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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Feelin' blue

I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment, am feeling decidedly down and don't know why or what to do???  Work is ok, no probs there, the adventure car is back on the road - just have to go and collect it at the weekend, but I am missing the twins and it's lonely here without them!!!

Nothing much to report, am signed up on Queen Kirsty Wiseman's Me in my Moleskin class and although I missed most of the class last night and don't have any yummy spray inks to play with I am looking forward to getting stuck in with it - I do think it will have lots of very personal comments in it and they may make me cry!! I am looking forward to getting messy  with paints and techniques though!!?

Odd LO today - never understood why there is a tourist info box at Crown Court - I mean who goes there on a day trip?? Makes me giggle every time I see it!!

Toodlepip  xx

Monday, 27 June 2011

Life's laundry!

Yesterday Grannywen and I went out to lunch. It was a bit of a magical mystery tour as she didn't have a clue as to what or where we were going! To be fair, I only had a half a clue as I needed to drive us there without a map so that she didn't suss it out!
We arrived at the Mill at Gordleton and it was fabulous and magical to say the least, but more of that in another post!

I returned home last night on the train, along with all the great unwashed but am now enjoying some sunshine before heading off into work this afternoon. No washing to hang out today as I didn't get up early enough but this LO shows a regular feature on my patio!
Not sure what my neighbours think when they see this as they don't  actually know who lives with me???

Hopefully Grannywen will have managed to convey Barney back to the vet this morning for his second injection, she can't really tell the twins apart. Hopefully it's not Fred who went??  The vet suggested marking him up with nail polish which I grudgingly agreed to,  and he was duly splodged with pink, but by the next day it had all come off so watch this space as to who went???? Amazingly, after his first visit on Friday his funny sniffle seemed to disappear so fingers crossed all is well.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Squirrels on Saturday and other tails

Hello peeps! How did it get to be Saturday again so soon?
I think this week passed in a blur of work (just for a change) and now here I am at Grannywen's in what is turning into a very expensive weekend!!
Yesterday was Grannywen's birthday so the the twins and I set off very early in the morning so we had time for an M3 Starbucks coffee and a trip to the flower shop. They weren't very impressed being bundled into the car at 0630 I can tell you! 
We arrived in good time and then due to recent snuffles from Barney's nose I decided a trip to the vet would be in order. An injection and some scratches later, the twins weekend has just turned into a two week visit with granny for some follow up visits to the vet!!
Then the adventure mobile had to go for her MOT, and this has lead to more ££££'s as she failed on a couple of things and so her weekend has now also turned into a longer stay with granny whilst Papajohn works his mechanic magic!!!
In the meantime I sat in the conservatory and indulged in my favourite FREE pastime - photographing the wildlife! There's plenty to see in the back garden but the little squiggles are by far my favourite.
 There were two, a boy and a girl and they were both very agile and determined to eat the birds nuts!  Unlike me - agile is not a word I would use to describe myself, but as you can see from todays LO - I am trying!!!
Then after a lovely meal out to celebrate Grannywens birthday it was time for bed!

Toodlepip! xxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Rain rain go away

Guess what? 
It was sunny all day today, right up the time it came for me to cycle home and then it chucked it down!!
Typical Wimbledon weather wouldn't you say?

So, the weekend was ok, a few bits to do but nothing that led to overtime or late nights thank goodness. This week is busy with appointments for me but at least I finish on Thursday so only a short week - hurrah! Then I am off to Grannywens for the weekend and am hoping for some sunshine and at least one dry day to check out my tent and the pole situation?

Another LO I forgot to share from last Septembers riding trip to Wales, the weather was somewhat similar that weekend too, sun and rain, oh well it didn't spoil my fun!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just popping by to say hullo

Hello all, how are you this weekend? Is it still raining with you or have you escaped it for a few hours?
Its been a mixed bag of weather here in London, obviously only choosing to pelt it down each time I had to step outdoors, so I decided not to venture out but to sit and watch several hours of CCTV instead!
Fun huh?
No, not really!  :(
It's amazing how your eyes begin to boggle when watching it - doesn't happen when I stare at a film for an hour or two - odd that!
I have found a couple of LO's that I seem to have forgotten to share with you, this one about the chums hanging off my camera bag who travel the world with me. There should be a little dog from Hungary but his string fell off so he sits in the Zone and scraps with me instead!!
There are two little chaps hiding under the Zone as we speak, but I can hear ripping and tearing paper so I'd better go and rescue my stash before the twins fashion some special ratty ripped paper embellishments for me???
catch up with you soon

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A bit up and down!

That's how I feel tonight and apparently I am not alone in feeling a bit odd at the moment.
Maybe its the weather, it can't make up its mind what to do and I am sure there is some sort of link from the atmospheric pressure to some people's brains and frame of mind???
I've got no reason to be down, but didn't have any enthusiasm for work today and just wanted to be at home and hide/scrap and do stuff for me.
Maybe it's co's I know I am at work for the next ten days without a break and the weather will probably be great at the weekend when I am in the office - I don't know?

