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Sunday, 28 February 2010

At last!


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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Simple pleasures!

Co's I am a simple girl at heart!!

Was getting worried that I hadn't got any LO's to share so had to rustle this up quickly this week, in between work, cycling in the rain and the toastergate saga!

As you can also see I now have a fabby toaster - one that bread will fit in too! How good is that? Just need a nice lazy weekend to make hot buttery toast and enjoy it now...................but not this weekend co's I am working - boo!!!

How goes your weekend?

We got off fairly lightly at work today, nothing new in, and I even had time to pop out for a quick walk -in back massage, much needed as my right shoulder has been hurting me, something to do with bad posture and too much stress recently! I can honestly say it was the best £11 I have ever spent! Will be going back soon I think, just wish I'd been brave enough to get a picture for my 365 project!

I have managed to cycle in and out of work every day this week, and with that along with my regular float sessions I am starting to feel much better about life and things. The fact that I look like a 14 year old boy in my kit does nothing to help my self esteem, but more about that in another post!! ( I have an idea for a LO but need my March ScrapaGogo kit to make it with!!!)

Warning **there will be scary no make-up photos for that, so will give you advance warning!! **

I had a minor upset this week. I bought myself a Pogo printer as a 'Happy Birthday to me' ( Yes, and a toaster - how frivolous I hear you say???). I spent hours the other evening trying to print some pictures from my iphone, only to have to google some instructions and then discover that Pogo's dont work with iphones!!
Who'd have thought it?? Certainly not me!
Now I have a dilemma as I don't think the seller will give me a refund as it is technically now used, and 'technophobe- women -nerd' didn't feature in the returns policy? I may have it for sale here very soon? Shame - had some great ideas for LO's with those pics too, but they don't print out too well from my 'puter!!

Right am off now, have waffled long enough and Harry is hiding up my sleeve and becoming very heavy and also quite tickly. I have a fun evening scooping rat raisins ahead of me..................fun huh?.........I must be simple!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Drip dry only!

Soggy cycling kit drying on radiator!!

I managed to cycle in to work today, (and home again,) although ended up like a drowned ratty on the homeward trip!!
I didn't mind!
I felt alive and more full of enthusiasm than I have for weeks!!
I was really pleased as being a craft potato I thought the journey would probably take me an hour but I did it in 30 mins! Go me !!
Maybe a bit slower on the way home as it was up hill too, but I managed it and didn't get off to walk! Go me again!!

This is Harry at the end of a teaspoon licking up the last of his medicine, he is back to normal greedy mode and you would never know he had been poorly!? Go Harry!!

Of course Wills had to have some Activia too but not without Harry trying to eat his aswell!

After all that fuss I made I still didn't manage to have toast today cos I didn't make it to the shop to buy the fab new toaster! I got sidetracked to the pub instead, but the craving hasn't gone away! Maybe I will make it tomorrow if I don't drown?

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Toastergate and Glee!

Ha Ha love this title for my recent toast saga.

(Thanks Lynda)

It continues, I returned the micro toaster to Argos today, and had a huge row with the lady on customer services. She told me that she couldn't take it back co's it was used!!
I explained that it hadn't been plugged in or turned on, just tried for size, and she told me that it must now have crumbs in it therefore it must be used!!
Is she for real?
I had to resort to superiority and showed her my magic go anywhere badge just to prove I wasn't a mickey taker! Funny how she started to smile at me and gave me a refund no problem then!

I then went to Sainsburys where they had a proper full size toaster, £5 off the normal price, but out of stock. Russell Hobbs - of course! Roll on Wednesday. I will have toast!!!

Debbie is having a lovely give-away due to the fact that she now has over 400 followers! Wow! Can't imagine how good that feels but also what pressure to produce stuff all the time?? I struggle trying to find the time to do stuff for me let alone manage to share it all too?? Hence no LO picture in this post!

Can I just say how great tonight's Glee was!! The Shuster was strutting his stuff all the way through and made it thoroughly enjoyable. I want to join ??

