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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A load of waffle!

I know that "that" day was over a month ago but have only just got round to this LO courtesy of the really cute photo frame App on my iphone!

Mind you - the weather we are having at the moment is as chilly and horrid as it was in February isn't it? No fun on my little bike I can tell you, but I am still sticking with it and cycling to and fro every day!!

Nothing much to report at the mo.
The boys and I are off to visit Grannywen for Easter, so probably a late night drive down tomorrow. I am still acutely aware that I haven't shared all the pics from our last trip despite talking about it in almost all the last few posts!! Will get round to it I promise - they may have to be a substitute for any lack of scrapping to show you. I am up to date with all my Gogo journals now but haven't had a chance to photograph anything due to lack of daylight.
Right, am going to stop waffling now, you must all be bored to tears!!
Happy Easter!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Spring forward, crawl back!!!

bright cheery card (badly photographed) before moany post alert!!!

I am very tired!
I do not feel full of the joys of spring today!!
Ask my iphone!!!

I got to work an hour early this morning and as I sat in the office looking out of the window thinking
"Gosh, it's even darker this morning than yesterday",
grumbling that the overnight crimes hadn't been sent to me yet, it suddenly dawned on me (s'cuse the pun) that something wasn't quite right!!

I checked my phone which told me that it was ten to seven, then I checked my watch which said ten to six!
That can't be right?
But alas dear readers the speaking clock, my computer and the darkness outside informed me that yes, it was indeed still only ten to six!
That means I got up at quarter past four!!
No wonder I feel so tired!!
Bloomin' iphone!
I took great pains to ensure that it was set properly yesterday so that I wasn't late for work. I checked and double checked yesterday, but today, or rather during my very short night, my iphone decided to set itself to spring time despite the fact THAT I HAD ALREADY DONE IT!!!!!!!
So not impressed!
Reminds me of how I felt when I saw Harry's munched pile of bedding the other day!
I haven't played with my phone all day today to punish it!!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring cuteness!

How very cute are my little furries?

Well, have survived the weekend of work and now have a lovely evening all to myself (well and with the boys). I might even indulge in a bit of scrapping??
I was only a little bit perplexed at 5 am this morning when the alarm went off - I thought it was meant to get lighter in the mornings with the clocks going forward but this morning at that time it was darker than ever!!! I even had to turn the tv on briefly to check that I had the right time!

The weather wasn't the predicted monsoons, in fact the sun has been out and it has been quite mild - great for cycling to work and back, (except today which was very very dark!!), and having spent umptymillion pounds on getting my bike refurbed in the week, it has been a complete joy to ride - right up until someone tried to knock me off today and then called me fat cow!! I may look like a curvy fourteen year old boy in my bright orange cycle kit, but that's a bit harsh!!

Oh well, was trying to think of things to share, but apart from Mothers day part two pics to show you there has been nowt but work going on here!! No chance for daffodil loveliness or anything else for that matter? Am sure there was something I was going to tell but have forgotten now!!!

Anyway, hope you've all had lovely weekends, am off for a hot bath then gotta wake the creatures up for their weekly spring clean!! Toodlepip!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Is very important!

It has taken me about two and half years to scrap this photo of my friend.

When he sent it to me we were very much involved, but even though it didn't work out we have remained friends.

My friend visited me yesterday, armed with flowers and chocolates and a fabulous music CD! We sat and we talked about nothing and everything and he held me when I cried at the hideousness that the last few months have been. He didn't judge me, there was no agenda, he was just my friend and he was there for me when I needed some human contact from someone who knew me.
That made me cry too!
It made me cry that there was a time that I longed for him to be there for me like this, and now that he was I didn't feel a thing!
Life is odd like that, but I have a great friend!
I have also managed to get on with my circle journal which involves some of my new scrapping friends. The journals turned up - two at once and now I am ahead of the game with them. Here is the tag that I made to go with the first book - Around the World. I wish I had thought to include such a thing in my journal! Is it too late do you think?
My furry friends continue to amuse me and chomp everything in sight and I managed a couple of LO's of them too - will share later!
Enjoy your friends, wherever they are.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Last one!

