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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Raving !!!!

One day soon , hopefully this weekend I will see some daylight??
I go to work in the dark and come home again in the dark and rarely see daylight whilst I mop of the detritus of peoples lives and strange activities.
I want to show you all the cards that I have made, and most of all I want to make some more, or scrap or art journal or anything that does not involve listening to tales of woe and collecting intimate samples!!!

If I get to see some daylight, and it look promising this weekend cos I am off  -  hurrah - I will photograph aforementioned cards and I WILL make something to soothe my current art free soul!

In the meantime I have been freezing my little toes and fat ass off on my bike this week and am not looking forward to snow! (Good job for my rear padding as it does keep some heat in :) )
and mainly snuggling here in my newly decorated lounge!!

I have been raving this week about the Olympics and the HUGE disruption it is causing to my world and then on top of that we, Londoners, are told that we should take time now to start to replan our routes come the summer. 
Why should I be disrupted when trying to get to work (not that I will be) but really? How are Londoners meant to be proud and excited about showcasing our city to the world when we are being royally shat on to do so, with the promise that being late for work during those months will not be tolerated - like its our fault!!
Roll on June!!
Maybe I wont come home??


Fiona said...

Hi Sarah, couldn't agree more with you. Heard all that on the radio yesterday, not that I am in the remotest bit interested in the olympics. That sounds very unpatriotic I know, which I'm not but I just think the cost is spiralling out of control and with all the upheaval to Londoners lives, is it worth it for 3 weeks? I know my view is not shared by the majority
though. Look forward to seeing your makes soon. x

lisa said...

What a lovely cosy room you've created there, Sarah, it looks gorgeous so I'll be round for something alcoholic and a natter, oh how I wish!!!!!
Hope you get some time to soothe your crafty needs. I know what you mean about the dark. I'm at home all day but I hate having to have the lights on all the time. Roll on Summer. I know the Olympics will cause you huge disruption but think of us up here who won't even get a look in even if we wanted too!!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments my friend.
Take Care
Hugs Lisax