!

Cutie that my nephew is, he wasn't quite so adorable during the church service of my little bro's wedding earlier this year! He cried most of the way through it - something that I will delight in teasing him about when he is much older! Couldn't resist scrapping these pics though, as he larked about afterwards thoroughly enjoying himself.

Well, day 8 of 18 for me and tonight begins my first set of nights - not that I am too bothered but I didn't sleep too well today thanks to an over zealous gardener with a chain saw. To be honest the way things are in my office at the moment am glad to be out of it!! Morale is very low and lots and lots of mini dramas going on which is all very tiring and frustrating - its not like our job isn't hard enough, but there is a general concern at the management style which involves much stick and little carrot!!
It does mean that we are not currently dancing like the pics above!!!

Am off for tea now or is it breakfast? Don't know if I'm coming or going at the mo!!!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Weekend fun!

I hope that yours are full of fun despite the weather!
For once I am glad of the rain co's I am stuck at work again so I don't feel I'm missing out on the sunshine, although I don't particularly like the soaking I'm getting whilst on my bicycle to and fro!!!

Just to show that I don't just scrap the rattys here is a fun LO about my new car - had to be done really otherwise it wouldn't be fair would it? Gotta scrap all those things in life don't we? And I've gotta say it is finally beginning to grow on me. Been driving it about a bit and I quite like being up high and looking down on other cars for a change!

Not much else to share, just wanted to pop in and say hi!
Harry is ok -ish,  being spoilt rotten! Two weeks to go hopefully til I am outnumbered 3 to 1 and boys to girls!!!
Catch up with you all soon.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Mid week stuff!

Hey all, not much to share this week!
Just a little LO with some hidden journalling about how much Wills meant to us.

My long weekend was fairly uneventful, lots of resting and pottering about, visits to garden centres, re potted some plants, varnished my patio table and chairs co's I had been too lazy to put them away and they went a bit funny in the rain, lots and lots of Harry time and a quick trip to Ikea!
Exciting stuff huh?

Somehow I managed to fill the whole four days doing not very much and I didn't even manage to scrap at any point!

I have just started an 18 day stint at work and to be honest am trying not to get too busy or stressed by anything as it's going to be tough enough as it is!

Harry is my main priority, trying to ensure he feels loved and not too lonely, but I am well aware that I cannot provide the ratty camaraderie that he requires, and it pulls at my heart every night when I have to go to bed and he sits forlornly at the bus stop wanting to be picked up!

However, somewhere in this wriggly pile of cute squeakyness are his new chums!!
Not sure which ones they are and they wont be here for another few weeks but this just makes me go ooooooohhh!!
Hang on Harry, just a bit longer !

Friday, 6 August 2010

Oh no - not him again!!!

Sorry - more ratty LO's to share and as the weather is so rubbish a reminder of the sunny days we had a few weeks ago!
I really love this page (if I do say so myself), it's so bright and colorful, more Gogo kit magic, but I just love the expression on Harry's face - he really is smiling, and although this was just at a very sad time I think he appreciated the effort put into making his garden adventure playpen!!

In other news, I have now sold my little sporty car for spare parts and got some quite good dosh for it - so I can pay off a chunk of my new car too! It's still quite sad for me, but I know she is off to be reborn and transformed into new gloriousness for someone else, so it's not a complete waste!
It means I have a very quick trip down to Grannywen's tomorrow to wave her goodbye. I am not staying this time as I don't want to cause Harry too much disruption!

I have found some new chums for Harry but they are too little to come and play yet - we have to wait til the end of August, but I am very excited. I saw a picture of them today and they are sooo cute! Not sure how much of a hassle having three young boys in the house is going to be, but I am sure there will be many more amusing ratty adventures to share with you along the way.

Am off to spend the rest of my afternoon in the Zone!!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nearly there!

Half way through the week!
Short week for me as I have taken Friday off, so only today and tomorrow to get through - yippee!
Looking at the weather though it looks like it will be a wet weekend unless they get it wrong again like they did last week, have to wait and see!

Just to show that I do scrap other things than the ratties here is a layout I made about a meadow near Batemans, home of Rudyard Kipling. 

It's not often we see lush meadows like this anymore and it really made me want to run through it with plaits in my hair and wearing a gingham skirt?? Probably should be singing too but I am neither Maria von Trapp nor Heidi!!?
I have actually been quite industrious this week. I managed to complete some more LO's and I have even waded through some of my dust and cleaned it away!! I can't do anymore of course as the dusters now need washing and I have run out of polish??? Good excuse huh?

Harry is ok, I think he is getting a bit bored being on his own and doesn't really find his jaunts round the lounge quite so much fun anymore - been there, done that, is his attitude! It's going to be some weeks before he has some chums so play with so am trying to think of ideas to keep him entertained - any suggestions gratefully received!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Playing in the garden

I hope you are all having a great weekend?
What funny weather we are having? It is warm but not really sunny apart from a few vain attempts by the sun trying to show his face, and as usual the promised rain didn't materialise!!

I wouldn't mind but I ummmmed and arrrgghed about what to do this weekend and it was all weather dependant, so now I have not done very much because it constantly looked like it was going to rain and then didn't!!

I did manage to get in the Zone and will be returning shortly - anything to avoid the piles of ironing and mountains of dust that I ought to be wading through instead. And I did manage to play in the garden for a wee while too, watering and tidying up my new potted plants...........
the Lily is in full bloom now and looks gorgeous, although my patio rose looks somewhat the worse for wear - I have re potted it in an attempt to save it so fingers crossed!

The LO is from the ratty playdate we had in Grannywen's garden, not the last visit but the one before that. I have so many cute pics of the boys as it made such a change to see them out and about in the daylight - so much easier to photograph!  I'm sorry if I bore you with them over the next few LO's!! This one shows little Wills, not feeling very adventurous, and deciding to play camp rather than play in the pool!

We had a residents BBQ in the main garden last night - very entertaining, and courtesy of two girls who have recently moved in. It was amazing - I met neighbours whom I didn't know existed and found out some interesting facts about those that I did!
Apparently someone upstairs keeps ferrets (which made me giggle thinking about my trial the other week, and sadly couldn't explain to my new chums why I was giggling), and apparently one escaped last week and there was a huge caper as everyone was trying to catch it as it cavorted round the garden????

I kept quiet about my little friend snoozing indoors..............