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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas 2009!

Here's a little taste of my Christmas this year!

All looks very traditional and jolly doesn't it?

Well, maybe aside from the pic of Wills in his new slipper?

If I'm honest though I will be glad to get back to normal and put this all behind me.
Not that I haven't had a lovely stay with Grannywen and Papajohn, and they have given Harry, Wills and I some lovely gifts, but I have actually felt quite alone this Christmas and didn't quite drink enough wine to get through it all without a tear shed here and there,
on my own!!

Having survived a very soggy drive down on Weds night, Christmas Eve was spent in a flurry of activity trying to buy some cat litter!!!? The ratties festive retreat required some specialist litter so as not to upset their delicate little noses, but within 5 mins of them settling in to the comfy new slipper that Granny provided them with, they were asleep and couldn't have cared less!!
I was somewhat dismayed to find that even before lunch on Christmas Eve the local garden centre had removed Christmas in a wasteland of broken decs and spilled glitter. The whole festive display was being dismantled and packaged up for 'The Sale', which made it all seem really rather sad!
We hadn't even had Christmas yet???
Somehow though it just seemed to confirm the backdrop for my own lack of festive spirit this year.

Christmas day was the usual morning potter about, followed by lunch, the Queen and then pressies! I had a lovely new professional tripod having broken my smaller one earlier this year and some crafty stuff, and the boys had snuggle tunnels and treats galore!! We were very lucky! It was all very lovely, just my little family, (who I love dearly) but just a bit too quiet for me!

Boxing Day was rescued slightly by an evening visit to a work chum who was also in the area visiting with her family. Family fortunes games and frivolity ensued and it was a very merry evening, but again just highlighted my loneliness on the way back afterwards!

Today I have spent more precious craft tokens on the ratties - and have bought them a new mini sized cage which will be both a travelling carriage and a weekender! They don't realise how lucky they are and how much I have had to consider when purchasing just the right thing for them, but I couldn't put them through the torture of the travelling cardboard box again. Spoilt little ratties!!!

Am off back to the city tomorrow as am due back to work on Tuesday. As much as I don't relish the next ten days at work at least I will be too busy to feel anything other than really really tired!!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

The night before Christmas!

Just a very quick post to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sarah, Harry n Wills


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Have I been a good girl this year?

I must have, because my pressie was a trip here yesterday to see my favourite Big cats............in the snow!!!!!

It helped that they only live six miles down the road from my doggy chums family (who didn't know they were there). How cool is that????

So a little gang of us spent a very happy couple of hours in the sunshine and snow, clicking away and having the most fabulous time. It was quite amusing to see that the Tigers slip and slide on the ice just as much as we do, but they didn't seem too bothered by it.

So, two more sleeps and the big day is here! I feel full of cold and have to go and start/finish my shopping today otherwise no pressies for Grannywen and PapaJohn?? Then I have to clean the ratties, pack all their toys and set off down to Dorset! Am tired just thinking about it! Hopefully my journey won't be too bad, unlike the trip to Kent on Monday night which took about four hours!! As you can see from the pics though - well worth it!

Right better go, will squeeze in one more post before Christmas as have a special festive LO to share.

Monday, 21 December 2009

It's beginning to feel...................

Ok Ok, how could I not start to feel a bit festive having spent the weekend with this lot??

Firstly, Foxy in the garden on saturday. There wasn't any snow here but it was quite frosty and he looked quite chilly sat on his own in the middle of the lawn??

Then I travelled off to Kent for some snuggly animal fun. I went on the train in the end as the roads were still too bad and I didn't want to get stranded. After a fabulous snowy walk in the forest I found these creatures at the bottom of the garden - literally!
Real Christmas card pics aren't they - I was so pleased with them. I love the fat little robin.

Back home to the city and I was meant to travel off to visit some close family friends for lunch today. Sadly I have a really really sore throat and feel quite rubbish so have postponed the trip til the New Year as I didn't want to give my germs as a pressie. Am gonna stay in the warm til later this evening then its off again to Kent as I have a surprise tomorrow and I want to be well enough to enjoy it!!
Will let you know what it is tomorrow!

Saturday, 19 December 2009


After a 16 hour shift yesterday (which was on top of a hangover from our office do the previous night) I am now on my hols!!!
No more work til the 29th!!
NOT that I feel Christmassy yet in any shape or form even with all the lovely snow around!

