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Friday, 15 April 2011

Nothing much happening .....

on night shifts this week!! 
Half way thru my week tonight, and have not been deployed so far, but with tonight being a Friday and the usual drunken city centre antics in play I am expecting to be busy!!!

The boys are well, although seem to have noticed that their evening rampage round the flat is being cut short by an hour or two. But a handful of Cheerios seems to cheer them up no end   :)

And on a positive note, I seem to have made some headway with my quest for the missing tent pole. I don't yet have one in my grubby mitts, but at least I now know what size I need   :)
I leave you with a page from my Amsterdam trip last year. Made using one of my Scrapagogo kits, I got stuck in to some serious hand cutting as I thought the little houses on the paper were just like the houses all round the city - cute huh?


debby4000 said...

Oh this is fab and love the little houses.
Hope Friday night wasn't too bad.

Rachel said...

aww lovely page hun, looks so pretty x