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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The one where I waffle a lot!

So - what's been happening?
Not much if I'm honest.

Work of course!

A trip to the ballet - which was wonderful . We went to see Cinderella - the Matthew Bourne version and it was as magical as all his other treats I have seen.  He is wonderfully modern, and as breathtaking as the ballet itself is, the humour he injects into the choreography is what I enjoy the most.

I have been a good girl and kept up my cycling to work, despite the bad weather we have had. And although the running regime I started at the beginning of Jan hasn't been kept up because of my crazy shift work, I have run when I can and have renewed my sense of enjoyment with it - will be heading up for a  run with a certain lady very soon!!

Harry and the twins are all well, cheeky as ever but have caused no recent mischief or carnage that needs  reporting apart from the night of adventure they all had when I forgot to close the door to their house and I found them all exhausted on my sofa the following morning!!  The flat was covered in tissues and they all looked very guilty as I prised them out from under the cushions!! They continue to give me such joy and make me laugh so much - a BIG feat when you are only three inches off the ground.

I need a new 'thing' to look forward to. Will let you know when I have decided what it will be!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The one about the spa!

Sorry, haven't been around for a while  - usual lame excuse about work getting in the way, and going to and returning home in the dark does nothing for providing lighting for photographing LO opportunities!!

So, at the weekend a friend and I went to the spa.
We were on a trial package deal as it has not long been open, so they wanted us to provide feedback about the facilities.
We arrived on Sunday after a fairly lengthy journey as it was in the back of beyond, and thought it looked like we were about to leave our souls and sanity at the door and join a secret sect to be brainwashed and never seen by our families again?? The car park was very full and we were concerned at how busy it was all going to be? The reception area was full of people and it was somewhat chaotic, but eventually we were delivered to our room and provided with our bathrobes and slippers - obligatory wear for the next 24 hours!

We then shuffled around for the next two days, dipping in and out of the pool and sauna, steam rooms and occasionally the whirlpool bath - when it worked. We had facials, mine was lovely - my friend's was somewhat rushed and performed by a man!! And loafed in massage chairs reading whilst we were pummelled into oblivion. We needn't have worried about all the other cars - we hardly saw another soul the whole time we were there - my friend thought they had already been transported away by the aliens!!!

Dinner was somewhat peculiar, dressed in bathrobes, listening to Michael Buble's Christmas CD!!? The food was delicious if not a bit poncy - my Scallops starter consisted of one scallop with a second half a scallop cut up into three and elegantly scattered on the plate, and the Dehydrated Raspberry Pavlova was more appetising than it sounded. All very fine cuisine but we were so hungry we had to order room service and have cheese sandwiches about an hour after!!!

I attempted a class or two - the spin class with Arm bikes sent me running to spectacularly lose my breakfast halfway through, but I tried Zumba and really loved it!! A walk in the grounds was attempted but curtailed when we couldn't walk on the newly laid turf! Checkout was a disaster and left me so cheesed off that I resorted to salvaging some of the signature hand cream from the bathrooms!???

We did eventually escape but to be honest, as lovely as some of the plus points were, I was glad we hadn't paid full price to go there and actually felt more relaxed later that evening in my friends house with her two cute dogs licking my hands and ears!!

I thought this LO was fairly apt - shown here before I added the journalling though - bit too personal for you lot to read :)   It was one of the pages I made whilst at Grannywens for our late Christmas, gosh - that seems like months ago now!

Friday, 7 January 2011

So 2011, what's occuring???

So, Christmas is all done, although not quite put away here in the back of beyond as we were a little late with some of it, but what of saying Goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011?

Well not much to say about 2010, it started out dreadfully and finished on a much better note, although it did take most of the year for me to get myself back on track. I travelled quite a bit but didn't get enough time to scrap my travels and I embarked on many paths to self improvement!
There was the end of my fab little sports car, and the passing of young Wills - both which hiccupped my road to recovery. But there was a new adventure wagon and the arrival of two new playmates who have brought no end of joy and laughter to my little corner of the world!

Although Christmas was late due to my working the entire festive season, I received some fab gifts and hope that Grannywen and Papajohn enjoyed their gifts which travelled from afar - literally!

So what next?
Well, I plan to continue my wellness path which means getting back on my bike to work next week! restarting my boxercise classes and continuing the running that I began this week. It all helps me feel better about me, which is no bad thing and who knows what that may lead to???
(remind me to tell you the one about my movie styley romantic moment sometime) ???

I want to concentrate on improving my photography skills which have fallen by the wayside quite dramatically and take better photos, which will of course mean some more travels to practise them?

I want to sort out my finances and spend less time in my overdraft. Have splurged quite a lot in 2010 to try to cheer myself up, but now I have what I need, and need to concentrate on curbing my shopping whims - there is just no more room in my flat for anything else!!! (Of course this may not include shoes or stash as they are necessary on my path to wellbeing right?)

Not HUGE goals and nothing difficult, but am looking forward to this year without reflecting too much on the pain of the last. It was quiet and uneventful at the end, but not a bad end, especially the run up to it! I am not sad. I am filled with hope!

Hey look, I have even dusted off my mojo whilst at Grannywens' and have forged ahead and started to make some Crimbo cards for next year already!! Now that's planning and foresight!

I have even made a LO, now just need to get home and sort out some pictures to go on it! (can't keep using Grannywen's printer and photopaper to print them on!!) Oh that reminds me - one more thing to buy - a decent photo printer!!! Ooops!

So, cheerio last year!
Hello to a new year, even if I'm a bit late starting it? Better late than never I say!

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Squeakwell!

My little ratties have been away for nearly a month and boy have the twins grown! Barney seems huge, almost as big as Harry!!

When I arrived at Grannywen's yesterday evening I recieved the most excitable furry welcome ever! The boys were in the wonderful playpen that had been built for them.

and were all hiding in the shed (shoebox) until I called them. Barney came running over immediately soon followed by Harry and we had a lovely cuddly kissy moment or three! Fred was a little more restrained and watched me from his igloo deciding if he wanted to join in or not?

Grannywen told me all about their escapades, the night Barney tried to fly and the night that Fred had a mini adventure and disappeared for the evening, only to be found at bedtime hiding in the dining room!!! It certainly seems to have kept the Grandparents busy/entertained/exhausted for a few weeks!!!?

The most amusing part was at bedtime last night when Granny came to take them out of the playpen and back to their house -they all 3 queued up at the door, waiting at the 'bus stop' for the tram (travel cage) to transport them across! It was hilarious!! They knew exactly what to do as they climbed aboard for the short journey into the next room! (Granny can't pick them all up at once like me, and had a few issues with one or more escaping while she tried to pick up one at a time)so decided to wait for them all to get in the travel cage, then park that next to their house with the doors open next to each other so that they could all climb out again! Ingenious!

It made me laugh so much that the boys knew what to do and were so obedient! I had to try to film it tonight as you have to see it to believe it!

YouTube Video
Of course co's I was filming they were playing up a bit and didn't behave nearly so perfectly as the first time I saw it!! Typical!

It seems that I needn't have worried about the extended stay at all, although I think Grannywen will be glad when they go home - she needs a rest!


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