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Monday, 20 December 2010

Seven days and a Christmas miracle!

Hello all!
Yes I know it is a lot longer than seven days since I last posted, but things have been so busy and to be honest my feet haven't touched the ground since my last post! I never got to share my exciting news before it happened so sit down with a cuppa and prepare yourself for a long overdue catch-up!

To start with, last Saturday I went here..............

Lille on a weekend Christmas Market tour.

I have to say it was good fun despite the early start, although I can honestly say I have never seen so many people all in one place - not even on Oxford Street!!!

Lille wasn't really my favourite place, too many shops and not enough character for my liking. I didn't really go for the shopping but more to take some cute Christmas photos,
 but sadly I was a bit disappointed here, although the market square had some festive characters in it

The next day, Sunday, I went here...............
cute and chocolate boxy.............

Not somewhere I had ever really thought about going as everyone told me that it was so small you can see it all in a day, but a cute market had to make it ok huh?

Oh my word - I LOVED it!!

 I would happily spend a whole winter weekend here it was so cute and festive and will try to do so next year I think ?
It would be so romantic!
I especially enjoyed the mostly festive music that was played through speakers around the streets, but when Chas n Dave's Rabbit played I actually laughed out loud!!!
The market was cute, the shops divine, and all the quaint streets and buildings were just my style.
 I enjoyed the gluwein and a Belgian waffle (or two) whilst watching the ice skaters

 and felt overwhelmed with Christmas spirit.

Shame we only had a few hours there  :(

No sooner had I arrived home on Sunday night then it was a change of suitcase, a few hours sleep and then I set off for Heathrow the following morning.

My BIG exciting news was a week in the USA, courtesy of work (don't ask me how that miracle happened but it did!!)

We stayed in New Jersey - and this is the view from my hotel room, but of course had a trip up to Manhattan to see the sights.
It was cold, really cold, not like here but a pure raw cold that I have never experienced before.
If I wasn't feeling festive before then I certainly was by the time we saw the HUGE tree at Rockefeller Plaza.
We got to meet some famous faces and it was nice to actually be in some photos for a change!
We climbed the Rock which was so very very high, even thought the elevator took moments to ascend!

And the views from the top over Central Park were amazing
The cops we liaised with were super friendly (and v. cute)!

 I have never been met with such hospitality and goodwill and it was awesome! The week went far to quickly so I cried when I left, and then the fun started.

The journey home was a nightmare and took about 36 hours, but compared to some we were lucky to have actually got here as some poor people are still asleep at the airport!
I won't bore you with all the details but it went something like: 4 hour flight delay, plane diverted to Manchester, not allowed off said plane for 5 hours, 3 hour wait for a train to London, 3 hour train ride to London, scary slippy car ride home!

Whew - I'm exhausted, how about you?
Each of these trips is worthy of its own post, but with the Big day less than 5 away it would take me too long to catch up - I also now have far too many pictures to scrap and no time to scrap them!!

I bought some cute decs at the Christmas markets and some great stash in the US, but will share those when I get a chance to photograph them. In the meantime it's back to the day job tomorrow..........boo!


Lynda said...

Sarah I am so sorry I have missed a few of your posts and am so glad you were top of the list on my dashboard just now! What a fabulous time you've been having and a free trip to the U.S. too how wonderful. Loved reading all about it. Love the layouts you've made (below)- the flowers are so pretty on the tranquility one. Hope you have a lovely Christmas - best say it now just in case I don't get chance again before the big day. Love and snuggles to the furry boys too.

Love Lynda xxx

debby4000 said...

WOW you've been super busy in a good way.
Love all the photos, I wish you had more time to scrap them too.
Merry Christmas.

lisa said...

What a lovely time you've been having, Sarah. I am incredibly envious. Bruges looks gorgeous and a place I'd love to visit. My Mum and Dad used to go for the weekend every December and they just loved it too.
Your photos capture it brilliantly.
And what a jetsetter you are, the USA hey!!!! Looks fab.
Glad to have you home safe and sound.
If I'm not about again before the big day, Have a great Christmas and a very Happy 2011.
Hugs Lisax

Rachel said...

wow you sure have been a busy lady, so many adventures, your photos are awesome x