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Hope you've all had a good weekend?
I have been in the ratty rehab zone, trying to get Wills and Harry used to being together again after a week apart. It has interfered with any scrapping plans that I might have had as I supervise them on the sofa!!!

I ventured out yesterday while the sun shone and took my bike to a local bike shop for a once over. My plan is to start cycling to work so wanted to be sure it was ok, it was, I just had to buy a new pump and get the wheel put back on properly. Had a little pootle about on it after then went for a walk to Brixton.

I don't often go there, but there is an Argos and I needed a new home phone after the ratties had nibbled through the wire of my old one. I also treated myself to a toaster - have been hankering after toast for ages and the grill in my oven is peculiar. I bought a real cheapy toaster years ago but you need to have small sized bread to go in it otherwise it doesn't cook it all............anyway, I bought a nice toaster, walked home to make some lovely toast and the bread I bought doesn't fit in it!!!
What's that about?
It's just a normal loaf but half of it sticks out the top of the slots so wouldn't get cooked????? Is there a toaster conspiracy out there or do you have to buy specially sized bread these days? Now I have to go back to Brixton to return the toaster, a trip I wasn't planning for another few months!!!
See, how exciting life gets when you turn 38? Thanks for all the birthday wishes you sent, but as you can see there was no celebration here this year!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Good news Friday!!!

Excuse the quality of these pics, for once I really don't care!!!

They show darling Harry sprinting (almost in a straight line) across the sofa, something that I thought that this time last week was never going to happen again!!

We have been signed off from the vet this evening, just continue with the medicine and yoghurt til weds, but he looks so much better! Not so much wonky Harry but maybe a little list!? Hardly noticable really!

The best birthday present a girl could ask for don't you think?

And the other good thing - the whole horrid experience has made Harry so much more snuggly and cuddly with his mummy and much less standoffish! He and Wills didn't want me to go to bed last night we were having such a lovely time together playing and cuddling!! I have spent today very tired because of them!!

Oh Happy day! :)


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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A spoonful of yoghurt.............

...........helps the medicine go down!

Progress report on Harry - we went back to the vet yesterday and spent another million on more injections but despite the wonk Harry seems to be doing ok! We are managing our home medication too with the help of a spoonful of raspberry Activia, Harry wasn't having any of the syringe in the mouth option and he got quite grumpy with me!!

This evening Harry has been allowed out of sick bay and is slowly getting to grips with the ratty palace again, he is managing quite well, so I wont have to do too many modifications for him. I have kept the little loon of Willsness with me and he is asleep on my shoulder as I type - very warm and snuggly on these cold evenings but his snuffly snoring is quite distracting!!

Poor little mite, I think he is missing his chum!

Despite a weekend busy doing very little I didn't manage to scrap either, too worried about Harry, but hope to have more for you soon!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Shoot that poison arrow....

Valentines Day?

I will be spending the day with the two (yes two!!) loveliest boys I have ever met!
They love me unconditionally and are funny and sweet. Who could ask for more in a boy?

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Saturday, 13 February 2010


Harry decided he'd had enough of being in sick bay today!

We went to the vets earlier where he had 2 more injections that cost about seventy million more pounds and then we came home for a sleep!

After a trip to the supermarket (me, not Harry) and a flump round sick bay (Harry, not me) he decided to throw himself over the wall in a bid for freedom! After a roly poly to right himself he set off at speed to hide under the sofa cushion!

He still has a lolopy sideways gait but his limbs work and his appetite hasn't diminished a jot???!! The vet said today that he may not recover and may always be a bit tilted (it's called torticullis) and could be an ear infection or meningitis?? He has ruled out a tumour cos it came on so suddenly!

We now begin the game of trying to give him his medicine via oral syringe. This was really hard when he had his abscess, but he is much less wriggly at the moment so I am hoping for a better result! If not I will have to hide it in his food again.

