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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Adventure part 2

Where can I be going??

Ooooh - Posted from my iPhone!!!

Adventure starts here!!

Well I've done it!!

I'm here at the airport, it's very early in the morning and I am very excited, I can hardly eat my big fat brekkie while I watch the planes!!!


Ooooh posted from my iPhone!!!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Long weekend!

Mine starts here!
Well actually it started yesterday evening to be precise.
No more work til next Tuesday............Yippee!!

I am feeling pretty virtuous today, having kept up my cycling, yesterday to work, then to boxercise class and then home again (my thighs aren't talking to me today??), and then eating a really healthy tea and only drinking one, yes one glass of wine (wasn't so long ago I would polish off a bottle in one gulp??), today I have done my chores and tidied up. The ratty palace has been scrubbed and all tents and bedding replaced, the washing is billowing on the line and I am sat listening to the birds with the patio doors flung wide open..............bliss!

But..........I have itchy feet!
No, not some strange shower cubicle contracted infection, but the real nagging urge to DO something!
I need an adventure!
Everyone at work has been or is going somewhere at the moment. Everyone except me, and with a long weekend available and typical blighty bank holiday weather looming I really feel I want to explore somewhere new and photograph it, not least so I don't spend the rest of my days scrapping ratty pictures!!!
So, unless one of you lovely people wants a photography/scrapping partner lodging in your lounge for the weekend, I am off to check out lastminute.com!!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

..............and relax!

I can't believe that this was only a few weeks ago, but having just worked at least 40 out of the last 48 hours it feels like a lifetime ago and it was certainly the only time recently that I have done any spring cleaning!!

As previously documented (oh dear, I have spent too many hours at work!!?) I thoroughly enjoyed the GoGo Springclean event and wanted to make a page filled with colour and fun to represent the great time I had! I used bits and pieces left over from the days classes as well as some of the stash I bought from the shop. I even used a couple of little birds from our afternoon tea/cake napkins - I don't care that the girls laughed at me for saving it!??

Having done nothing remotely interesting recently, (nothing I can share here anyway), I will have to leave you with this for now, hope you've all had a fab weekend - I am off to catch up on your blogs, grab a decent meal and then will probably fall asleep on the sofa!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Forest GRump!!

No running today!
Or yesterday for that matter, and now I am grumpy!

Yesterday I got home too late, and today I am sooo tired its not funny.

I got up late after lying in bed for an extra hour thinking of reasons why I shouldn't go in to work and then was late for work and have felt awful all day.
Yet again I feel like I have the beginnings of a cold brewing, I have felt like this on and off for months. I take medicine, it goes away, I feel better for a few days, then it starts all over again!
It's getting boring now, and I don't want to be ill co's its my weekend to work this week so don't have time to be ill at the moment!? I don't want to be ill at all but have taken an extra day off next week and might just let it happen to get it over and done with?
I have still been cycling everyday but I was very slow today coming home and am not doing the training schedule that I planned :(

Yet another ratty LO to share. This one has been in my head for ages, based on the Mastercard add, it didn't quite come out like I planned but the idea was there and I am pleased with the pics of the boys - non blurry for a change!

Hope you are enjoying this fab spring weather.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Awards and some trivia!

A little while ago I was given the Ms Brightside award by Anna (thank you Anna).

It meant I had to share ten things that made me happy, and five bits of trivia about myself.

I thought long and hard about this and so, in no particular order are the ten things that make me happy.................. (excuse the fact that the photos aren't in the same order as the list, blogger lost some during uploading and I had to reload them!!)

1. Camping. Just being outdoors is such an adventure! All that fresh air.

2. Photography (and scrapping) I love that mine has improved since I started scrapping, as has my scrapping style.

3. Travel. Anywhere, everywhere, even different places in the UK - it always gives me a buzz to go somewhere new.

4. My lovely Ralph. No longer with us but I still think of him all the time. He was my best friend!

5. Fish n chips - but only when by the sea. That's when they taste the best!

6. My job. It frustrates me no end most of the time but I wouldn't do anything else!

7. My little car. It's so much fun!

8. London. Its a great city to live in for trillions of reasons.

9. Big cats. Any big cats but especially Tigers!

10. Harry n Wills. They are my little superheros and bring me such joy!

Five random facts????