Anyway, this LO is definitely about being up - almost as high as you can go - the top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York! On the downside it's a LO I struggled with, and still don't really like. Not sure if it looks a bit dull and square to me and I don't like the purplish background hue to the photo which made matching papers a nightmare. 
Mmmm, maybe I need another adventure to pick me up, or a night out with the girls or to be chatted up by a real man, not sure, will get back to you on that one??

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sundays are for.................

Scrapping of course!!
Although Saturday could have fallen into that category quite nicely too as I made two LO's yesterday, or it it three if one of them is a double pager???

Am having a relaxing weekend at home recovering from my nights and yes, I did manage to stay awake all day on Thursday. Was in bed fast asleep by 8pm though! 
Normally I am a night owl and DON'T do mornings but this weekend my body clock as gone a bit peculiar and I have been up and shuffling about the net in my pj's by about 7am!! That's unheard of by me usually. I'm only up this early if I have gone somewhere on an adventure or am at work!!!

No adventures this weekend as my car is overdue its MOT, and although it was quite sunny for most of yesterday, the rain looks much more imminent today! Another day in the Zone beckons and there's nothing wrong with that!
So, this LO, a bit tongue in cheek, but then how else do you scrap random pictures of stone frogs in a pond?
Not sure what blogger is up to though - seems to have washed out all the colours again???

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The one where I stay awake all day!!

Well, at least that is my intention today. 
Having just finished my nine night shifts, I am determined not to sleep through today but to stay awake til bedtime tonight!!! I have to go back in to work tomorrow but am off for three days after that so thought I would try to reset my bizarre body clock and achieve something with my time?!

I do, on occasion stay up for 24 hours or so on the trot - madness I know but sometimes when I go on my little adventures it is necessary as my shifts always seem to get in the way. One recent time was my little day trip to Paris last month. I travelled through the night to get there, spent the day wandering aimlessly with my camera enjoying the city, and the travelled back through the night again. Tiring but so much fun and I did sleep it all off in the garden the next day!!

Here is my first LO from that day. I intend making a mini book of my trip but am still sorting out my photos and need to get them printed properly. Luckily Grannywen came to the rescue and printed off a couple for me so I could get started.
Please excuse the silly much copied but ever-so-scrappbooky humorous photo - couldn't resist it!
Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The one where I go all patriotic??

Hello there bloggers, are you enjoying your weekends? 
Do you have gorgeous sunshine or just warm and muggy days? I have no idea what the weather has been like here as I am working nights again, and really do sleep ALL day!! It looks quite nice and sunny this evening, but very windy, and it was very cold and dull when I cycled home this morning so who knows???

It another Royal post for me, this is one I made on my mini scrapathon last weekend too, but it seems apt with lots of Royal events here in London at the moment and Trooping of the Colour next weekend. I know they did the rehersals in the wee hours of this morning and I remember how strange it was too watch in the dark and the quiet when I patrolled it many years ago!

Anyway, my LO! 
Despite many protestations that I wanted to get out of London that day, and no interest in the wedding leading up to it, of course on the morning itself when Grannywen woke me up, we all sat glued to the tv to watch the happy event!! It was a lovely day and a major event in history so it was only right that I scrapped it and recorded how I felt at the time.

Ok, off for some breakfast/tea now before I head back into the twilight zone for another night!
Take care , thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The one where I actually scrapped!!

 Hello peeps!
Well done if you survived the last mammoth post about all my adventures. Of course I now have a mammoth pile of photos to scrap too - or at least I will have when I finally manage to upload them to Photobox and put in my order! I have been trying all weekend but cant get them to upload at all!!   :(

This LO is about another mini adventure I had that I hadn't got round to telling you about yet. 
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - yes that is HRH Camilla and she is chatting to little old me!!! She is very interested and a supporter of the specialised work that I do, and held an open evening at Clarence House for us back in March to say Thank you! It was fabulous!
I had a starring role in that I had to introduce all my colleagues and remember not to call her Ma'am as in Marm (like we would our bosses at work), but Ma'am as in ham!!! It was a nightmare, but I managed not to fluff my lines and spoke with my bestest telephone voice!!!

Sadly the photos that were taken of us weren't at all good - and we were NOT allowed to take our own. The photographers wanted to charge a royal amount for a 7 x 12, but to be honest, despite the occasion, I wasn't willing to pay that much for such a poor shot! I did email them - twice, asking for a reduced price for more scrapping suitable size prints but they were far too important to even acknowledge my email let alone reply to it!!  In the end I cheated, and the hidden journalling explains my frustration at having the said photographers watermark across all the shots! Oh well - its the memory that counts isnt it!!

Speaking of royals, her Scrapping Highness, Queen Kirsty of Wiseman had an online crop the other evening that I sat and watched with the twins. Her subliminal messaging must have worked because this LO has a remarkable resemblance to her sketch - I even used doilies!!! Lush!