He seems ok in himself, just a bit bewildered and frustrated that he can't climb things or turn round without rolling over. Wills is missing him loads but when I let them snuggle last night he got a bit too excited and I had to pull him away before he hurt Harry! I hope he recovers fully otherwise I will have to consider how to modernise the palace for a disabled ratty who lives with a mini cyclone for a chum??

Oh the worry that we moms have to endure?

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Friday, 12 February 2010

Harry update

Thanks for all your lovely messages. We have been back to the vet today for another round of injections and have to return tomorrow for more. Harry is ok-ish, subdued and still lilting to one side, but he's still here for now. It's really going to be a case of wait and see.
I spent last night asleep (not much) on the sofa next to sick bay, and listened to wills tearing round the palace looking for his chum. It's all very sad here!

Sick bay!

Poorly me! :(

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bad to worse?

Is that really possible?

Not sure my year can get any worse than it has been already?

Came home from work early today, Harry heard me and poked his nose out from the snuggle tunnel and fell over. Then he limped, sidewaysy and sort flumped downstairs and curled up in the dog bed.
Something not right here?
He looked like he'd had a stroke or something, all leaning to one side!
One tearful rush off to the vets later and we are now back at home pumped full of antibiotics with a very poorly Harry in sick bay!

Not sure what it is, ear infection? weird ratty brain thing? some long word beginning with m that I don't even remember what the vet said?
We have to go back tomorrow for more drugs and although the vet said leave him alone I have him snuggled next to me on constant watch!
The next 24 hours are crucial!
No work for me tomorrow!
Pray for him please, I couldn't bear to lose him.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


How cute is this? I bought a little decoration for the ratty palace and I think it is so sweet!

After three hours sleep due to finishing late last night I actually managed to start and finish during daylight hours today?? Unheard of for me at the mo, but I think tea, a quick catch up from last nights Glee then off to Bedfordshire for me!

Night night xxx

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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Busy doing nothing......!

That's how I have mainly spent my weekend!

I had some good intentions to do all sorts of things.
I managed to go for my fabulous float session yesterday and walking home felt all rejuvenated and inspired, but somehow I managed to lose several hours on the interweb and then after some more grief from the ex (yes - three months on he is still hassling me?? ) kinda lost the will to do anything!!!

I spent three hours on the phone to Grannywen putting our worlds to right, well mainly the worlds of our SuperPoke Pets actually (- our new addiction), but also explaining my recent trip to Sadsville and associated lack of communication with her!!

Today I spent another hour feeding squiggles on the patio ( see I really do live the hi-life!!) trying to get todays photo for my 365 App, but also managed to squeeze this little LO using my Jan Scrapagogo kit!

I thought too I would share a pic or two of the palace - a very poor pic actually, but it shows the steps that little Wills was scared of the other day and the new green dog bed that arrived this week. There is another floor but the photos of that came out even worse so have deleted them!! If you look closely you will see the blur that is Harry coming over to see what I am doing and if you look really closely in the corn tunnel upstairs there is a white fuzzy ball that is Wills hiding eating a carrot biscuit!!

Hope you have had a good weekend, am back off into the Zone!

Friday, 5 February 2010

This time I know it's for real!

It really is the weekend!

Thanks for all your crossed fingers last week - they kinda worked and the weekend wasn't too bad but boy did it make up for it this week!!!
I went to work very early every day but only just managed to make it home on the same day every day!!!
Oh well, at least there is no-one moaning at me about it anymore and H and W are thrilled to see me whatever time of day or night!!!

But I am pooped!

I have been off today and slept most of it!!
Then a little potter about, and a spring clean of the ratties habitat. They have (another) new bed which is like a mini dog bed but unlike the one I bought them in Dec they can both fit in it and snuggle together! It seems to be very popular!
Boy - don't I just live the hi-life?

No scrapping yet, but as the lady whose CJ this is has sadly got to drop out of the group I can reveal the mini pages I made for her book. The title was Summer Days, and the ladies before me had documented their favourite destinations, mine is anywhere as long as its sunny and I can take the roof off my little car!!!
Am off to bed soon, tomorrow I think I will go for a float and then get my rejuvenated mojo into the Zone!