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Saturday, 24 September 2011

The one where I return to reality!! (part one)

Ok so you may have noticed that I've been absent for awhile, and I did say a few weeks ago that I had another adventure looming, so it's only fair that I share it with you now that I am home!!
This a picture heavy post - you know how many photos I take when I go away, so it will be a post in two parts!! Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the ride.......

Since I went for work in Dec '10, I have been saying that I wanted to go back to New Jersey. I kept putting it off co's of the work thing, but eventually after not much persuasion from my NJ friends, I booked a kinda last minute trip and dragged my chum Sue (from the Nice adventure) to come along with me. The day of the trip came came round very quickly and soon we were there - enjoying the Jersey Shore at Belmar!!

After a long flight and a few beers on the back porch at our host Andrea's house, we drove along the coast for the view and a relaxing walk.
The next day was spent shopping for great deals at the Mall and an evening at the bar catching up with old chums from my last trip.

On Friday we made a road trip to Atlantic City!

As we drove down on the freeway we had the top on the jeep down and we sang and laughed as the wind blew through our hair. 

We played our favourite songs which will now relate to great memories forever! Katie Perry's "Last Friday night" has a special place in our hearts!!

Andrea had some great songs on her Ipod and I now am addicted to a group called Finger Eleven - another great trip anthem!

Soon we were there and checked into our hotel. After a walk along the boardwalk and some time getting prettied up we went for a great dinner and then partied the night away! It was an awesome night!!!

The next day after a solemn and hungover drive home, we stopped by to meet ma and pa then loafed at Andrea's, played with her gorgeous kittycats and then had a siesta before heading out to a local bar  with a live band that night!

Sunday we visited Red Bank, the town I stayed in last trip. There was a food fair in town and it was very different to the snow covered visit I made in December.

We met some interesting people

and enjoyed the stalls and food on display at the fair.
Later on we visited another seaside town, Pier Village and after a look round some cute shops stopped by the beach for a cocktail or two?

Monday we were up and out early to head up into New York.
We had tickets for the Yankees game as they were playing at home.

After some fun navigating the subway, 
we headed to the Bronx and the Yankees Stadium. It was HUGE!!

Again there were some strange and interesting people on the way

and inside the stadium we weren't disappointed!
We had great seats and settled down with a hotdog and a beer waiting for the game to start, taking a few pictures while we waited.

Charlie's Angels on tour!!!

Andrea spent a long time explaining the game to me - I kinda picked it up by the end - it only took about four hours!!!  

Right, thats enough for now, pop back and I will post part two soon!


Fiona said...

Sounds like a great trip Sarah. I've been away too, but only to Kent -not quite as glam! Going to blog my photo's now.

Emma said...

wow! sounds like you packed a lot in!