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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Some more from the BIG apple!

 Another quick post as I have just got home and am giving the boys a wee run about before I go to bed!!
Here's another of my USA LO's, this one about one of the Detectives who looked after us during our stay.
Andrea was a top cop! Think Sarah Jessica Parker with a gun!! Awesome! Even her designer handbag had a secret pouch to keep her gun secure - love it!!
Needless to say my colleague whom I travelled with fell instantly in lust with her!! Bless him!

Not much to report today - I am ashamed to be British after watching the appalling behaviour of the anarchists in the city today. A peaceful protest that went remarkably well was ruined by those few mindless morons who think nothing of the consequences of their actions and the cost of repairing the damage!!
Enough said!

The one that flew by!!!

Wow! Where did this week go?
Well, actually it flew by in a whizz of evening do's and too much alcohol, so some of it is a bit of a blur!!!! Will share what happened to me another time.
Just a very quick post from me today as I am working this weekend, but wanted to share some of my NY scrapping. I managed to post it on FB so that my NY friends could see it, so thought I'd better share here too.
I haven't made a double page LO for some time, but needed to here as I didn't have many photos from the trip and the ones I did have weren't strong enough to warrant individual LO's!
I'm very pleased with it!
Although the weather has been quite nice recently today it is not, so I hope the sun is shining wherever you are? Have a great weekend.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I can finally share this as I know it has been received at its destination.
Huge congrats to Polly and Alastair and welcome to their lovely new baby girl.
I can actually say that I am really pleased with how this card turned out - not something I say very often, and all that hand cutting of tiny onesies and nappies was more than worth it!!!

So, the weekend has been and gone, although I am lucky not to have those Sunday night blues as I have tomorrow off aswell - yay!!!
Didn't get up to much, a quick trip to the pet shop cost more than I planned - think the spoiled hamster on the Lloyds TSB advert, and then a five minute visit to a local craft shop turned very expensive when I got a parking ticket despite having a pay n display ticket on my dashboard - cue very stroppy letter to that local council!!
I stopped for a walk in a nearby park to calm down, strolled round with a yummy ice cream ( first of the year), and despite having my camera in my bag managed not to take any pics!!?
I have however scrapped and enjoyed the sunshine and had a most pleasant few days!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Can you tell me.........?

why it is that if I finish my working shift on a late shift (and have booked an extra day off to extend my weekend) that I can guarantee that I will end up finishing in the wee hours of the morning rather than 11pm???
Last night was no exception, so I had to endure the dreadful drunken night bus home too, full of green coloured St Pat's celebrators - not great when you are tired and sober and have not had to buy a bus ticket! Should have just tattooed "TARGET" on my forehead instead!
Apart from that, this week was a good one - I was at court for most of it, and am currently sat hoping/waiting/praying for a guilty verdict.
Next week promises to be equally as good - it doesn't start until Tuesday and I have a Royal, yes Royal engagement to attend too! Will tell you more about it afterwards, but suffice to say I am very excited!!

Today's weather has put me off doing very much, and I am quite tired, so not sure of my plans for the weekend - its meant to improve so may try to head off for a day with my camera. Am desperately trying to keep myself away from Olympia 2 and the crafting delights that my purse can't afford. May just have to stay here and use up old stash for a while longer??
Today's LO is from my pre Xmas USA work trip. We did get a day off and popped up to Manhattan - well you have to don't you, and I got to meet this guy - how cool!!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bouncing into spring?

Or so I thought yesterday?
Today however I am not so sure, gone has the sun and the grey wetness has returned!!
I got very inspired yesterday, after queuing yet again at the sorting office in the morning I then decided that I couldn't bare to be indoors so spent a few hours pottering on my patio and transformed all the dead pot plants that didn't survive the winter and looked like this.....
into healthy tidy looking pots like this!!
It took ages as I have lots of little stones and glass beads in the tops of my pots and had to fish them all out and wash them. 
I even managed a quick trip to Homebase to buy some little bulbs to plant in them! My patio looks much tidier now and I can't wait to watch the bulbs grow. 