In fact, if I'm honest the snow is annoying me somewhat. I have a lot of travelling to do over the next few days, in various different directions and all this weather is causing me concern that I will
a) not be able to get where I need to go
b) not be able to get back
c) be in the wrong place when I get snowed in (although none of the places I am going would be all that bad if I were to get stuck there, but need to be somewhere special for Christmas!!)

So, I guess I am still a bit bah humbug but in a very cheerful sort of way, but still
the weather means I have no signal on my tv!
Foxy is curled up asleep in the back garden but nowhere that I can get a good photo of him from the window!!
Harry and Wills have created utter carnage in their cage shredding up all their boxes and have bullied the igloo down onto the poop deck - I think I had better get them a new one, they are too big now to both fit into it anyway!

The little fella in my LO was a fave from my childhood, and reminds me very much of Wills. They both love to hide things away and Will's cleptomania is increasing daily - I never realised my handbag was such a treasure trove!!?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Oh my!
How chilly has it become now?
I'm even sure I saw a snowflake or two ??

I hope your week is going well?
I am enjoying reading about everyones decorations but sadly still am not feeling the festive love! Apart from a very pretty silvery and sparkly 'Joy' hung on the ratty place my decs are well and truly in their box, which is where they will stay this year!

The December kit arrived yesterday and it was like opening a surprise present unwrapping all its loveliness - mmm yummy stash, can't wait to get to use it - may even jump in the Zone this evening!!?

Here is a LO showing my doggy chums enjoying a very brisk (and soggy) walk at Camber Sands. Sadly no pics from the weekend just gone as there was too much damn rain. I did try to capture the deer at the bottom of the garden but they didn't want to play either and then it got too wet again. Will try again on Sunday as there is a lovely white stag just begging to grace a LO from the Dec GoGo kit!!
Wills and fat Harry are fine and have both sent their letter to Santa asking for some play tunnels and tubes. I've another ratty LO to share later this week!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Baa Humbug - Me?

As promised, finally a photo of some scrapping!

It's made using the November Scrapagogo kit which I only started to tuck into yesterday. Before I know it - hopefully on Monday, the Dec kit will have arrived and I already have a plan for at least one LO with it.

Not long to go to the big day, but we are not really having Christmas in Clapham this year.
I can't be bothered to get the decs out cos a) we wont be here after next Friday and b) the ratty palace occupies the space where my little tree would go!!
Not that I'm being all baa humbug, (promise) I just still don't feel at all Christmassy yet. I even popped into the permanent Christmas shop near the court where I have been all week, I even managed to buy some new decs, but they are more likely destined for scrapping pages than anything else?

I am ashamed to say that I haven't made any cards this year despite some super ideas picked up from Helen over at Fiddlefart. I just haven't had the time or inclination. It's gonna be a few late shop bought ones I think, but if I don't get organised soon I will have missed the post anyway??

Better go, was planning to go shopping in Canterbury today but am running far too late to go now. Am off to collect my doggy chum snuggles instead!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Too wriggly!!

Hello all, am alive and well and am pleased to say that I have finally made it back into the Zone!!!

Yep! I have finally scrapped something - well a couple of things actually, work and life finally allowed me some quality time to - ME!!!

This is not entirely true though I have to confess, I have had loads of ideas of what to scrap, but they have mainly been ideas that involve two small wriggly things that wont sit still long enough to have their pics taken!! Add to that the dark evenings and lack of light for photos and I have lots of stored ideas that will just have to wait for now. I have managed a couple of LO's using not so good pics taken on my Iphone and I have finally started and finished my entry for Nat's Scrapagogo CJ so all is not lost! And if I'm truthful I have had some me time - I have just spent it doing 'other' things!!

Will share the LO's soon, just need to photograph them in daylight!
Am off for some paw therapy again this weekend. Two large dogs, fresh air and a cold wet beach beckon.............bliss!!!

Saturday, 5 December 2009


I received this award a few weeks ago from the lovely Lisa at the Craft Garden. I thought it was about time I said thank you and completed the task of supplying you with five random facts about me!!?

1. My kitchen work top is currently bowing under the weight of all the empty bottles of Blossom Hill that I have consumed recently.

