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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Long time no blog!!

Hey bloggers,

as the end of 2012 draws to a close I have made a resolution to blog again!

However, as this blog was mainly dedicated to crafty pursuits I have started a new blog which will be more of an online diary, but I would still love to see you all there.


Please come and find me at my new blog

40, Single with rats!!!



I still pop by the crafty world from time to time, but due to recent events haven't joined in as I would have done in the past. I still enjoy seeing all your creativity and will endeavour to get back into it myself in 2013.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all
much love

Sarah xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And finally........

So, do you remember a couple of weeks ago I promised to pop back soon and share the cards I made after Christmas??

Well finally, only a few weeks later, here they are!
Seriously I don't know where the time has gone!?
It was only just after Christmas the other day and now its half way through Feb and my BIG birthday looms! What happened??

To be honest I'm not quite sure where the last forty years went either?
I don't think I am where I thought I would be at this time of my life but I'm not altogether sure where I thought that would be either?
Does that make sense?
I certainly couldn't have imagined doing what I do, and certainly didn't think I would still be just me. 
No-one else. 
Still single!!?

And speaking of THAT - I had a card today!! Yes a Valentine's Card!!!
Do I know who it's from?
No Not really. 
There was someone I had thought it might be but he says no, and in some ways I am relieved.  That could have been awkward!! Then there is the man with the really nice voice who I have been chatting with recently. Could it be him? I dunno, I've never met him. Surely he can't be that daft can he? He hasn't said anything today.
Look I never said I was a Detective!!!

Ho Hum. Maybe someone will say something and give the game away?

In other news, little Fred got fed up with Barney always being the one who had special trips to the vet in the car with mummy, so decided he would try to trump him in the most spectacular way. He hid a nasty abscess from me and only let me find it when it was HUGE and had burst and was a nasty open sore on his tummy, that panicked me late on Sunday night and ensured I did not get any sleep!
At all!!!
So, some hundredandsixtytwomillion pounds later he now has a very neat scar up his tummy that makes him now look like a very small pencil case!!!
Me - panic over, beans on toast for the next two months til I can afford to eat again!!
Shame the mystery man couldn't arrange a dinner date - am getting hungry!!!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Raving !!!!

One day soon , hopefully this weekend I will see some daylight??
I go to work in the dark and come home again in the dark and rarely see daylight whilst I mop of the detritus of peoples lives and strange activities.
I want to show you all the cards that I have made, and most of all I want to make some more, or scrap or art journal or anything that does not involve listening to tales of woe and collecting intimate samples!!!

If I get to see some daylight, and it look promising this weekend cos I am off  -  hurrah - I will photograph aforementioned cards and I WILL make something to soothe my current art free soul!

In the meantime I have been freezing my little toes and fat ass off on my bike this week and am not looking forward to snow! (Good job for my rear padding as it does keep some heat in :) )
and mainly snuggling here in my newly decorated lounge!!

I have been raving this week about the Olympics and the HUGE disruption it is causing to my world and then on top of that we, Londoners, are told that we should take time now to start to replan our routes come the summer. 
Why should I be disrupted when trying to get to work (not that I will be) but really? How are Londoners meant to be proud and excited about showcasing our city to the world when we are being royally shat on to do so, with the promise that being late for work during those months will not be tolerated - like its our fault!!
Roll on June!!
Maybe I wont come home??

Monday, 23 January 2012

Blah blah blah!!

 Ha ha!  So its 2012, has been for a while now, so I am not going even start apologising for my absence and lack of blogging etc etc - its pointless!
You all know I haven't been here for a while and that's just because I have been busy living, not scrapping, and therefore although I have had lots to share you don't want to read a load of waffle without any pretty pics do you?
 So - onwards and upwards. Christmas came and went - at work - all funds for the USA pot!!
I'm going back there in June -  for a BIG celebration -  because I am turning........................forty (yikes!!) in a few weeks.

I plan a grown up dinner party here to mark the occasion, but really am celebrating by going for a mega three week trip to the place where my heart belongs!! Sadly, I will have to return as Visa difficulties mean I can't stay there indefinitely unless I find myself a hot yank who wants to marry me???    :(

  The decorating is almost finished and love love love my new look lounge. Its all grown up and suitable for socialising - not like the play room it resembled before?
 I worked another set of night duties and took the opportunity to wander round my home town in the wee small hours taking pics.............love this city!
 Have managed after several weeks off to get my asre back on my bike and start cycling to work again - need to shift the lbs before I hit the beach in the US!!!
Have worked and played and laughed very hard!!

Had a lovely late Crimbo at Grannywens and had a lovely crafty day with her making cards - I will share here as soon as the gloom lifts and I can photograph them properly. In the meantime, here is a bloomin' awful picture of a card I made for a girl at work who is escaping to have a baby! Excuse the crappy phone pic.

I've had loads of ideas of things to make and paint in my head but none of them have materialised into anything tangible yet - however, the arrival of my new Gogo kit this morning may well change all that?
See you all soon - promise