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Wednesday, 28 October 2009


How cute is this?
Little Wills curled up on my chest after a hard hours scrapping?
Bless him.

The boys continue to delight and amuse me, and they now have a new hammock to climb in - finally arrived yesterday! BM and I cleaned and revamped their cage and gave them some extra climbing shelves too. They seem to quite like it. Still think I ought to get them a wheel though but even though its a big cage am running out of room for toys!!!

Work continues to interfere with life, but although has been busy this week so far, hasn't been too stressful. That may change in the next couple of hours when I go in though? We seem to have finally sorted out the Christmas shifts and I am pretty sure that I have Christmas off and only have to work over New Year, fingers crossed?

Am happy to say that I have rediscovered one of my favourite blogs this morning. Lou accidentally deleted hers and now has a fab new look blog full of great scrapping LO's. Check it out here!


Monday, 26 October 2009


Mondays are rubbish and today was no exception, but how nice it is to come home to these little furries these days!

After Wills super snuggly sesh yesterday I managed to both capture it in a photos and also scrap it. Unfortunately today it was dark when I went to work and dark when I got home so couldn't photograph it. Will attempt to do so tomorrow and share - tis ever so sweet!!

Might even get in the Zone for an hour tonight, after creature time. Managed quite a bit yesterday but have still got covers and pages to make for my circle journal for the scrapagogo girls celebrate journal. Had a few ideas yesterday- just need to try to produce them.
Catch you soon.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Chill out Sunday!

Have had a lovely quiet Sunday today, played with the boys and scrapped a few LO's, sometimes at the same time!!

Wills helped his mommy by supervising from my shoulder and then falling asleep for an hour and a half on my chest! At that point I had to sit on the sofa so that he didn't fall off into my distress stickles and ink pads!!?
I'm glad he is relaxed enough with me to do that though, unlike little Harry who I think will take a lot longer to fully relax, (another 7 raisins and a wee he gifted to me today)!!!

Have still been feeding the squiggles in the garden, although have to admit they have not been my priority this week. Have managed to finally scrap some of the pics I took using my long awaited October kit and so will share them with you this week.

Am gobsmacked at the X Factor result this evening, but pleased that Danyl didn't go out. That really would have been a travesty! Why oh why are those hideous twins still there, they might be entertaining for about a second, but surely this is about those that can sing and have the X Factor or have I got it wrong?

Oh well, I can't believe it's Monday again already! At least its a short week for me as next weekend is my long one before my ten day stint.
Off to bed as I have to be up at silly o'clock.
Night night xxx

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Small creature love!

Hello from my world of furriness.

Had a relaxing day today, planned some scrapping but haven't made it into the Zone as yet and now there's the weekly Strictly V X Factor battle to watch??

I think I will go in the Zone tomorrow.

Been on a ratty plaything quest today, a toodle out in the car and popped into Puffin Crafts which was NOT very exciting!

Harry and Wills now have a lovely hanging ladder with lots of exciting (to ratty's) dangly things on it, and a carrot holder which Wills has fallen in love with!? He thanked me by snuggling on my shoulder for half an hour and didn't even poop on me - yeah! Am currently devising a raisin catching tray to hope to litter train them. Harry on the other hand snuggled in the crook of my arm for 45 mins snoozing and then left me 7 raisins before going back in the cage!! Humph!

Big Monkey has gone to a Halloween Party dressed as Elvis?? I was supposed to go too but to be honest I haven't got the energy, and could do with a nice quiet weekend. I will have to get him to dress up again as obviously this will be a photo that just HAS to be scrapped!! Next weekend will be busy with Halloween for real and small monkey will probably keep us on our toes throughout!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Warning - furry footed creatures!!

Introducing Harry and Wills.

I can't believe it's Friday already?

With a week that has just announced the demise of the UK's favourite scrapping magazine I defer to my last post - Fate is a funny old thing!

Harry and Wills (MKII - actually)
Just by chance last week we decided to go into the pet shop and saw two of the most gorgeous golden baby rats ever. They were so tame and loving, no-one had wanted them for 4 months and due to my constant craving for furry creatures I agreed to rehome them.
To cut a long sad story short - when we went back to collect them the bloomin' shop had forgotten and sold them to someone else! I mean really? No-one for 4 months and as soon as I fall in love with them someone else pops up!!!
So not impressed!!
Gutted? Me? I cried my eyes out!

It wasn't long then before the forlorn empty cage had to be refilled and off I went on a rat hunt with BM to find some new chums.

