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Friday, 28 October 2011

Still catching up!!

Hi All, still trying to catch up with sorting and organising my photos to share my recent adventures with you. I just don't know where this year has flown too - it's Halloween already this weekend and I am still back in the summer in my head!!!

Another couple of art journal pages to share with you in the meantime. I went off the page a little and used some fab artwork I found which I added to my backgrounds and then journalled on.
For some reason I found making the backgrounds the most enjoyable, as I can be expressive with colour and shape. I'm not so good when it comes to writing down my thoughts and feelings, but then I guess I'm like that in real life too??

You can't really see in this one but it is full of texture too as I found some fab granular stuff and micro bead gesso in an art shop in Clapham!!

So, what am I up to at the moment??
As if I don't have enough to do I find myself in a nesting mood and have just started to reorganise and decorate my lounge! It must be something about the time of year, I feel the need to make my home comfy and cosy, and if I'm honest, as much as I love my craft area it has taken over somewhat and I need to tidy it all away and spend time in a grown-ups lounge not a play room!!!

I have taken some before photos and will share when the transformation is over, although with all the crafty stash to sort through it may take me all weekend!!!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Seriously? How long???

I am a terrible blogger!!
I am a terrible scrapper!
I am a terrible artist!!

I have not indulged in any of the things I love doing for absolute eons, and that's because I have just been so damn busy!!!
I have done loads and photographed loads and not even started to upload my pics let alone sort them out to share with you or send them off to be printed, and now there are sooooo many I don't know where to start!!
Life is good - don't let my art journal page make you think otherwise, although I did have a minor blip and it did rain. For a while.
But now the sun is out and Autumn is here with cosy woollies and comfort food and Merlin and Strictly on the tv, well at least when I am home long enough to watch them!!
Will organise myself and share my adventures soon.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bad blogger!

Thats me!!!
Haven't been around for ages since my trip and have been so busy busy with both work and play but just haven't had time to stop and photograph and blog anything along the way!
I know, I know, shocking and not like me at all!!

To make amends I will share two more of my art journal pages. 
I haven't even had a chance to make any more of these either for a while and I am beginning to feel like I left my mojo in the USA!!??? 
There was certainly lots of inspiration whilst there, but now I have to order some photos to scrap and of course find the time to actually do some scrapping!!
That's assuming I can shift these post holiday blues.................