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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Just the two of us!

Hi there, sorry another Harry LO to share, there are some of darling Willy but I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet, and to be honest I tried to make one this afternoon but got too upset!!

We are back at home now and Harry seems to be ok, continuing with his usual rampaging around the flat and trying to get into places he shouldn't!  He only looks a bit sad when its bedtime and he goes back into ratty palace and he's all by himself - or maybe it' s just me who thinks he looks sad! I know I am!
It's not quite the same without little sneezy on the sofa next to me!!!

Grannywen made Harry some little stuffed socks to cuddle, he has one in his tent and one he has stashed with his carrot biscuits at the bottom of the cage where he hides his treasure! I assume that this means he likes it? Knowing what he is like with stuffing, as documented in previous LO's, the fact that he hasn't turfed it out yet is a good sign!

I'm back at work and although its only a short week it seems to be taking forever to get to the weekend!
I've had my circle journal returned to me so will photograph it to share with you soon and I have two to catch up on, and I have printed loads of pics to scrap, so guess where I will be for the weekend??

Be back soon xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Sitting quietly.

Here's a LO I was going to post on Saturday before the tragic demise of darling Wills.

We are currently staying with Grannywen, and this is one of a series of pages I made on Thursday which documented the boys playing in the garden at her house. I actually managed to scrap 4 LO's in one sitting - not bad after such a drought!

We are all still a bit shocked at the sudden loss, and I think Harry is missing Willy dreadfully. He is not even bothering to come out of his tent at the moment. I seem to be cuddling a breathing tent rather than my little friend inside, and so am in the process of trying to source a new chum for him. Seems a bit quick but I think it will take some time and ratties aren't meant to be alone.

We tried to encourage Harry out and cheer him up yesterday by setting up the garden playpen again, he popped out a few times but wasn't really having much of it!

In the meantime we buried little Wills
and I need to paint a headstone for him!

Papajohn has been busy tinkering with my new wheels, I gave it a good clean co's the valet  that had been done on it was rubbish, and we have been doing very little else! 
Nice break from work but not much of a holiday methinks!!!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Night night!

Little Willie left us today after a short illness!!
Night night poppet, sleep well.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

This is a craft blog!

As this is essentially a crafty blog I thought it was about time I shared some crafty stuff with you, and as I  haven't made any new stuff for a while I remembered that I hadn't shared this with you yet!
My ratty mini book!

As regular readers will know I don't seem to do too well with mini books, somehow can't squish my 12 x 12 abilities into  the small screen, I am however quite pleased with this! Sadly despite my excitement at going, my Venice album has still not progressed into anything tangible and I am big fat STUCK on it!!

It's been a funny old week, the promised rain hasn't appeared, it it still gloriously sunny here, and despite being on hols at the mo I have to confess to have been doing some work related stuff! Ok, maybe the ex was right and I am job pissed, but this is serious stuff going on here and we still haven't got a verdict from last weeks trial!!
Am now officially off duty til next week!

Speaking of the ex, he made a comment on here after my last post, obviously I removed it but it shows that he is still sad/nosey enough to need to know what I am doing with my life - 9 months on?
Really, get a life and move on!
It actually made me laugh out loud as he felt the need to justify his behaviour to a bunch of crafters? Sorry, I am one, but that's hilarious!

Meanwhile this is a crafty blog and I am trying to get in the Zone this week to express some of my pent up creativity, promise!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Trials and tribulations??

As you might guess by the title of this post I have been at court again this week. I thoroughly enjoy court weeks as it is the culmination of several months of investigation but it also means a jolly week away from the office, nice lunches by the river and no weary phone calls!!
Obviously I can't say too much about the trial itself but this week has provided some moments of highly inappropriate comedy thanks to a very shaky snake and a bag of ferrets!!?

In my defence Your Honour this is partly the reason for my appalling blogging of late, due to burning the candle at both ends for work and play!!

I have been very busy............., working of course!!
(Guess where I am this weekend??)
but also...................

Aquiring new wheels which I have yet to christen and which I am strangely not as excited about as I should be!! Largely this is due to still being in mourning for my little sporty number! I know, I know, some people are never happy???

I have swum in the sea!

Snoozed in the sun on a lazy afternoon in Grannywens garden.

Discovered just how much of MY camping stuff my ex has kept !! This is despite me paying him quite a bit for the tent we had!! He couldn't be bothered to bring them to work so I could collect them  ( he works ten mins from where I live) but apparently has thrown some stuff away. I suspect he doesn't even realise some of the stuff he has kept, but some of it is sentimental to me from camping trips with my doggie!!

Taken middle of the night ferries to sunny locations for a well deserved Holi day!!
 For this you can literally read 'a' day!!

Suffered further incidents of rage against cyclists, whereby my calf was rudely and deliberately nudged by a car whose driver didn't appreciate cyclist boxes at traffic lights!!

Returned Grannywen's car to her.

Had my barnet trimmed as I suddenly turned into a member of the Hair Bare bunch seemingly overnight!

Not eaten as much as I should have and have drunk far too much coffee in order to try to function as normally as possible??

Normal service and hopefully some scrapping will resume shortly?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Over the top!

Sorry, another ratty LO to share with you, this one documenting all the things that Harry has munched since he arrived!! It even includes some of those things as embellishments on the LO!

Still haven't made it into the Zone so haven't scrapped for weeks now, how is that possible? 
How am I still sane?
There are still 40 odd elephants trampling over the table but inspiration has not truck yet and I know that I wont get a chance to scrap this weekend coming as I am out for most of it!!
I had a great catch up with the girls on saturday but even though I had my camera somehow didn't manage to take any pics. I still have loads of wedding and other stuff to scrap though?

Yesterday whilst cycling home I nearly got knocked off my bike by another cyclist going the opposite way. In my usual sensitive tones I called him a d***head and carried on. About five minutes later he came up along side me and smacked me in the face, crushing my sunglasses and giving me a bloody nose in the process!
Bit over the top wouldn't you say?
Of course, despite my occupation, I was so shocked and he cycled off so quickly, I did nothing other than burst into tears and cycled home! I had a nice red mark across my cheekbone and my face is still very tender but not much else to show for it!

Everyone at work is adamant that I report it, but why is it that even though I am one I am reluctant to speak to Police ? Is it because I know that in reality, the chance of catching this man is so remote I don't see the point of clogging up the system with yet another unsolved crime? Why is it then that in my specialist field, which deals with a particular type of serious allegation, so many people are willing to make up stories rather then face up to their responsibilities and we have to waste so much time investigating things which clearly haven't happened?
Its a funny old world!!!

Friday, 2 July 2010

The weekend!

It's here at last!
My work hasn't been particularly difficult this week but it has kept me busy and I am glad of my two days off now.
I don't have too much planned, although am visiting some chums tomorrow so am looking forward to a good chinwag and a catch up with the girls.
I plan to finish tidying the Zone and actually get in it to make something, and to generally have a restful couple of days off.

This LO explains all about the need for the picket fence in the lounge. Although it might be a bit useless now that Harry has sussed it, when I first bought it  - it seemed a great idea! I wanted to document it as its not something you see every day??

Will be back soon and will try to be a bit more exciting for you!
Have a great weekend