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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The one about the circus

So, how was your weekend?
I am pleased to have survived another two shifts of weary tales involving too much alcohol and some rather strange selective memories. It wasn't a quiet weekend but neither was it too griefy, as usual it was a bit of a circus!!!
Of course I would have much rather been doing something fun and scrappy, ideally still at the dining room table with Grannywen by my side, but hey ho - life doesn't go like that does it?
I did manage to make several LO's whilst I was there, but have not seen any daylight since my return so have not been able to photograph them for you yet - will share soon, promise.
Nothing much to report.
 Life is pretty dull at the moment, probably a good thing, but I long for some sunny skies and an adventure.
The twins are fine, the break in the country seems to have done them some good, although they are behaving like typical teenage boys at the moment - raucous and full of testosterone!! It's quite amusing but they are so damn quick there are no chances to grab a photo or two, so no scrapping ideas on that horizon! :(
Today's LO is just a random one from my walk on the Heath last summer. I adore those felt circle flower thingies that I got from Anna's Make and Create shop - I don't have the patience to make anything like that, am so glad she puts them in her kits!!
Right off to check out what you have all been up to over the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A little out of season?

 Hello all, hope you are well?
Just a quickie post today to let you know I am still here and haven't been sent any death threats for daring to share the last post with you all.....???
It seems that everyone survived the viewing too, which is good!

A bit out of season today, but then am feeling a bit poorly whilst down here playing with Grannywen. Am trying to rest and relax and scrap with her but have been feeling soooo run down. I managed to sleep for about 16 hours yesterday and was in bed for just after 8pm!! Must be all these long shifts catching up with me?
Anyway - this LO was one I made last time I was here. Seems a bit sad now but wanted to share it anyway, and still need to take some photos of the new LO's I have made!
Enjoy, and will catch up with you again when I am back home

Sunday, 20 February 2011

What have I done???? *** Health warning *****

This post is not for the squeamish or those easily frightened!!!

This LO is one I promised Sheena back in October of last year!
She made some lovely  comments about how I looked when we were at the Getaway and despite my protests refused to believe that I didnt wake up looking how I do!!
Bizarrely chums at work have also made the same sort of comments too, so much so that one comedian announced to the office that it was because I wear a wig, apparently there was no way I could cycle in to work every day and have my hair look so perfect every day!!
 Of course this lead to all sorts of wild suggestions about me keeping it (my wig) on the end of my bed and being completely bald etc etc, all of which were taken with the humour they were meant!

I feel the need to put the record straight, and am well aware that we are a long way off Halloween, so look away now if easily unnerved............................................

Scary huh????

This post is brought to you with laughs on the day after the one that I get yet another year older and scarier!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Time for a break!

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a good week?

As usual work ruled mine to an extent, although we did have a fantastic result with a trial at court  - guilty verdicts all round!  Hurrah!   Us -1   Bad guys - 0
And just for a change, my last shift yesterday finished several hours later than it should have, but hey, cycling home thru the city in the wee hours gives it a wholly different perspective!
I quite like it!
Anyway, back to the Zone, after a good scrappy session last weekend I haven't managed to get back in there this week, although that may change tomorrow. Am off out to the pub with the girls tonight and then am having a relaxing weekend before heading off to visit Grannywen next week for a few days.

I often have a little trip planned this time of year for a treat, but as I want to go back to the States later in the summer, I am holding out and holidaying nearer to home instead. With all the recent stuff I don't want to go off without the twins at the moment anyway - they are still not settled properly. Maybe a visit to the seaside will chill them out too?

Todays LO features little ol' me at my step brothers wedding last year.  It was a big deal for me, my first big event after the hideousness of the beginning of the year, and I was beginning to feel ok with myself. Of course looking as good as I was feeling was all about getting the right dress - luckily Monsoon came to rescue about a day before and off I went to the ball!! It was a fabulous day!
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

This time last week?

Thank you for all your lovely messages and hugs - it really does mean a lot to me to know there is someone out there who cares!!!

I can't believe that this time last week I was rushing home to whizz poor Harry up to the vet - it seems like a lifetime ago now and I am still not sure that the twins have got used to the idea that he isn't there any more.
 I know I miss his nosy little furry whiskers when I come in the door, and there seems to be a very minor battle occurring whilst they decide who is now top rat!!?
I wanted to share these today, the cards I made the other day (before all this sadness)  and which I know Lisa will have been waiting to see. They are nothing exciting - my cards never seem to be, not sure why I can't translate my scrapping ideas onto the smaller canvas, but it must also be why, despite my trying I can't get a good mini book going either????

Anyway, I came home to this lovely gift in the post today - its from my lovely friend Eva (who has many talents and is my new found angel, if you are allowed to be an angel when you are a vicar??).
 It brought another little tear to my eye as she has even captured Harry's little smile!

Bless her and bless Harry xx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The slightly melancholy one!

Two LO's for you today, and without wanting to appear sad and melancholy they are on the same theme - the loss of my two little boys.
It's taken me until now to scrap the photo of little Wills grave, I don't know why, he is happy and safe now and Wilf the gnome looks after him
but it has only been with the very sad loss of Harry this week that I realise what these two little chaps meant to me.
These guys are my family!
They are who I go home to at night after a weird, crazy day at work, and they never complain what time it is.
Don't get me wrong, I have family (parents, who I love very much), but they are not close by and not part of my household as it were. My family consists of small furry people who love me!

These two were such awesome characters with HUGE personalities. 
I miss them!
On a grey Sunday like today when photographing LO's is nigh on impossible, I miss the sunshine that their little nibbles and squeaks brought!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Night night Harry!

God bless sweetheart.
If you find Wills up in Heaven don't be mean to him!

Please excuse me while I say a heartbroken farewell to my little furry friend.
The twins and I are feeling a bit lost this evening

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Seven days, was all she wrote!

So, here we are again, another seven days have flown past without me visiting blogland.
Not sure why really, haven't done much apart from working - yes I know, same old lame excuse, but have just finished my run of ten on the trot, so was pretty tired and have been busy preparing for a trial next week. That and working a 19 hour shift on my last day meant all I did yesterday was sleep and loaf on the sofa!

Not today!

I am determined to get my mojo out of the box along with a few untouched Scrapagogo kits and create stuff! I also have a load of birthday cards to make this month, some imminent, so I need to get my mojo on sharpish!!

Looking out of the window it is fairly dull and gray again and decidedly windy, so no need to venture out - unlike today's LO - back in the summer and Harry had a ball playing in Grannywen's garden. I wonder what the twins will make of it this year???

Have a great weekend everybody!