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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Autumn watch

Hello peeps!
Sorry, I seem to have been away for longer than planned this week but have just been such a social butterfly and of course manic at work as usual that I haven't had a chance to visit blogland!!!
After a very successful shopping trip last weekend, I paid a visit to Grannywen and along with a school chum of hers we set off into the countryside to explore and appreciate the autumnal colours!
Except that everything was still quite green as Autumn hadn't quite hit yet.
Buttercup enjoyed her trip to see the Cerne Giant, but more about her in another post!
We visited Shaftesbury and Sherborne and the famous "Hovis" hill, and generally had a wonderful day.
The girls!

 I vaguely remember visiting here as a child but the hill seemed so much bigger then! Without spoiling it - what you see is what you get, and luckily it doesn't carry on too much further so it wasn't too hard to climb back up.
Larking about with Grannywen!

Work has been very busy as usual, I worked this weekend and I am about to embark on yet another set of night shifts tonight, so I felt the need to get some fresh air and chase the autumn some more. I headed off quite locally to Dulwich Park and had a very pleasant hour or so, mooching about with my camera.

 It was still quite green but there were some stunning golds and ambers  dotted about here and there.
 The lake was very beautiful and the ducks very amusing but I didn't manage to photograph them too well, so resorted to beautiful reflections instead.
The sun was low in the sky and made spooky shadows in amongst the trees.
And apart from a few yummy mummies, the park was empty and mine to explore.
 I had a brief chat with this little chap, who seemed very disappointed that I didn't have any food for him. He came right up to me and I am sure he would have taken it out of my hand if I had some.

I hadn't been here before today and it was quite lovely! Afterwards I headed into the village and treated myself to a new top from Whitestuff and fish n chips for tea - yummy!

A lovely day - shame it has to end with a trip into work!!?

I love this photo - I'm not sure why blogger chose to put it here instead of earlier but it was taken in Cerne village, home of the giant and on a path leading down to the well and hermits grotto. There was something magical about the light and atmosphere here and you could almost believe the myths and legends of the area.

I will try not to leave it so long next time but with night shifts you never know.
Toodlepip for now!


Louby said...

Some beautiful shots there, I too love the last one esp, wish I could just wander off into it.
Louby x

debby4000 said...

Hi Sarah, love your photos, I love the lonely bench with the leaves not sure why but it draws to me somehow. How magical the last one is.
Hope the nights are not bad or if they are they go quick.
How are the ratties doing.

Louby said...

Hey Sarah, thanks for the lovely comment and you'd be more than welcome to come to our Halloween Soiree, fancy dress essential!..lol
Love Louby x

lisa said...

Lovely to see you Sarah. Hope you're not working too hard. I adore seeing your sensational photos, that tree in the park is amazing.
The colours are just starting aren't they. Another few weeks and they'll be at their best, especially if this mellow Autumn weather lasts.
Hugs Lisax

Rachel said...

wow these are awesome photos, looks all cosy and autumny like love it xx