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Saturday, 30 July 2011

And so, the end is nigh!

Well the end of my lovely week off anyway.
I have had a lovely week, the weather has been glorious and I have done plenty of loafing in the garden, had a couple of mini adventures, scrapped and got painty for my art journal and been to the cinema a couple of times too!

Yesterday I went to see Bridesmaids. Not many people were there at 3.15 on a Friday afternoon, so I had the cinema to myself! The film was funny, but I actually found it a lot more poignant than I expected so cried as much as I laughed!

Today I have loafed in the garden again, my last chance before returning to work on Monday - boo!
Tomorrow I am spending the day with Kirsty Wiseman on one of her fab photography tutorial days. I have gotten lazy recently with taking shots and want to reconnect with manual mode.

I thought I would have a practise with macro and close ups while I loafed, so after a fairly mediocre shot of this LO I experimented with my flowers.

This isn't one that I grew from scratch, but adds some colour to my patio,

whereas I am thrilled to bits with these - my Gladioli, which I planted as bulbs in Spring!
They are huge - as tall as me, so I had to buy some extra stakes for them and had a gardening day this week too!

And my Asian lily which I thought had died over the Winter is just as huge and is glorious in its splendour!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend?
I had a fright this morning as I hung my washing on the line and I saw a little brown bottom ambling across the lawn! I thought one of the twins (well Barney actually) had escaped, but as I walked over I found a scrawny scruffy little rattie, not one of mine, who boldly stared at me before ambling slowly away into the undergrowth!!

Will be back with some of my shots after my lesson tomorrow!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A day at the zoo!

So today I went to London Zoo!
It was a glorious day in London town, makes me proud its my home.
Of course I took hundreds of photos, some of which I had to delete, but there are loads that I am really chuffed with.
Here are some of my faves.....

I got up close and personal with all the animals, gone are the days where I try to get the whole body in a shot, but of course there were some who were by far my favourite.
These little otters were adorable

And the heron at Penguin beach stunning

The tigers are my fave in the whole world but they were too hot and sleepy today and didn't do much apart from half heartedly sniff at the ball

and snooze in the shade!

The walk thru monkey enclosure was a fun experience - lots of my pics were just a blur of yellow and had to be deleted!!

Luckily not all!

Back to the otters for feeding time. The keeper was late and they howled and mewed 'til she arrived, but were still adorable!

and hungry!

A stop for a bee (love this shot!!)

And then time to compare some meerkats.
These little guys were so cute 

I wonder which one was Aleksander?

More Big cats, snoozing

apart from a few snaps at the flies and low growls at his mate

Isn't he majestic?
You wouldn't know these were taken through glass would you???

And the wife!

Back to my babies for one last look but it was all too much for them in the heat

And then a stroll by the canal on my way home!

A perfect day!

Oh, and my date went very well thank you. 
We had a really enjoyable evening so hopefully will get to do it again soon?
Watch this space

Monday, 25 July 2011

The one the night before!!

Having spent the weekend nervously, slowly cooking myself to a golden crisp, 
waiting for the phone to ring,
It finally did!
Tomorrow I am going out on the D**E!!
(I dare not say it for fear of jinxing it)

I hope it goes ok?
I hope I can relax and be me, like I can be with this gang?

Will let you know

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The one about the date!!

Well, thats what I think he meant? 
Surely if a guy asked you to go to see a film and a photography exhibition that's a date right??
Stupidly I made a comment on FB as I was sooooo excited and it went a bit viral with people I know all round the world commenting on it - that's how rare it is to use the 'd' word in my world!!!

Now of course the same people keep asking me "How did it go?"
I have to ignore them or admit - it hasn't - yet!!
Now I feel a bit of a fool??
I'm sure it will happen, I know he's a bit busy this weekend, I just have to be patient right?
Lets face it, if its meant to be it will happen and I have waited a long long time to be in the right place at the right time. He asked colleagues for my number when I was off work and if he wasn't interested then he wouldn't have bothered right?
Watch this space but I am hoping that...........


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

One year old!!

It was the twins birthday the other day and of course we celebrated - with peas and sweetcorn - their favourite!! 
Our neighbour brought some carrot tops but 'WE' seem to be OFF carrots at the moment???

In the meantime I have flumped and fidgeted my way through the last week with a back problem of unknown origin!!?

Despite the rude comments at work about my age, sex drive, wimpishness of camping etc etc I can honestly say that it was NOT the camping that caused it!! It might have been the repacking of the tent the next day but that's all?

I had five days off work and moped about feeling very sorry for myself and uncomfortable, unable to do very much and then had a scrapping frenzy on Sunday which has whipped my mojo up to a phenominal level - that's the only thing though, my enthusiasm at struggling back into work was NOT phenominal!! Not by a long shot!!!

Oh well, its only a four day week for me and then I am off for a weeks holiday, shame the weather won't be up to doing much but at least I can scrap regardless of what it does?
Work has been eased a little by some sympathy from the office eye candy, but as he wasn't in today I am feeling very poorly again this evening???

Ha ha! Hope you like my double LO? Haven't made one for a while but am pleased with how it turned out. The photos were from a day trip out to Stourhead last Autumn.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Oh the joys of a tripod!!

So this time last week I was sat in a pub in Totnes with this crazy gang!

We had all met up in Dartmouth for a fun camping weekend and it didn't disappoint - we had an awesome time and I haven't laughed so much in ages!!

On Saturday we wandered about in Dartmouth, ate a delicious Devon cream tea, and larked about in general having lots of fun. The weather was warm and fine most of the time too.

Then we headed back up the hill to the campsite for a BBQ and some more fun!

Nat became Lara Croft BBQ lighting guru and then entertained us all with some bizarre dancing

The we took loads of silly photos using the tripod and various food items! It's so nice having people in my photos for a change, 

and actually being in some myself - even if I did pull some silly faces.
Hurrah for tripods and timers!!

All too soon it was time to pack up and come home. The end of a great weekend!
What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Behind again!!

I seem to have lost another week and fallen behind with my blogging again! To be fair I have been quite busy and for once it has not all been work!! Hurrah!
I went away camping for the weekend and have lots of pics to share - just need five mins to upload them from my camera, and I still also have the fab lunch pics to share from when I took Grannywen out for her birthday, and of course I then need to print them so I can scrap them!
Really I need an extra few hours on each day to complete all the things I want to do???
I will leave you with these pics of the boys, larking about at Grannywens and loking pretty darn cute I think!?
Catch up with you soon xx