Enter Harry and Wills ( Harry is the slightly gingery albino one).

They are not tame - yet, but are getting used to me very quickly co's of course as soon as I get in from work I have to play with them. And of course they are hard to take pics of co's they don't sit still for long and I find I am currently the wrong side of the camera!?
It does also interfere with my scrapping somewhat, but Wills is beginning to like lurking on my neck so hopefully I will be able to go in the zone with him on my shoulder soon. Harry is much more timid but very snuggly when he does eventually decide to come and play!!

I have managed a couple of LO's this week, my Scrapagogo kit did eventually turn up, but not been home in daylight to photograph them yet!!
Will share tomorrow.
I hate that work gets in the way of my fun life???

Monday, 19 October 2009


Fate is a funny thing.
One decision here, a change of mind there and a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you!

A simple decision made yesterday has had a series of knock on effects and the house of monkey is about to change.

We are expecting!

I am quick to add that this is not in the patter of tiny feet styly of expecting, although in some ways it is.
There is no way I would spawn a mini-me into this world, (although she would obviously be far less cynical and sarcastic that the current version), but the house of monkey already has one set of mini- me's, and that is enough for anyone to deal with!!
No, this will involve small feet but of the furry kind and there will be eight of them!!!!
What strange mythical eight-footed creature could this be? you are asking.
Wait and see!

On another note, I can't believe it is Monday already, have done so much this weekend and achieved so little. And at the time of writing - still no Scrapagogo kit!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Dolittle distracted!

I didn't get much done today.
Even though I didn't lie-in too late, after I had done my chores and blog hopped and waited for the postman who never came I got distracted again by these little fellas.

I started photographing them through the window with less than brilliant results, then, when they had eaten the first pile of nuts I put some on the door frame and sat huddled in a blanket for an hour and a half in the cold with the door open just to see how close I could get them.
As you can see by my slippered foot in the first pic they came pretty close and didn't seem to bothered by my clicking away.
You may think me mad, but in my quest for the perfect squirrel picture I couldn't stop once I'd started and before I knew it it was about 5.30pm!! I thought of loads of titles for when I get round to scrapping these, but who knows when that will be, as I'm out for the day with the monkeys tomorrow.

See you soon

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Days!

I survived the ten day stretch and have a whole 3 days off now!
What am I going to do?
Well, apart from some playtime with the monkeys, tomorrow I am going to have a mega lie-in and then scrap scrap scrap!
I'm hoping the postie will bring my new kit so that I can get my act together and make a start on the new circle journal that I have just signed up for on Scrapagogo. I have never done one before so am a bit nervous and don't want to let the other girls down. Although I have come up with my theme ......"If I was......?", ie, if I wasn't me I would be...........? but have got to design my cover and make the first pages for it. I have also got to get my act together and sign up for the Getaway next Oct. I have said I will go with my new chum Polly so don't want to miss out on a place!
This fab trip to Jersey seems such a long time ago now, it was only last month. This weekend won't be that exciting but I am sure we will have fun!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Energy whereabouts unknown?

Nine shifts down and one to go!

Have to say I am pretty knackered and I really really don't like our new shift pattern!!

Haven't even had a chance to get in the Zone properly, so that is also stressing me out as I have loads of ideas to scrap. Not that I can use my new Scrapagogo kit yet co's of course the postie hasn't even attempted to deliver it. Got a funny feeling I'm a magazine awry too!!

This week, when not at work I have to confess to doing nothing very exciting other than backing up the 12 thousand odd photos on my laptop! You are obviously aware of my keeness of photography, and I had a little problem when I uploaded the 'tap' set of pics in that I lost half of them. I realised my laptop memory was groaning under the weight of pics so have been a good girl and both backed them up and organised them onto USB dongle thingies. I had a slight crafty moment making fancy little tags for each dongle??!
Exciting huh?

As per the LO of BM when we went to Jersey for his birthday, (excuse the crappy photo) I'm kind of having a head scratchy moment in time in that I am soo busy I don't know if I'm coming or going or where to!!!
Roll on the weekend please!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hot and Cold!

That's how it goes in my line of work. 
All or nothing.
There is either too much to do or not much!

That's how it was today, after a slightly busy day yesterday, today was very quiet. 
Although it did make the effort of getting up at silly o clock even harder and sitting in the office blogging on my iphone is obviously very tiresome!
It did mean though that I was able to get home on time and I even managed to get in the zone and produce a LO!!

