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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Apparently I am 'out of date'!!

So day three of my hols and so far I've not done very much!! Although today I have finally managed to unload all the camping equipment from the back of the car and sort it all and squeeze it away into the hall cupboard - yes I know - finally! But judging by the weather we are now having it doesn't look likely that I will get away again in it again anytime soon!!?

Yesterday was COMPLETELY wasted!! I was waiting for the gas man to appear to complete my overdue gas safety check - he was late of course and I managed to shut my fingers in the door which left me swearing and howling for some time and one handed for the rest of the day - ouch!!
My new Iphone arrived so after much one handed bumbling I tried to set it up only to find that my Itunes programme was out of date!!! ( I didn't know it could be??) I promptly downloaded the newer version to find I couldn't install it because my mac software was out of date too - seriously?? You are kidding right?
I spent several hours on the not-particularly-helpful apple help site to try to work out if I was a lion,  a leopard or just a wally, and in the end had to phone up to ask someone and ended up bawling like a baby down the phone at him when he said he would send me some new software but it might take 5 -6 weeks!!

So I sat, the old sim card now disconnected, the new one useless without the new software and without a  mobile phone to text anyone I might fancy texting or even just fancy?  Aaarrrgghhhh!!!!!
Eventually, one handedly and with the aid of some magic tape I managed to fashion the new sim card to fit the old phone so am now contactable again but also have a spangly new phone just sat in its box - uselessly staring at me!
Really, I might not be down with the kids anymore, but I really didn't think I was that 'out of it'?? I have a Mac and an Iphone - surely I am hip and with it??

Later, a charming young knight in armour helped me see that I am not quite so 'out of date' as I had previously thought?
Things are looking up!


Emma said...

Oh dear, sounds like you had yesterday the sort of day i'm having today! Hope you get the iphone sorted soon, how on earth does it take 5-6 weeks? where are they sending it from?

Lean said...

wauw this one is lovely to great colors and cool work of you!!!

lisa said...

Oh dear, Sarah, sounds like you've had a real day of it. I'm definitely out of date. I have a phone just to phone people with and that's not turned on very often, much to my friends and family's disgust!!!!
Know what you mean about all this technology stuff though. My itunes suddenly became out of date and wouldn't work all because I hadn't uploaded the new updates, there seems to be one everyday and I get fed up with them. Luckily Hubby knew how to sort it out otherwise I'd have been having a real paddy too. I love my IPod!!!!
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
Hugs Lisax

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear about your very aggravating day Sarah. Don't worry, I don't think you are out of date, but me - I deffo am! I don't have an i-anything and my mobile is so old it runs on steam. Do I care?

Buzzard Girl said...

Hi Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that I have removed myself from Facebook and closed my blog. Going through an odd time at the moment and feel that I have been focusing too much on what I haven’t got instead of what I have. I have book marked your blog as I don’t want to lose touch. I am also on twitter (not sure if you are??), but I will continue to add picks of the pretties I make to my flickr link which is http://www.flickr.com/photos/buzzardgirl/sets/72157625150129128/