2. I confess to having been out on a couple of dates which I really enjoyed!

3. I am quite happy being Bridget Jones again, even down to the BIG knickers. She and I were very close for years and it feels quite comfy putting her back on again!

4. I have been out and treated myself to some new clothes and some sassy new underwear!

5. I really don't care if you don't like what you read on my blog ( this is only aimed at one reader!). It is my blog and you really don't have any business reading it any more anyway!!!

and one for luck.............Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing aka Harry and Wills are the funniest pair of furries ever and I am so thankful that they are here, they have really helped me smile the last few weeks!! Even if they are a pair of mint stealing cleptomaniacs!!

Another blog award soon and maybe even some scrapping to share???
toodle pip!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Not very festive!!

Here in the House of Cheeky Ratties, things are not at all festive!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas but just cant seem to get into the spirit of things this year. I haven't even thought about my cards let alone started making any!!?

I have very much enjoyed looking at everyones JYC pages and am very jealous that I haven't joined in, but there are only so many poses in tiny crimbo hats that Harry and Wills are prepared to endure!
(For that read - none!!! They rarely sit still for long enough!! Although if someone can send me some tiny hats I am prepared to try??)

The ratties are asleep at the moment and I am just watching foxy in the garden playing with my flower pots. I must remember to throw some more nuts out for the squiggles too - haven't done it for a while!

I still haven't scrapped anything and am running out of time to complete my Scrapagogo Cj - especially as it is my dreaded weekend working this weekend!! I have had to change my mobile number that I've had for about 15 years because of all the poop from BM and despite that lack of aggro I am still feeling quite low! I haven't started any Crimbo shopping, but at least don't have many people to buy for this year ? Oh hells bells - someone send me Gino Dacampo in a loin cloth to cheer me up??

Monday, 30 November 2009

Close encounters!

Hello all, excuse the very blurry pic but I was shaking with fear and the creatures were all moving too, but as you can see Wills was very brave and even managed to kiss Riley on the nose and survived to tell the tale!!

Have been so busy, no scrapping, no enthusiasm just loads of grief from the departed trying to sort out a few final details before we both move on. The numerous texts are beginning to really wear me down now and I have seen a side to them that makes me more sure than ever that I have made the right decision!

Having said that have just had a fabulous weekend with friends and dogs and fresh air and walks and Harry and Wills got to come too which was just fantastic! They are both doing well, and give me much love and joy! We have had some marvelous adventures as they explore the sofa and environs, and never fail to make me laugh. Wills has discovered my handbag on the chair behind and likes nothing more than to rummage in it for goodies - I have now discovered why as I found a packet of nibbled mints in the bottom of it!! Also after a particularly long play date I also discovered a few things that had been removed from it and hidden behind the sofa cushions for later!!!
There must surely be some great LO ideas in amongst there if only I could summon up the mojo??
P.s Thanks for all your lovely comments and awards that I have received recently. I will get round to adding them here and thanking you all.

Monday, 23 November 2009


Hey bloggers!

Please bear with me whilst I readjust to my new found freedom.

Work continues to be stressful, busy and frustrating but also very rewarding.
Unfortunately certain people in my life were not mature enough to support me in the line of my duty and we have parted company.

I have been very busy but not had a chance to scrap recently and have only made a few cards.

Normal service will resume shortly but I have enjoyed reading your blogs in the interim.
Hurrah for scrappers and crafty folk!!

see you soon

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Blown Away!

Except that luckily we haven't been!!

I was going to visit Grannywen this weekend but she predicted this foul weather earlier in the week via her crystal ball and advised me not to travel!!

I looked out this morning to see that the garden has a blanket of leaves again and any of the last remaining ones on the tree have now been blown right off iykwim!
It looks very bare and wintery all of a sudden!

Instead I have been a flurry of activity with the duster and ridden round the flat on my hoover (all very much needed and long put off). the downside to this is that I haven't yet made it into the Zone and that I will have to let Boris know that the Clapham bid to hold the Winter 2010 Dust Skiing Championships will now have to be pulled. I think I will wait until after his fireworks tonight so that I don't ruin his party!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Casseroles and potty training?

So, what have I done today?
Not much actually!

I didn't manage to go into work so have used up a precious days annual leave to mooch around in my pj's again for some much needed ME time!