1. I have a strange passion for boxes, especially decorative boxes, but any boxes really. I really love those little ones that look like old fashioned travel cases, or treasure chests. My flat would be full of them if I had the room!!!

2. I ran around Ireland in 2005 - for their Special Olympics World Games. We ran through 42 towns in five days and it was just the most amazing experience and one I will never forget. I am hoping to go one better than this soon though but watch this space....?

3. I long to own a quaint little cottage with sunny conservatory for scrapping in and share it with my dogs and cats. (Think quaint cottage like in the film ' The Holiday')

4. I don't like prawns and won't eat them, except in a prawn cocktail!!

5. I once arrested Batman!!
(well he was actually a father for justice in costume but that doesn't sound so funny!!)

Hope I haven't bored you, hope you had a great weekend, I am finally going in the Zone today as I am not back to work til tomorrow - yippee!

I'm not going to pass this on specifically to anyone but if you are a follower or someone I follow - you are all fab and deserve it so please help yourself and play along.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sporty Saturday!

I went into work today!

Yes - on my day off!!

No, I didn't actually go in to work, I went to use the gym and be put through my paces by a chum who is helping me get fitter. I am applying for a role which involves passing a high level on the running bleep test - shuttle runs where you run back and forth in progressively shorter times. I did ok but need to work on my breathing a little bit!

I cycled home, did a bit of flat cleaning, and was thrilled to find that my Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas book had FINALLY arrived, so I sat in the garden and read it cover to cover! That along with my latest yummy kit that Grannywen forwarded on to me and I will be off to the Zone shortly, full of ideas?

Will leave you with this LO that I made whilst at Grannywens at Easter. It is all about the lost hours and coins we spent when playing SuperPoke Pets - our new addiction! I wanted it to be bright and funky and used up some leftovers from my Scrapagogo kit and a few other embellies.

Enjoy the sunshine

Friday, 16 April 2010

Friday Feeling!

Is it really Friday already??

Oh thank heavens for that!!

I can't believe I haven't been here since last Sunday, but then I have had a pretty full on week at work and not really been home much other than to grab some sleep and then go back to work again!!

I am looking forward to this weekend immensely. I know I spoiled myself with some ME time last weekend but this is different ME time. This is chill out at home, no make up, slob about with ratties and scrap as and when I feel like it - and I feel like it a lot! This is tidy the flat a bit, scrap and sleep and a glass of wine chilled free ME time!!


I will venture out as I have a meal and drinks planned with my girlfriend and her hubby, a sport lesson and some food shopping to do, but other than that I will be the scruff in PJ's, possibly sat in the garden too?

I hope the weather's as lovely as last weekend?

This LO is my entry into the True Friend Challenge 68 this month. See the other fab entries here. Harry will do anything for food - ANY food, but he's still not great at posing for the camera for me!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Listen very carefully.........

......I will say this only once!!!

Spring cleaning can be fun!!!
(But only when enjoyed in the company of the fabulous Gogo girls)

Yesterday was the Spring Clean day event and as well as cards and a card organiser we made these cute little LO's.
I played with some new techniques and scrapped in styles not usually mine, but the day was extremely enjoyable and the other ladies whom I met and chatted with were enormous fun!
I would recommend anyone to go go!

It was really enjoyable to just sit and chat and scrap - not something I normally do as I am singing along to music on my own generally, but it was also nice to not have to spend ages shuffling through my stash trying to find matching embellies etc. Everything was right there and I could sit and get on with it almost without thinking!
Today was back to my normal shuffling through stuff as I have made another couple of pages to share later!

Sadly my journey home was not as pleasant as the rest of my trip. Two serious car crashes meant road closures in London and a HUGE detour and extra hour and a half added to my journey! I was not a happy bunny as I was tired and hungry and just wanted to get home to snuggle the ratties!

