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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bad blogger!

Thats me!!!
Haven't been around for ages since my trip and have been so busy busy with both work and play but just haven't had time to stop and photograph and blog anything along the way!
I know, I know, shocking and not like me at all!!

To make amends I will share two more of my art journal pages. 
I haven't even had a chance to make any more of these either for a while and I am beginning to feel like I left my mojo in the USA!!??? 
There was certainly lots of inspiration whilst there, but now I have to order some photos to scrap and of course find the time to actually do some scrapping!!
That's assuming I can shift these post holiday blues.................

1 comment:

Fiona said...

You and me both Sarah! Love your 'believe in yourself' page. (Must take heed of that myself as just got through to the next stage of a job application and never thought I would) Love your dolly, especially the earrings, reminds me of the ones in 'Bunty'.