My copy of the last ever SI magazine arrived this morning - hugely impressed that it didn't take three weeks, and has been devoured already.

I have a lamb casserole in the oven which smells divine and a bottle of Blossom Hill cooling in the fridge. The warm spice candle is burning and it is dark outside at 5pm!!

Ooh I do feel all snuggly and Wintery if a little sad at life and its strange old ways.

On a good note the furries have been loads of fun today and I am a proud mummy that can report that Wills managed to leave his raisins in the litter tray today! He was jumping from me to his cage and then running up my arm when he ran back in and pooped in the tray!! Now I'm not sure if it's the first time he's done this , but its certainly the first time I've seen it. I thought the only raisins in the litter tray were ones I'd put in to try to train them (theirs not mine I hasten to add!!!) He was rewarded with a small segment of chocolate button for which he was very grateful and gave me a lick and a squeak to say so!

Harry on the other hand has no intention of being trained quite so easily and although has managed a few clean playdates with mummy, generally I have to have the emergency raisin spoon and tub handy for his little gifts for me? He is however becoming much less timid and although doesn't enjoy the crazy box maze mummy has made for him for extra playtime he is beginning to love his mummy!
I must try to take some more pictures of them but it is so hard as I am generally the wrong side of the camera and they move too quickly!!

Off to enjoy my cosy feast and more snuggles.

Update : Having eaten the casserole it WAS divine!!! And, being here on my own it means there is enough for my tea tomorrow too! Yummy!

Monday, 9 November 2009

From under the duvet!

Am pleased to say that I survived my working weekend relatively unscathed - on the work front at least. Not going talk about the rest of the raisinfest that my world has become!!

I took today off to recover, and after consuming a bottle of wine last night I was in bed by 9pm and didn't wake up today until nearly 12 o'clock. Even for a complete bed mole like me that's a long old sleep. Have to say that when I did wake I did just want to hide under the duvet for the rest of the day!!!

No chance of that though!!!
I have got to pull my finger out and finish making my Gogo Circle journal otherwise it won't be ready to post.
I've also got a birthday card to make and I want to try to work out how to upload pics from the Mac onto my Iphone. Add to that a couple of hours of furry fun and it will almost be bedtime again!!

As I mentioned the other day I did manage a couple of Autumnal pics - this is one of my faves, but now I think I want to rename the LO - "On Golden Pond" rather than just 'Golden'. May have a look at it today to see how to add the extra words.
Hope your weeks have got off to a better start. See you soon!

Friday, 6 November 2009


Or in real life ............it's all going to ratshit!!!

Thought I was in for an easy if not long week this week, but boy was I wrong!!
I have worked so many hours overtime I can't work out which day it is anymore and I can't even rejoice in the weekend co's I'm working that too!!

Oh, and don't get me started about how long it took me to get home last night - about two hours!!!! And I only live about 7 miles from work!!!

I was cold and tired and hungry and burst into tears when the furries greeted me with so much enthusiasm they they fell over each other trying to climb out of the cage to come out to play! Must have meant something co's even Harry managed a cuddle for an hour and didn't poop on me once - that's a first for him!!

What with grief coming at me from every angle at the moment my furries are a source of unconditional love and comfort and don't care what time I get in from work. Bless them!

I love this LO although it doesn't show the colours very well here - the photo of it looked great but I think blogger does something funny to it and it all gets kinda dull? I managed a couple of autumny shots last weekend and have managed three LO's with them which I will share - but this is defo my fave! Not sure if they are toadstools or mushrooms but who cares they were all fun-guys?!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Late start to the week!

Well I made it into the Zone yesterday and managed four LOs I hasten to add - very pleased with myself indeed and have satisfied my creativity need for now!

I even managed to make a start on the the covers and my pages for my circle journal, although the idea I had in my head hasn't quite come out on paper iykwim??

Sadly it has all come to an end now as I have to brave the rain and head into work this afternoon, but I thoroughly enjoyed my long weekend.

Thought I'd share this as you've already see the photo of the pumpkin itself, of course it had to become a LO and I have an idea to scrap the last three years pumpkin pictures on one LO at some point? Will share some more LO's later in the week, but it is going to be a long one I fear.
see you soon

Monday, 2 November 2009


Well, if you count the ham butty I had in my pocket yesterday when I failed miserably to photograph stunning autumnal pics in Sheffield Park, then maybe.