Today's LO is one using a photo from my pre Crimbo trip to Bruges. I loved the historic town and pretty buildings. It was especially Christmassy with festive music being played through little speakers in most of the streets............right up until they started to play 'Rabbit" by Chas n Dave??? I couldn't believe my ears and looked round to find someone else as shocked as I was - sadly I don't think anyone else noticed! Of course I had to photograph the street and make a LO out it!!
Right off into the Zone now, I need to make a couple of cards for people and I might even manage to scrap too??

Friday, 11 March 2011


Comes in many shapes and forms!
I'm happy that it's Friday!!
I'm happy that I'm not working this weekend!
I'm happy that I get to visit lots of lovely inspiring blogs so that when I get in the Zone tomorrow I am full of ideas and inspiration!
I'm happy that I am sat with a lovely big glass of wine!
I'm happy to have some great friends, life sized and the mini ones!
I'm happy that my friend Polly has given birth to her first beautiful daughter!
I'm happy that the Craft Superstore has a sale on Promarkers!
I'm happy that my friend at work gave me a yummy cupcake today!
I'm happy that I realised that I had forgotten to put up the ratty gate and Barney had only got as far as the hall, embarking on his great adventure, before I caught him!
But mostly I am just happy to be here!
Have a happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

All you need is.......

........love actually!
Ok so a couple of corny song/film titles involved there but you get my drift!
(Coming up with post titles can be taxing at times!)

It's only Wednesday and I have already had enough this week. Even several pancakes with lashings of maple syrup yesterday haven't livened up this week for me, it seems to be taking forever, and I am longing for the weekend, especially if it is nice and sunny like it has been today?

Love in my world comes in very small form from the twins. They are both fine although have reverted to their former personalities, with Barney being adventurous and Fred acting super timid. They are still going through their teenage angst and the little squeaks from under the tent get quite loud at times - very distracting when trying to scrap!! 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Seven deadly sins - Sloth!

Happy Sunday to you all.
Having stuck my head in around a few blogs it seems that you have all been very busy and productive and have had some great weekends!
I have been a complete lazy arse and done very little!
Part of me is disgusted at myself for wasting three lovely days off, but the rest of me, the bigger part that actually controls my actions has said, no, you obviously needed to rest and so that is what you have done! Stop beating yourself up about it!!!

I completed all my chores on Friday with the view that I could then go out and play if I wanted, but Saturday was spent in cyberspace (the only place I can afford to travel to at the moment), and watching BBC iplayer to catch up on two episodes of Silk (so I could lust over Rupert Penry-Jones)!!

Today has been slightly better, I finished all the ratty bed washing, found some sunlight to photograph previously made LO's, washed the kitchen floor and actually made it into the Zone and have completed four new LO's!! Go me!
I have eaten a very yummy garlic roast chicken, discovered how to make home made sangria and drunk it all and NOT managed to go for a run !
I feel very satisfied in my slothiness  :)

Today's LO therefore is one about travel, (well sort of) - something I can daydream over but not actually contemplate at the moment, unless it is down to visit Grannywen, but what with petrol costing what it does at the moment, even that is causing me worry??? Therefore I am smug in the knowledge that my three day weekend cost me absolutely nothing, but I have rested, roasted, loafed and scrapped!

Friday, 4 March 2011

The week that flew by!!

Not sure where this week went but it was a good one! And today was the start of my weekend so I have done all my chores already!!
After a slow start, (working the weekend left me feeling quite tired and miserable), I attended a seminar on Tuesday which was very entertaining and informative and led to some afterwork drinks and then dinner which was hugely enjoyable! It's so nice to get out and meet new people sometimes, especially when it was an impromptu affair - fabby!!

My working week itself was quite uneventful - luckily, but I went to the cinema last night with some other chums, which led to nibbles and a quick jug of Sangria afterwards - even more fabby!!

We went to see Black Swan which was enjoyable, but not what I expected. Everyone had said how disturbing its supposed to be, but I'm not sure what it says about me that I didn't think it was the least bit disturbing - you should try an afternoon in my office for that!!!
It was very nice to see Vincent Cassel though - that twinkle in his eye..................tres bien!!!

Anyhow, todays LO is a bit random - no link to anything in particular, just a fun page with a fun picture!
Hope you all have a great weekend.