As for the odd tap photo yesterday, no I wasn't going mad, but they are very posh taps and Grannywen's friend had used them in her cottage refurb. 
 So what!  You may say? 
  Well it just so happens that along with my recent discovery that one of the chaps who was in G4 is also my 4th cousin, the people who make these posh taps are also relations of ours too. When we saw the taps I just had to photograph them - they did make us smile!

 How do I know all this - well Grannywen loves digging up relatives, alive and dead in her quest for genealogical supremacy. She has traced our family back a very very long way.  
 I, of course have no interest in any of this unless there are exciting discoveries such as opera singers and tap makers - shallow I know!
Am up early yet again tomorrow so off to bed soon.
Night night xxx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weekend recap (part two)

Oh my gosh!
I can't believe it's the weekend again already?
Where did the week go?

Well today was certainly very different from last week, today I was at work - boo, but luckily it was not too eventful or too long a day!

Last Sunday after my yummy full English I drove down to visit Grannywen. She was home with some chums she went to school with. Every year they have a reunion and all meet up. They are a great bunch of gels and have some great stories from their time at boarding school over 50 years ago. It's lovely that they still get together.

Well, we chatted and laughed and drank some wine and chatted and laughed some more. I moaned about work and regailed them with stories from the changeover (which is still not going too well) and we laughed, and they oohed and aaghed sometimes with shock and horror!

On Monday we went to visit another chum/old gel who lives in a beautiful cottage which she and her hubby have transformed - I love it - I so want to live there and scrap and ride horses and not have to work ever again!!! We toured round her not so small garden and I snapped away at the view and the autumnal colours and had a whale of a time. Then we went indoors and I snapped away at the gels laughing together, (these I won't post - it wouldn't be fair!!!). We had a yummy lunch and looked at old school photos and then I had to embark on the return trip to London!
How lovely and civilised and what a warm cosy thing to do on a weekend - laugh with those you love!
I really really need to get some scrapping done soon though, all the ideas in my head will fall out if I don't!
Maybe if tomorrow is like today and I am not at work too long........................................?

Oh - and if you are wondering about the tap?
I will explain tomorrow!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogging on the move!

Well almost?
 I have been to Birmingham today for a focus group meeting and had some time to kill waiting for my return train. I had a mooch around the shops  and played with my new Iphone and the tilt shift app that I had downloaded onto it. These seem to be all the rage at the moment for that toy town feel, even CJ spent a fortune on a fancy tilt shift lens, but I think my app cost me about 59p!!
I love it! And I love my new Iphone too which I am slowly getting to grips with. I even tried to blog on the train home, but only managed to upload this picture. The text had to wait until I got home co's I kept mucking it up! OOh the fun I can now have?

P.S - Just found out about this AMAZING blog candy - check it out - HERE!!!

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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Weekend recap! (part one)

This is where the weekend started after my lie-in and a bacon sarnie.
Saturday night was party night, celebrating Nat's birthday with some lovely friends in Windsor. We had the most scrummy Thai food then hit the town and the vodka in a big way.
I don't think I have laughed so much in ages - we all got on so well even though some of us had only just met, and it was fab fab fab!
We danced our little socks off, well high heels and Bridget Jones pants in my case as I was the oldest there by about 8 years!! I even managed to climb up on a podium and show the young things how to really dance! I don't think I was too embarrassing, but I am sure there are some pics that will come back to haunt me at some point?!!
We managed to stagger home in the wee hours (I stayed at Nat's) and in the morning the lovely Graham cooked us the most amazing full English! How lucky were we?
Then I set off to visit Grannywen, but that's a tale for another day!

Social butterfly!

Hey there!
I haven't forgotten you all, but have had a crazy mad fun weekend and now back at crazy mad not-so-fun work!
There are pictures to follow and I will update further when I get a minute to myself.
Catch you all soon.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Workaholic, me?

It's Friday again!
What a week, I have certainly put in some hours and have had my head stressed and crammed full of things to remember, but now I can forget it all for three days and relax!

It's still crazy busy and I didn't finish until about 4.00am yesterday morning which reminded me that I had made this LO about the corridor to my office and how it looks in the wee hours - spooky isn't it? I know some of the girls have to sprint down it to go to the loo co's they are big scaredy cats!!

Today was hectic again and although I didn't finish on time I was only an hour late and managed to get home the same day I went to work - just! Am now sat with a nice cup of tea while the electric blanket warms up the bed for me. BM is on night duty so will probably wake me up with his cold limbs at silly o clock in the morning but at least I can go back to sleep again.
Ooooooh a lovely lie-in for me I think?
Laters taters xxx