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Sunday, 26 July 2009

One thousand and six?

I don't know what to say?
I am thrilled to see that I have had over a thousand of you lovely crafting ladies pop by my little zone to see my layouts and read about my crazy hectic life.

Thank you so much! 

I wish I knew who the 1000th person was as I would send a little something to you - you wouldn't believe how thrilled I am by this.

I love creating (when I get the chance) and this little ole blog is really theraputic for me after days listening to everyone else's woes. I love meeting you all online and sharing our ups and downs. Your photos, cards and LO's inspire me and I feel very lucky to be part of such a fabulous community. BM laughs when I go to new places and sniff out new shops to rummage through, he thinks I can smell 12 x 12 paper from 200 paces, but the people I get to meet here are all so lovely and we share a common love of craftyness.
Thank you everyone.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cream teas and cuddly things!

Well it's been a crazy week back at work and I have a cheeky day off today with every intention to do some scrapping, but dull life got in the way, like laundry and shopping and errands that had to be run - boo!

I have however managed to upload and sort out all the   holiday pics which is a start I guess. As usual for me there are quite a few, and some I am very pleased with.

Excuse the long post but here are some of my faves, and unsurprisingly most of them are of animals!! Who knew what wonderful creatures could be found in Devon? I'm sure some might be related to BM too??  

We had a great time though, at Paignton Zoo, Prickly Balls Hedgehog Hospital  where all these small creatures were begging to be cuddled, and along the coast where we ate cream teas and fish n chips, watched the boats and surfers and drove inland to Dartmoor to spy on the ponies. 

You may be aware how much I love tigers, well there were four little cubs at the zoo which I spent ages watching. They were about six months old and a delight to see and they were very boisterous playing with each other. Sadly two days later we saw in the local paper that one of them had died after he had broken both his shoulders in a rough and tumble game and another was very poorly. I was devastated, but so glad that I got to see them when we did. You can be assured that they will get a great tribute in a LO all to themselves.

Finally a little LO I made before we went away - another daft saying between BM and I. How much I love him! Longtime. Thank you. Please.

Am off now - have a lot of scrapping to catch up on as I have some ideas for these pictures!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Who's the cutest little baby boy then???

Just had to share these with you, his mummy said I could. 
Isn't he the most cute little lovebug ever?

Sunday, 19 July 2009

We're back!

Well we survived the rainy weather whilst camping last week, it was disappointing to say the least but BM and I still had a great time.

Haven't had a chance to sort out my photos yet so watch this space.

We ended the week with the christening of the most lovely cuddly cutest little boy ever - here is the card I made for him and his Mum and Dad. It was a lovely day, but we didn't get home til late last night and I am so tired - need another holiday!!! (Only have to wait a week luckily and then we are off again!!)

I am feeling the urge to scrap but need to go and check out everyone's blogs to see what you have all been up to whilst I've been away.

Catch up soon

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The last post.....

til we go on holiday................tomorrow morning! (Hence the mega LO post!)

We are off to Devon tomorrow, camping for the week, and to say I am a bit worried about the weather is an understatement!!

I have been waiting for this for weeks but isn't it typical that the lovely heatwave has ended and now we are enjoying the typical British summer weather of ....rain!
Don't get me wrong, the holiday will still be enjoyable, but will also be reminiscent of childhood holidays with Grannywen and PJ, when we went caravanning - in the rain! (Oh yeh, and in Devon too!!)

I have spent today washing, ironing, cleaning the bathroom and now at nearly bedtime I have realised that all the jobs I had to catch up on included lots of LO's that have been hanging around for ages, not started or unfinished and somehow the lure of The Zone was greater than the chores to be done so I still have lots to do before the land of nod can be visited!

Anyway, enjoy them - and my continued fetish for shaped papers.  There are still more to share but they will have to wait until we get back!
See you in a week!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Fluffy Friday!

Here's a couple of LO's that I have made this week, as you can see I was feeling all cute and fluffy when I made them, and I am still so in love with shaped paper. Can't get enough of it!!!

Another appearance from SM who I haven't scrapped in ages, and a page about the pet names that BM and I have for each other. Can you tell who is who? How soppy are we?

I have finished work now, having survived night duties, and am now looking forward to our camping trip. I was meant to go in this evening but my job was cancelled so I thought I would take an extra days holiday and have a little me time. Who knows, might even get some cheeky scrapping done? Have some chores to do to though before we go, you know the usual washing and cleaning, but have all weekend to do them so they may just go on hold for a while longer.
Catch you later

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well here's the LO I made about the Blur gig in Hyde Park. I saw these papers and they looked suitably music gig/rock band/grungy/festivally flavoured, which reflected the range of different people at the gig perfectly!

It was a great day and BM loved it!

We are watching the Michael Jackson funeral on Sky news at the moment, a typical media circus, which is I guess what MJ would have loved?  It's all quite bizarre and in some ways it still hasn't sunk in that he is no longer with us. His music was fantastic whatever problems he had in his personal life. He is one of those top 5 people for me that I would love to go for dinner with, just to ask him  - WHY? 
 I hope he is at peace now. 
God bless you Michael.

Monday, 6 July 2009

This time next week......

Ooh, just this one week of night shifts to go and then next Monday BM and I are off on our first holiday for this year. Not that we are flash and have two, but we are off camping for a week on our own in Devon and then a couple of weeks after that we are off camping with small monkey in tow, going down to Dorset.

I can't wait!
I just hope that all this lovely weather we have been having can last just a bit longer for us.

I made this LO as a tribute to my little car. It really makes me sad that this may be the last year I get to play in it, as it is getting very old now and like most of us the bodywork is not holding up to keep its good looks!!! And no, you are not seeing double, I did own two at the same time very briefly!! I would love to take it on holiday with us, and make the most of having the roof off, but along with roof boxes and tents and other camping 'stuff' it's just not practical. Also two lots of petrol is so unnecessary in this financial climate.

Anyhoo, have a few hours to play before work so am heading into the zone now, come and join me tomorrow if you like?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

It all ends in a Blur!

This is where we were yesterday afternoon much to BM's delight!!
It was a lovely hot day in Hyde Park and the music was fab, although Damon was better than BM obviously, it was a beautiful duet they sang for 2 hours!!?

Not much else to report this week, will obviously be making a LO about the above but we have lots to do to get ready for our next camping trip which is on the 13th. Next week we are on night duty so no time to prepare. Luckily the camping shop is near to The Craft Barn so I may have to sneak in quickly for some pop concert style paper?? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! (BM is currently disputing the words "may" and "quickly" in that last sentence!!)
Hopefully will have some stuff to share with you soon.
Have a great weekend 

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Midweek waffles.

What lovely weather we are having, great if you get to go out and play in it, but I have been at work all week and have just caught the lovely evening sunshine after sweltering in my office!

Big Monkey and I did go out for dinner at an al fresco eatery which was very pleasant the other evening and yesterday I had a very taxing office lunch to celebrate a colleague leaving which involved several jugs of Pimms, so don't send me too much sympathy, I haven't really suffered!?

Haven't done any scrapping, co's BM and I have been too busy in the evenings with the dance game on the new wii - it is fab fun and we are quite competetive with each other. It's about the only game that I actually get to win on, bless him his moves are not up to the wii timings!!! Here then is a LO from ages ago that I like but am not convinced the title is right, wasn't sure what to call it and didn't want anything too corny! Hope you are enjoying the weather