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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Busy weekend!

Well I seem to be on the go go go at the moment. No sooner have I got back to work and it's the weekend already and I had loads to do!! Friday night was a birthday drinking party for one of my girlfriends, am happy to report that we were good and had a lovely meal but didn't disgrace ourselves at any point!

As you can see I have managed to make a good start on my Amsterdam journal. I love love love the cover, made with some magnets that I bought whist there.

The book is the one that I mentioned the other day - from TKMAXX. I am quite pleased with it as a base but with about fifty photos and postcards stuck in it now the spine is not holding up too well and the pages are starting to come out!  :(  Not good!
 Needs to be handled with care but at least I have done it - just need to go back through and add all my journalling!

As usual I have included napkins, tickets and other trivia I collected on the day.

And finally a not too good phone pic of me and the girls - cool cats huh? Some 'bloke' at the bar offered to take our photo, which we agreed to - it would have been a real good one too except that it is so blurrry its not funny!! We had to resort to some arms length self portraits instead!

Speaking of cool cats, is anyone else loving the current Ikea advert at the moment? All those kitty cats running loose in the shop - so cute!!
Have had a fab girly shopping day today and off to see Grannywen tomorrow, it's all go go go!!!


Lean said...

Your album is looking great and your quick to...sweet Ktty´s by the way..lol.

lisa said...

Your Album is looking great Sarah. That cover is amazing. They are always fun to look back on aren't they. I've still got my holiday one to do. All the bits are there, they just need organising!!
Sounds like you had a great weekend and shopping too!!
I agree, that Ikea advert is fab.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax

brenda said...

A real cracking start on Amsterdam Sarah.

How come I missed the Ikea ad ? Need to keep my peeps open.

B x