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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And finally........

So, do you remember a couple of weeks ago I promised to pop back soon and share the cards I made after Christmas??

Well finally, only a few weeks later, here they are!
Seriously I don't know where the time has gone!?
It was only just after Christmas the other day and now its half way through Feb and my BIG birthday looms! What happened??

To be honest I'm not quite sure where the last forty years went either?
I don't think I am where I thought I would be at this time of my life but I'm not altogether sure where I thought that would be either?
Does that make sense?
I certainly couldn't have imagined doing what I do, and certainly didn't think I would still be just me. 
No-one else. 
Still single!!?

And speaking of THAT - I had a card today!! Yes a Valentine's Card!!!
Do I know who it's from?
No Not really. 
There was someone I had thought it might be but he says no, and in some ways I am relieved.  That could have been awkward!! Then there is the man with the really nice voice who I have been chatting with recently. Could it be him? I dunno, I've never met him. Surely he can't be that daft can he? He hasn't said anything today.
Look I never said I was a Detective!!!

Ho Hum. Maybe someone will say something and give the game away?

In other news, little Fred got fed up with Barney always being the one who had special trips to the vet in the car with mummy, so decided he would try to trump him in the most spectacular way. He hid a nasty abscess from me and only let me find it when it was HUGE and had burst and was a nasty open sore on his tummy, that panicked me late on Sunday night and ensured I did not get any sleep!
At all!!!
So, some hundredandsixtytwomillion pounds later he now has a very neat scar up his tummy that makes him now look like a very small pencil case!!!
Me - panic over, beans on toast for the next two months til I can afford to eat again!!
Shame the mystery man couldn't arrange a dinner date - am getting hungry!!!

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Fiona said...

Hello stranger, you HAVE been busy. Sorry to hear about Fred and hope your mystery Valentine reveals himself soon. x