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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another mini adventure

Hello peeps, hope this finds you well and enjoying this amazing weather we are having?
I survived my night shifts which passed very quietly really and have taken a few days off now as I have to work again at the weekend and didn't want to miss all the sun or fun!!
Yesterday was spent loafing in the garden, and there will be more of the same today. Not very productive but very enjoyable!!

This LO shows some really old photos of me and my super dog Ralph! We headed off to Devon to join Grannywen and Papajohn on a camping holiday and went for a fabulous long walk somewhere, wherever this was! I remember it being a very hot day like today, but there was a river at the bottom of the hill, and  we got very muddy as we walked along side it for a ways - Ralph didn't stay so white and fluffy looking I can tell you!
Happy days, walking and camping with Ralph! He absolutely loved it!!
Am off on another of my mini adventures tomorrow, so check back in a day or two to see what I get up to?
Toodlepip! xxx


Anonymous said...

Where was your adventure. We have missed your blog updates!

Anonymous said...

We miss your updates, where was your adventure too???