Night shift that is!

Have to say they have gone pretty well this week, not too manic and have been doing a pretty good impression of Sarah's Taxis for most of them!!

Last LO to share too until I pull my scrapping finger out and make some more!
Hopefully will have a spare evening or two this week, but my two Gogo journals finally arrived and I have to get them done sharpish and off in the post!

This LO is all about my house phone - cute isn't it? Well it was until Harry got his jaws on it and managed to chomp through the wires and now Pooh phone is no more and I have had to grow up and buy a proper phone!
I think I am going to have to make another LO about all the things in my house that he has chomped and ruined for me in the last three months!!
Catch up with you soon

Friday, 19 March 2010

3 down 4 to go!

Night shifts that is!
Whilst the rest of you are about to enjoy your weekend I haven't even got halfway thru my week yet!

Here is another LO from my scrappy sunday oh so many weeks ago.
Luckily I haven't had any of these this week - the only good thing about night shift is being here during the day for the postie!! Both my Scrapagogo kit and some more new tents for the ratties arrived yesterday, but the other week a parcel did go awol and I have recently found out that it was one of the circle journals that I am doing!
I am not happy co's I feel so guilty about it going missing (co's I didnt get to the PO in time to collect it) and co's it will mean that we will all now be behind with the posting!!! Sorry CJ team!!
Gotta rush - trying to think of something for tea then gotta get ready for work!
Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

We are Not amused!!!!

Do you remember the other day I mentioned that I had to buy some new beds for my little darlings cos Harry had munched the ones they had?
Well I did, and when I woke up yesterday after my first night duty I had to clean the palace as it was That time of the week again! I put a lovely new bed in for them but within 20 minutes I found that his munchiness had chewed a little hole already and pushed out a small wad of stuffing!
He was suitably chastised and off I went to work last night.

I have just arrived home to this.....

Did he honestly think that if he Hid the devastation behind a wall of stuffing I wouldn't notice????

This was a brand new bed!!!
Look at all that stuffing!!!!!

HE had made such a mess they had both decided to cram themselves into the tiny bed upstairs!!!
Does Harry look guilty?

I should say so!!!

No toast corners for you my lad!!

Very unimpressed - Posted from my iPhone!!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mother's Day Weekender!! part one

The boys and I had a fabby weekend with Grannywen, although they didn't actually do much apart from sleep while we were there!
Actually that's not quite true - Harry brought his destructive invisible friend with him, but will explain about that another day!!!

Grannywen loved her card and her flowers and then promptly tied me to the dining room table to inject some mojo into a mini book that she was struggling over! Apart from eating and a few trips out I mainly spent the weekend cutting out small flowers from patterned paper to add to the pages, Not very exciting but quite theraputic and by the time we had added a few finishing touches here and there the mini book was complete before I left last night!!

Here are a few sneak peaks - can't show the whole thing as I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients!

On Sunday Grannywen and I had a girls days out!
We drove off into the glorious sunshine and visited Compton Acres with cameras at the ready. It was a lovely afternoon even if the sun did go in for most of it and we took some great pics - (will share those in a later post). A quick refreshment break in the coffee shop at the end was delicious - banana toffee muffins and a cuppa - delish!! We then headed off to the Range for some stash supplies but apart from some cutie card making type stash, didn't come out with much!!

Yesterday Grannywen had to go to a funeral so I took myself off for some much needed and long overdue retail therapy at Castlepoint. I haven't been there for about six months and wasn't expecting to find much that a) I liked, or b) suited/fitted me, but to my surprise I came home laden with goodies from long woolly girly coloured socks to wear in my boots, some new PE kit for cycling and boxercise classes and also some funky new tops to wear both in and out of work!!!
I was amazed and could probably have spent much more money than I did - there were loads of lovely things for me this season - may have to go back for another look at Easter??

