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Sunday, 29 May 2011

MONSTER catch up!!

Ok, so I need to explain my prolonged absence from Blogland.
 Anyone who is my friend on FB will know that I am safe and well and will have seen what I've been up to, but for the rest of you, grab a large glass of wine or cup of tea and a biscuit and make yourselves comfortable - you may be here for a while!!

Due to the glorious weather we had a few weeks ago, many days were spent in my garden loafing or pottering about with my patio, or indeed photographing my wildlife chums.

I enjoyed a couple of evenings just chilling with a BBQ or sat watching the birds fly by, but then I began to get itchy feet, and you know me - I love an adventure or two.....
Firstly I took myself off for a little day trip to Paris

I got to the city very early and had a great day just wandering about with my camera.

Of course I stopped by all the famous spots, but didn't waste time in the huge queues .

The obligatory scrapping style shot just sorta happened -sorry!

and most of the day was spent hanging out in or near Montmartre, my favourite area of the city. One day I will actually see a show there. 
Then lunch was followed by one of these - yummy!

I spent a few hours in the artists quarter, sipping beer and just people watching, but nearly fell off my chair when I got the bill!

I very much wanted to take some art/travel journal style shots which of course there were plenty of.

And no trip to the worlds most romantic city would be complete without visiting the lovers bridge to marvel at all the many love troth padlocks.

A fabulous day was all to soon over and the next adventure was to begin over the bank holiday weekend. Dorset is no stranger to me and I love going home and revisiting all my old haunts - even more fun with a friend in tow.
We went to Hengistbury head and rode the Noddy train down to the seaside

Paddled in the sea, although it was a little too chilly for my chum
and it took a while for our feet to dry off and warm up!!!

I took some more arty farty shots of the beach huts that I love

and then whilst on the boat we caught over to the pub on the quay it started to rain briefly, luckily we had a brolly

After a wander round Christchurch it was time for one of these, there is a theme coming here....

and then off the New Forest so my chum could meet some locals

It was a great weekend but then a few weeks later it was treat time again for me and along with these fab four I had a long weekend in the South of France!!

We stayed in Nice but caught the train to Monaco and gazed in awe at the yachts

Did the tour on the Monte Carlo equivalent of the Noddy train
And found our perfect boat....

I had genuine butterflies the whole time we were there knowing that this was only two weeks away

We even drove the course, although not very fast in the tour bus

the buzz in the air was palpable even though we were trying our best to look very cool and rich!!

Both sides of the harbour were breath taking

and driving the circuit - amazeballs!!!
(I saw this tunnel during the Grand Prix today!!)

I had dreams of finding my 007 and being a Bond girl??

But consoled myself with some chocolat chaud! It was so thick it was like soup!

The next day we popped down to Cannes, and look - paddled in the sea!
(It was much warmer than the last time!!)

We travelled the Noddy Train to get to our place amongst the A listers for the film festival

And chilled out in the Old town.
It was awesome!!

Of course we did visit Nice itself and what a glorious day we picked. It was roasting as we walked along the Promenade des Anglais

and again did out best to look cool and glam!

the old town was so pretty 

and the view from the park on the hilltop amazing! The sea really was that blue!!

A view of the harbour....
but again we needed to cool our feet. Oh where was my cossie when I needed it?

We lazed on the beach in the sun for a while to get a South of France tan

And then explored some more.

We were all very sad to leave as it was such an awesome weekend. As usual I took a ton of photos and choosing which ones to share has been a nightmare and has taken an age and made me very nostalgic for the place. I think its my new favourite!! As I sat and watched the Grand Prix today my fingers got itchy for the keyboard of my laptop and travel websites - I think I may have to go back there and very soon!!

So, what now? A ton of photos to scrap if I ever find the time and back to normality!! I have worked ridiculous hours in between all these adventures as normal, and guess what - I am on night shift all next week!! Talk about back to earth with a bump!
To top it all, its another BH weekend and the weather is now pants - it's a good job I have already sorted out my little space in the garden, not that I am going out in it this weekend!?

Roll on July, when I am off on a little camping adventure..... I can't wait!!
If you have made it to the end - well done! I said it was a monster catch up! 
Where are you off to?


Lean said...

wauw this looks like a great trip .Lovely pictures and yes you need a second live tos scrap this all...lol..
And a beautiful flower page you made for mom.

debby4000 said...

Oh what fabby pics they'll keep you busy for a while.

lisa said...

You see what happens, Sarah. I check up on you and then don't come and visit you, just typical!!!!
Right, I've had a long catch up with all your travels and am now deeply envious. I've wanted to go to Paris for a long time and will make it one day!!!! I love the Eiffel tower in your fingers.
You must have been in Nice at the same time as my Hairdresser, she goes most years and raves about it. We watched the Grand Prix too!
Your garden looks beautiful. Lets hope the weather returns to enjoy being outside again.
To answer your question, we are going to Lake Garda but not for a while yet and yes I am counting the weeks!!
Lovely to see you back.
Hugs Lisax