Why is it that today the sun is out and glorious - just what I wanted yesterday!!?

No photos from me today, have done my chores (well apart from the housework) and am off into the Zone!

Will share later.
Have a good day!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Saints Day!

A little late posting these but was at the country nest yesterday and wasn't able to upload them. We went to some great local fireworks and did a quick trick or treat stroll afterwards, so these were a bit rushed otherwise I wouldn't have got any photos at all!

I spent the afternoon by myself today as the monkeys went of to watch some bangor racing, and so took myself out to Sheffield Park for some autumnal photography. Sadly when I got there it was closed but I did spend a few pleasant minutes chatting to some other photographers who had found some fabulous toadstools in the car park. I then went to Wakehurst Place and managed a few shots but the recent rough weather meant that most of the gorgeous golden leaves were on the floor and so came away disappointed.

My arrival at home was met with a frenzy of excitement from Harry and Wills who seemed very pleased that I had returned. A few minor tweaks to their cage and some raison scooping, a newly installed litter tray and a wheel and then they both fell asleep!

All in all a fairly quiet but pleasant weekend, but even better - I have got tomorrow off too so I can get some scrapping done - hurrah!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


How cute is this?
Little Wills curled up on my chest after a hard hours scrapping?
Bless him.

The boys continue to delight and amuse me, and they now have a new hammock to climb in - finally arrived yesterday! BM and I cleaned and revamped their cage and gave them some extra climbing shelves too. They seem to quite like it. Still think I ought to get them a wheel though but even though its a big cage am running out of room for toys!!!

Work continues to interfere with life, but although has been busy this week so far, hasn't been too stressful. That may change in the next couple of hours when I go in though? We seem to have finally sorted out the Christmas shifts and I am pretty sure that I have Christmas off and only have to work over New Year, fingers crossed?

Am happy to say that I have rediscovered one of my favourite blogs this morning. Lou accidentally deleted hers and now has a fab new look blog full of great scrapping LO's. Check it out here!


Monday, 26 October 2009


Mondays are rubbish and today was no exception, but how nice it is to come home to these little furries these days!

After Wills super snuggly sesh yesterday I managed to both capture it in a photos and also scrap it. Unfortunately today it was dark when I went to work and dark when I got home so couldn't photograph it. Will attempt to do so tomorrow and share - tis ever so sweet!!

Might even get in the Zone for an hour tonight, after creature time. Managed quite a bit yesterday but have still got covers and pages to make for my circle journal for the scrapagogo girls celebrate journal. Had a few ideas yesterday- just need to try to produce them.
Catch you soon.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Chill out Sunday!

Have had a lovely quiet Sunday today, played with the boys and scrapped a few LO's, sometimes at the same time!!

Wills helped his mommy by supervising from my shoulder and then falling asleep for an hour and a half on my chest! At that point I had to sit on the sofa so that he didn't fall off into my distress stickles and ink pads!!?
I'm glad he is relaxed enough with me to do that though, unlike little Harry who I think will take a lot longer to fully relax, (another 7 raisins and a wee he gifted to me today)!!!

Have still been feeding the squiggles in the garden, although have to admit they have not been my priority this week. Have managed to finally scrap some of the pics I took using my long awaited October kit and so will share them with you this week.

Am gobsmacked at the X Factor result this evening, but pleased that Danyl didn't go out. That really would have been a travesty! Why oh why are those hideous twins still there, they might be entertaining for about a second, but surely this is about those that can sing and have the X Factor or have I got it wrong?

Oh well, I can't believe it's Monday again already! At least its a short week for me as next weekend is my long one before my ten day stint.
Off to bed as I have to be up at silly o'clock.
Night night xxx

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Small creature love!

Hello from my world of furriness.

Had a relaxing day today, planned some scrapping but haven't made it into the Zone as yet and now there's the weekly Strictly V X Factor battle to watch??

I think I will go in the Zone tomorrow.

Been on a ratty plaything quest today, a toodle out in the car and popped into Puffin Crafts which was NOT very exciting!

Harry and Wills now have a lovely hanging ladder with lots of exciting (to ratty's) dangly things on it, and a carrot holder which Wills has fallen in love with!? He thanked me by snuggling on my shoulder for half an hour and didn't even poop on me - yeah! Am currently devising a raisin catching tray to hope to litter train them. Harry on the other hand snuggled in the crook of my arm for 45 mins snoozing and then left me 7 raisins before going back in the cage!! Humph!