Anyway - speaking of boxercise classes - it's Tuesday again so time for a workout tonight and then the first of seven night duties!
You know the drill - fingers crossed for me and I will be back to share the Compton Acres pics soon.
Take care

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Not sure what to say about this one really as it kinda speaks for itself!!!

Maybe thank you to Harry for providing the embellishment??

I wouldn't mind but I get 'hummpphhed ' at when I try to tidy up the mess each time and as previously mentioned it has become a little game with Harry and I !! Wills isn't the slightest bit interested preferring to curl up in my t-shirt instead!

Two more mini dog beds arrived in the post today to replace the previously chomped ones and new tent will be required soon too!

It's a wonder I have any cash left to buy stash!!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Toast corners and yoghurt mainly

....are just some of the many foodstuffs that I share with my four legged chums. I am now getting a little fed up of them pushing past my cutlery to the best part of my plate and stealing whatever is there and covering me in honey, jam, gravy etc so now I sit next to a spare plate where dollops of my meal get shared between the little darlings! You can really see how much bigger Harry is, greedy little piglet! He makes me laugh so much and I am so thankful he is still with us. His personality is really coming out these days though, and he now gets quite jealous if he thinks I cuddle Wills too much. He runs over and pushes in between us, but not being a cuddly sort himself, won't linger for a stroke any longer than is necessary to make his point!

After a crazy week, some hideous snuffles and a couple of days in bed I ventured into the Zone and managed four LO's on Sunday. Of course I had to document the toastergate saga and enjoyed making my toast letters. Am still wondering whether I should add butter??

I am back cycling to work and was the only person at Boxercise last night so had a one on one session with Iris my trainer who clearly lied when she said she would go gently with me!!! I am able to walk today but have discovered muscles I never knew I had!! I even had to stop off on the way home today for a float just to help me 'recover'!!? :)

Nothing exciting to report really but am looking forward to the weekend so that I can go and visit Grannywen for Mothers day!!!
Have fun.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Snuffly Saturday :(

The weekend has not gone as planned and the boys and I have not gone to the seaside!!
I had a slightly sore throat on Thursday evening but by the time I woke up on Friday morning I could barely speak and my glands resembled a greedy hamster!

I slept most of the day having been advised to rest, take fluids and gargle aspirin if necessary!

Today has been much the same although I have had some energy and am edging slowly towards the Zone! Not managed much yet but did make some cards for my friends birthdays.
Such a shame as I should have been being pampered in a spa today!!!

Ooooh look at me - Posted from my iPhone!!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stuffing or get stuffed!!


We are still here just been busy at work again after my weekend working and have done some more silly hours!!

Not much to report, the cycling has fallen by the wayside this week but only co's of the hours I've worked, no lack of enthusiasm, and I have now been to my first boxercise class which was brilliant!!!! I loved it and can't wait for next Tuesday for the next session!

The boys are both well and continue to amuse me.
Harry has a real thing about stuffing - he hates it and pulls it all out from his bedding. I went in to them this morning to find what resembled a 10 foot snow drift in the bottom of their cage where he had pulled out all the stuffing from the doggie bed and it was scattered over the ground floor of the palace!!?
Messy little wotsit!
He looked at me very sheepishly from underneath Wills (can a ratty look like a sheep??) but it did make me laugh!!

This is typical of the game we play every night on the sofa. Harry does his housekeeping and then I stuff it all back again. We must do it at least 5 times and I'm sure he gives me a little sigh every time. He definitely gives me a 'look'!
This video (hope it works) makes me giggle every time I watch it!!

One more day at work and then three off - yippee!!
Am taking the boys for a relaxing weekend near the sea and boy, do I need it!! Hope I'm not getting ill, my throat is beginning to feel a bit rough!!