When I did eventually arrive I was greeted with lots of snuffling and squeaks and hugs ratty-styley (they only have short arms and really cold feet), but they were lovely and the boys didn't seem to mind being left alone for a night. I treated them to toast corners and some grapes and we snuggled for an hour or so before bedtime!

I have been good and not gone to Ally Pally today - I spent a fair amount in the Gogo shop yesterday. But as I have had a mini adventure and made some new chums I feel I have made good use of my weekend for once! I can always go to the next one?
Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely sun?

Friday, 9 April 2010

Little jaunt!

Oh I feel like I'm on holiday!!

Have just enjoyed a fabulous swim, sauna and jacuzzi at the hotel and had a lovely dinner by the marina earlier!

Who knew Ipswich would be so full of joy and relaxation ? Shame about the cow poo smell that descended everywhere at about 5pm!!
Sat in the bar with a large Tempranillo and then off to my suite for a bit of tv before bed!
Happy scrapper

Posted from my iPhone!!!

Spring Clean!

Today I am very excited!

I am going to my first Gogo event tomorrow - the Spring Clean day!

I am driving up to a lovely hotel nearby this afternoon and will mooch about like a tourist, have a swim in the lovely pool, enjoy dinner and a glass of wine or two and then tomorrow I get to scrap all day with some like minded ladies and hopefully make some new friends. there might even be some online ones there already?

In the meantime I am being extra generous and sharing two, yes two, of my LO's from Easter weekends mini scrap with Grannywen. Not surprisingly they feature the boys as I didn't actually take any Eastery type photos and I didn't have an egg!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my little musing - I really do love it! Can anyone help me turn it into a header for my blog now please???

See you after my mojo spring clean - better go and sort out which pics I'm taking to use!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Little Muggings

I just wanted to share my little musings mug with you before I forgot!!

- Posted from my iPhone!!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Outside the box!

Hey Blogland, apologies for not having stopped by for a while, been too busy relaxing by the seaside for a long Easter weekend.

How was yours? Good I hope?

The boys and I had a fabby time down at Grannywens.
She and I spent two days playing on an internet game??? (We have become somewhat addicted and it isn't Farmville before you ask.) We went shopping for some new clobber, bought a new holiday cottage for the ratties and spent two days scrapping!
As my little fun car was packed to the hilt with the ratties and ALL their luggage, photography equipment - which I didn't end up using, and me - there wasn't much room for my scrapping stuff so I limited myself to taking all my Gogo kits which are neatly stored in poly bags and a few Bella Boulevard sticker sheets.
It's amazing how creative you become when your stash is limited!!!
"But you've got all the stuff you need right in front of you," wailed Grannywen after finishing one LO to my six!!!
We are in your house Grannywen - with all your cupboards of stash tucked away upstairs - with so much stuff you've forgotten what you've got!! I've just brought a handful of stuff to keep me going but still managed ideas - you just have to think outside of the box!!

As you can see I've gone and had a 'little musing' made for me and the boys - I love it!! I've even had it printed onto a mug and now use it at work! You can check out the fabby SJ here!

The boys are fine. Harry developed a strange squeak whilst we were away?
Very odd!
They were ok travelling down, but upon arrival, everytime I picked him up, or Wills groomed him or he walked anywhere - he squeaked!? He was like a funny squeaky toy and I really thought he'd got a hurty somewhere from fighting with Wills or something. I tried to examine him - but he squeaked! I was all set to visit the vet again on our return but having let the boys rampage on the sofa while I unpacked the car (it's the same for all mummies I know!!) I thought I would have another look.
I picked him up. Squeezed him. Ruffled his sides. Flipped him over and goggled his tummy and nether regions - not a word!!
Not a pip let alone a squeak! It seems to mysteriously disappeared and seemed only to have been put on for effect whilst we were away?? Harry the drama queen?
Wills of course was impeccably behaved and super cute as always - providing many super sweet photo ops - none of which I managed to capture!
We are back at home and back to work now - boo, but lots of lovely LO's to share with you and even a little card.
Laters xxx