Big Monkey has gone to a Halloween Party dressed as Elvis?? I was supposed to go too but to be honest I haven't got the energy, and could do with a nice quiet weekend. I will have to get him to dress up again as obviously this will be a photo that just HAS to be scrapped!! Next weekend will be busy with Halloween for real and small monkey will probably keep us on our toes throughout!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Warning - furry footed creatures!!

Introducing Harry and Wills.

I can't believe it's Friday already?

With a week that has just announced the demise of the UK's favourite scrapping magazine I defer to my last post - Fate is a funny old thing!

Harry and Wills (MKII - actually)
Just by chance last week we decided to go into the pet shop and saw two of the most gorgeous golden baby rats ever. They were so tame and loving, no-one had wanted them for 4 months and due to my constant craving for furry creatures I agreed to rehome them.
To cut a long sad story short - when we went back to collect them the bloomin' shop had forgotten and sold them to someone else! I mean really? No-one for 4 months and as soon as I fall in love with them someone else pops up!!!
So not impressed!!
Gutted? Me? I cried my eyes out!

It wasn't long then before the forlorn empty cage had to be refilled and off I went on a rat hunt with BM to find some new chums.

Enter Harry and Wills ( Harry is the slightly gingery albino one).

They are not tame - yet, but are getting used to me very quickly co's of course as soon as I get in from work I have to play with them. And of course they are hard to take pics of co's they don't sit still for long and I find I am currently the wrong side of the camera!?
It does also interfere with my scrapping somewhat, but Wills is beginning to like lurking on my neck so hopefully I will be able to go in the zone with him on my shoulder soon. Harry is much more timid but very snuggly when he does eventually decide to come and play!!

I have managed a couple of LO's this week, my Scrapagogo kit did eventually turn up, but not been home in daylight to photograph them yet!!
Will share tomorrow.
I hate that work gets in the way of my fun life???

Monday, 19 October 2009


Fate is a funny thing.
One decision here, a change of mind there and a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you!

A simple decision made yesterday has had a series of knock on effects and the house of monkey is about to change.

We are expecting!

I am quick to add that this is not in the patter of tiny feet styly of expecting, although in some ways it is.
There is no way I would spawn a mini-me into this world, (although she would obviously be far less cynical and sarcastic that the current version), but the house of monkey already has one set of mini- me's, and that is enough for anyone to deal with!!
No, this will involve small feet but of the furry kind and there will be eight of them!!!!
What strange mythical eight-footed creature could this be? you are asking.
Wait and see!

On another note, I can't believe it is Monday already, have done so much this weekend and achieved so little. And at the time of writing - still no Scrapagogo kit!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Dolittle distracted!

I didn't get much done today.
Even though I didn't lie-in too late, after I had done my chores and blog hopped and waited for the postman who never came I got distracted again by these little fellas.

I started photographing them through the window with less than brilliant results, then, when they had eaten the first pile of nuts I put some on the door frame and sat huddled in a blanket for an hour and a half in the cold with the door open just to see how close I could get them.
As you can see by my slippered foot in the first pic they came pretty close and didn't seem to bothered by my clicking away.
You may think me mad, but in my quest for the perfect squirrel picture I couldn't stop once I'd started and before I knew it it was about 5.30pm!! I thought of loads of titles for when I get round to scrapping these, but who knows when that will be, as I'm out for the day with the monkeys tomorrow.

See you soon

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Days!

I survived the ten day stretch and have a whole 3 days off now!
What am I going to do?
Well, apart from some playtime with the monkeys, tomorrow I am going to have a mega lie-in and then scrap scrap scrap!
I'm hoping the postie will bring my new kit so that I can get my act together and make a start on the new circle journal that I have just signed up for on Scrapagogo. I have never done one before so am a bit nervous and don't want to let the other girls down. Although I have come up with my theme ......"If I was......?", ie, if I wasn't me I would be...........? but have got to design my cover and make the first pages for it. I have also got to get my act together and sign up for the Getaway next Oct. I have said I will go with my new chum Polly so don't want to miss out on a place!
This fab trip to Jersey seems such a long time ago now, it was only last month. This weekend won't be that exciting but I am sure we will have fun!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Energy whereabouts unknown?

