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Monday, 31 August 2009

No sun fun!

Sounds like a chinese proverb that doesn't it? Should be the new mantra for UK Bank Holidays! Anyway here are some more LO's from my Bank Holiday scrapathon - I managed to make 5 more yesterday and a birthday card for Big Monkey, whilst singing along to films like Dirty Dancing and The Bodyguard, sad I know but I don't schedule the TV listings, they must know there are die hard romantics like me who will watch them!!

Anyway, the sun has popped out today although it is not the 28 degrees that the weatherman promised, surprise surprise!! One last bit of washing to do and yes, I am planning another day in The Zone, well for a bit anyway, will have to have a siesta later as I am working night shift tonight. Who knows what chaos that will bring after the last day of Notting Hill Carnival? Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Not so sunny Sunday!

Well, it's another day of rubbish weather for the good old British Bank Holiday weekend, so I thought I would share some of my recent work to bring some sunshine to you.  It's a mixture of LO's some from our recent camping trips and one which used up some moo cards that I still had lurking from earlier in the year.
Ooops - I've just realised that I was so excited to scrap yesterday that I plowed into my new stash from the states without photographing it to share its huge papery lusciousness with you first!! Sorry - I have used loads of it already so not much point now. Just take my word for it that it was a super fabby pizza box!!
I was really thrilled this morning to find that I had a new follower - made my day - thank you Debby so much. I love your blog and your cards are fantastic - they really inspire me even though I wouldn't have a clue how to start to make one like that. Mine are much more simple as you can see.............. I just can't seem to get creative with cards like I do with scrapbooking.
Anyway - am off back into The Zone now, have a great day!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

View from a bridge

Whilst perusing my photos for my scrappy weekend I remembered that I hadn't shared the pics from my walk home with you - last week when we had some lovely hot weather.
I travel this route everyday and it never ceases to amaze me how different it looks in the different light of our seasons. I keep meaning to photograph it properly but only ever seem to have my phone not my camera with me. 

Back to this weekend - I have been scrapping happily ( will share later) between several loads of washing (yawn) but am surprised how cold it has gotten this afternoon. I am going to have shut up the patio doors in a mo co's I'm getting too cold.

Off for a mooch round blogland for some inspiration, I've got to make a couple of birthday cards - one for BM and one for a 1 year old!!
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Scrappy weekend!


It's the weekend!

Well it is for me anyway - and a long scrappy one it will be too - hurrah!

My parcel of stash goodies finally arrived from the states and I only had a very quick chance to open it before I left for work this morning - will photograph it and share tomorrow, but it made me ooh and ahh with delight!
Even BM got up from his night shift snooze to come and have a look!!

My plan for the next four days is to make a big dent in this lovely new pile and immerse myself in creativity  - unless of course the sun actually comes out and then I may have a loaf on the patio too. Having said that - this is the UK and it's a bank holiday so I won't hold my breath!! 
Have a great Bank Holiday, whatever you get up to!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Candy sweet

Still nothing to report from the house of monkey. Life is so dull when work gets in the way of fun stuff and scrapping!

Still no huge pizza box from Scrapbook.com yet either. Maybe my post lady has decided to become a scrapper - intrigued by all the parcels that come to my door??

Pop over to Becky's blog, she has some fab candy to celebrate her blogoversary, and you just have to tell her what your fave candy is. 
I can't decide between Wispa's, Lindt truffles or Chocolate Oranges. Ooh - I feel a page coming on.................


Saturday, 22 August 2009

I want one!

Just a quickie, have just endured the longest most boring 12 hours at work - EVER!!!

I am so tired I fell asleep in the bus coming home!

Am just cooking some tea and then it's off to the land of nod for me - gotta be up again at sparrow fart!!!!

I love these photos - BIG Monkey took them and he's not so keen behind the lens as he is at goofing off in front of it!  That said he did a really good job this day and I am eternally grateful to him. (And I love him loads for it but don't tell him!!)
Not sure what was going on with the LO though? I had an idea and then it kind of exploded all over the page? I think I may try this one again sometime soon? Would still love to have a cuddly soft soft soft chinchilla to cuddle all the time please? Dear santa............................xxx

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The finished article!

Long post this one - sorry, but I was so pleased that I finally managed to finish my holiday mini-book that I just had to share it with you!
Here are a selection of the pages, definitely not all as there were about 40 in the end and I don't think blogger would have coped with that at all!

I have a few other LO's to share with you but I think I will wait after this mega session.

Nothing much to report from the house of monkey. I had a day off today because I am working all weekend, and unsurprisingly the weather was pants!!! I did decide to walk home from work in the sunshine yesterday, not sure how far it is but a good couple of hours walk. I did enjoy a lovely Magnum on the way and took some pics of the river on my phone which I will share too if they are any good.

Oh Oh I forgot - not sure how I could..............BM booked a holiday for us for next year. We are off to Majorca for a lovely week in the sun, so I now have about  319 days to get my pale overweight scrapping shaped flesh into something I am not ashamed to put in a bikini!! Now I just need to look for one of those cool countdown clocks to add to my blog too!

Off to gorge myself on the sexy Simon Baker in the Mentalist finale now.
Enjoy my trip to Devon.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Plain sailing!

Well I am pleased to report that last night passed without event. I went to bed and was pleased to find that the alarm woke me up this morning rather than a desperate phonecall in the wee hours!
I managed to struggle in this morning for my normal shift, escaped any major dramas in the office and came home.

The End!

Very dull I know, and nothing further to add other than falling asleep in  the garden for an hour or so, having tea, watching Holby City and a quick visit to Scrapbook.com. OK, maybe not that quick a visit, but there are so many good LO's on there waiting to be saved to my favourites!!!

