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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The one where I actually scrapped!!

 Hello peeps!
Well done if you survived the last mammoth post about all my adventures. Of course I now have a mammoth pile of photos to scrap too - or at least I will have when I finally manage to upload them to Photobox and put in my order! I have been trying all weekend but cant get them to upload at all!!   :(

This LO is about another mini adventure I had that I hadn't got round to telling you about yet. 
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - yes that is HRH Camilla and she is chatting to little old me!!! She is very interested and a supporter of the specialised work that I do, and held an open evening at Clarence House for us back in March to say Thank you! It was fabulous!
I had a starring role in that I had to introduce all my colleagues and remember not to call her Ma'am as in Marm (like we would our bosses at work), but Ma'am as in ham!!! It was a nightmare, but I managed not to fluff my lines and spoke with my bestest telephone voice!!!

Sadly the photos that were taken of us weren't at all good - and we were NOT allowed to take our own. The photographers wanted to charge a royal amount for a 7 x 12, but to be honest, despite the occasion, I wasn't willing to pay that much for such a poor shot! I did email them - twice, asking for a reduced price for more scrapping suitable size prints but they were far too important to even acknowledge my email let alone reply to it!!  In the end I cheated, and the hidden journalling explains my frustration at having the said photographers watermark across all the shots! Oh well - its the memory that counts isnt it!!

Speaking of royals, her Scrapping Highness, Queen Kirsty of Wiseman had an online crop the other evening that I sat and watched with the twins. Her subliminal messaging must have worked because this LO has a remarkable resemblance to her sketch - I even used doilies!!! Lush!


Louise said...

What a lovely experience to scrap, lovely layout xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

he heeeeeeee - Im warming to camilla. Hope you didnt say anything common to her ;)
Loving the doilies x

debby4000 said...

Oh this is fab Sarah and its true its about the memory, I too would use the photos with the watermark.

lisa said...

Oh look at you hobnobbing. What an experience. Camilla always looks very nice to me so it's nice to know she is in real life.
You did right using the photos, I would have done the same. Your LO is gorgeous. I love the colours and that title is brilliant.
Hugs Lisax