Nine shifts down and one to go!

Have to say I am pretty knackered and I really really don't like our new shift pattern!!

Haven't even had a chance to get in the Zone properly, so that is also stressing me out as I have loads of ideas to scrap. Not that I can use my new Scrapagogo kit yet co's of course the postie hasn't even attempted to deliver it. Got a funny feeling I'm a magazine awry too!!

This week, when not at work I have to confess to doing nothing very exciting other than backing up the 12 thousand odd photos on my laptop! You are obviously aware of my keeness of photography, and I had a little problem when I uploaded the 'tap' set of pics in that I lost half of them. I realised my laptop memory was groaning under the weight of pics so have been a good girl and both backed them up and organised them onto USB dongle thingies. I had a slight crafty moment making fancy little tags for each dongle??!
Exciting huh?

As per the LO of BM when we went to Jersey for his birthday, (excuse the crappy photo) I'm kind of having a head scratchy moment in time in that I am soo busy I don't know if I'm coming or going or where to!!!
Roll on the weekend please!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hot and Cold!

That's how it goes in my line of work. 
All or nothing.
There is either too much to do or not much!

That's how it was today, after a slightly busy day yesterday, today was very quiet. 
Although it did make the effort of getting up at silly o clock even harder and sitting in the office blogging on my iphone is obviously very tiresome!
It did mean though that I was able to get home on time and I even managed to get in the zone and produce a LO!!

As for the odd tap photo yesterday, no I wasn't going mad, but they are very posh taps and Grannywen's friend had used them in her cottage refurb. 
 So what!  You may say? 
  Well it just so happens that along with my recent discovery that one of the chaps who was in G4 is also my 4th cousin, the people who make these posh taps are also relations of ours too. When we saw the taps I just had to photograph them - they did make us smile!

 How do I know all this - well Grannywen loves digging up relatives, alive and dead in her quest for genealogical supremacy. She has traced our family back a very very long way.  
 I, of course have no interest in any of this unless there are exciting discoveries such as opera singers and tap makers - shallow I know!
Am up early yet again tomorrow so off to bed soon.
Night night xxx

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Weekend recap (part two)

Oh my gosh!
I can't believe it's the weekend again already?
Where did the week go?

Well today was certainly very different from last week, today I was at work - boo, but luckily it was not too eventful or too long a day!

Last Sunday after my yummy full English I drove down to visit Grannywen. She was home with some chums she went to school with. Every year they have a reunion and all meet up. They are a great bunch of gels and have some great stories from their time at boarding school over 50 years ago. It's lovely that they still get together.

Well, we chatted and laughed and drank some wine and chatted and laughed some more. I moaned about work and regailed them with stories from the changeover (which is still not going too well) and we laughed, and they oohed and aaghed sometimes with shock and horror!

On Monday we went to visit another chum/old gel who lives in a beautiful cottage which she and her hubby have transformed - I love it - I so want to live there and scrap and ride horses and not have to work ever again!!! We toured round her not so small garden and I snapped away at the view and the autumnal colours and had a whale of a time. Then we went indoors and I snapped away at the gels laughing together, (these I won't post - it wouldn't be fair!!!). We had a yummy lunch and looked at old school photos and then I had to embark on the return trip to London!
How lovely and civilised and what a warm cosy thing to do on a weekend - laugh with those you love!
I really really need to get some scrapping done soon though, all the ideas in my head will fall out if I don't!
Maybe if tomorrow is like today and I am not at work too long........................................?

Oh - and if you are wondering about the tap?
I will explain tomorrow!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Blogging on the move!

Well almost?
 I have been to Birmingham today for a focus group meeting and had some time to kill waiting for my return train. I had a mooch around the shops  and played with my new Iphone and the tilt shift app that I had downloaded onto it. These seem to be all the rage at the moment for that toy town feel, even CJ spent a fortune on a fancy tilt shift lens, but I think my app cost me about 59p!!
I love it! And I love my new Iphone too which I am slowly getting to grips with. I even tried to blog on the train home, but only managed to upload this picture. The text had to wait until I got home co's I kept mucking it up! OOh the fun I can now have?

P.S - Just found out about this AMAZING blog candy - check it out - HERE!!!

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