Will try to do something exciting to report soon!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Just hangin' around!!

Well I managed a very  quiet happy scrappy weekend thank you, got quite a few LO's made and have almost finished the journalling for my mini book.
I also managed to put some bits for sale on Ebay and of course ended up buying a few bits too.

The weather was quite hot and sunny in places so in between hanging out loads of washing I also managed to sit out for a few hours to get some colour to my pathetic pasty skin.

BM was working so it was all very peaceful here and a bit of a shock going back into work today. Have been very busy today and due to a colleague having problems with her recent eye surgery I am now on call tonight as well. Kep your fingers crossed for me that the phone doesn't ring and I get a good nights sleep?

Friday, 14 August 2009

Seaside dreams.

 I love this picture, it was one of the good days of weather we had for our camping trip and we went for a paddle in Lulworth Cove.
All seems a distant memory now though as work takes over and life returns to whatever normal is.
BM has been looking at foreign holidays as he fancies a week somewhere hot next year as well as the obligatory camping trip. I think we are all a bit sick of the weather - so much for the BBQ summer that we were promised. He thinks we should book now so we can still get small monkey on a FREE place. I like that word - FREE. Shame it doesn't apply to much these days.
Speaking of free - I have a free weekend now. BM is a working and I intend to scrap and play with my new stash if it arrives. I may even treat myself to a float to really make the most of my free time! Oh  - and finish my minibook!?
Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mini book sneaky peek

I have a confession to make - I didn't do any scrapping yesterday, instead I caught a major addiction to Scrapbook.com. I spent hours on there yesterday, uploading LO's and chatting to and meeting loads of lovely new (and some familiar) faces.
Having ordered myself a cheeky little? pizza box full of sale goodies, I thought I would just have a quick nosey round the gallery for inspiration. That was it, I got drunk on the colours and cleverness of these global scrapping lovelies, and couldn't get away.
Needless to say I didn't finish the journalling for my mini book, still haven't today, but I did manage to make a gorgeous beady dangly thing for the cover and another two 12 x 12's which I will share with you soon. Suffice to say shrink plastic hedgehogs were the order of the day having sussed out my new scanner!!! Have let them back into the garden now...............ha ha?
Happy scrapping xxx

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Short post from me today, am recovering from a weekend of nights and then a quick change onto a late shift yesterday and I am really tired and don't feel too great today!

Did I just have a holiday recently co's already I don't feel like it!?

A simple little LO from me as I really wanted the photos to say it all about this page. Once again it is my monkeys playing at Monkey World. I just love the expressions of pure joy on their faces.

Am off work today and tomorrow so am hoping to get in the zone again later. I have actually nearly finished the mini book that I started the other day - amazing I know, just the journalling to do so maybe I can share it with you tomorrow?
See you soon

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Things are never straightforward are they?
 At least they never seem to be in my world.
Not only did I have two, yes two whole holidays waiting to be scrapped, yes I know - poor me? But just as I sat down to start planning what and how to do it my printer decided to churn and grind and do anything but print out my pictures for me!


An hour or so later, after much t'internet surfing instead of scrapping I decided on a new printer and where to buy it from. The plan was to go  somewhere local so that I didn't waste any more valuable scrapping time. However by then it was bed time so no other choice but to go to bed!

The following morning I set off to Fulham (being the nearest PC World and chosen printer was a whole pound cheaper there than Tesco) to listen to a spotty teenager try to flog me some extras that I didn't want along with my overpriced ink. 
Lovely journey, roof off the car, sun out, only took about 15 mins, but shock horror - all the stock had been shipped next door to Curry's whilst PC World was a building site!!! Not only that, but there was bugger all left in the shop, certainly not the sexy little all-in-one I was after!!!
Nothing for it but to brave the hideousness that is the Purley Way, so off I set, tunes a humming, tan a glowing and after a sweaty hour sat in traffic I had purchased my precious and was battling my way home.

Mojo was then a flowing, pictures were a printing and I bravely decided to commence battle with my nemesis - the mini book! 
Ha! That's what I thought!
 I had purchased a suitable kit style mini book whilst on hols and thought it would be perfect/easy for the task of holiday No1. But no, could I get anything to look right, or choose the right size photo to use? Of course not. The mini book beat me hands down and I flung it on the side in exasperation and returned to the safety of a 12 x 12 page and its lovely flowing edges waiting for me to sprinkle them with zone magic. True to recent form the shaped cardstock appeared as if by magic to rescue me from mini book hell and here are a couple to be getting along with.

These are from holiday No2. and a trip to MonkeyWorld, ( yes, more like meet the inlaws ), and were crying out to be immortalised in 12 x 12. We had a great time, even Grannywen who was invited to join us, and it wasn't just at the oooh looks like you jokes. The giant swing, supplied for both types of monkeys were great fun (for both types of monkeys) although we never saw the other lot using them!! And the Orangutan's were a delight, such similarities to my pair of orangeys! This little one had a great time playing with a blanket, remind you of anyone?

Loads more to scrap, catch you soon

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

We're back!

Back from our second little camping trip.

 It was great fun and the weather not too bad - we even managed a beach day!! We had a varied week as usual, enjoying all our favourite things, boats and beaches, animals, castles and jousting displays, but I now have two camping holidays to scrap  so bear with me whilst I organise my pictures and create some layouts to share with you.  

I am attempting some mini books which always take me ages so may have to do a quick 12 x 12 or two to get the juices flowing.

Will leave you with these in the meantime.................