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Friday, 7 January 2011

So 2011, what's occuring???

So, Christmas is all done, although not quite put away here in the back of beyond as we were a little late with some of it, but what of saying Goodbye to 2010 and Hello to 2011?

Well not much to say about 2010, it started out dreadfully and finished on a much better note, although it did take most of the year for me to get myself back on track. I travelled quite a bit but didn't get enough time to scrap my travels and I embarked on many paths to self improvement!
There was the end of my fab little sports car, and the passing of young Wills - both which hiccupped my road to recovery. But there was a new adventure wagon and the arrival of two new playmates who have brought no end of joy and laughter to my little corner of the world!

Although Christmas was late due to my working the entire festive season, I received some fab gifts and hope that Grannywen and Papajohn enjoyed their gifts which travelled from afar - literally!

So what next?
Well, I plan to continue my wellness path which means getting back on my bike to work next week! restarting my boxercise classes and continuing the running that I began this week. It all helps me feel better about me, which is no bad thing and who knows what that may lead to???
(remind me to tell you the one about my movie styley romantic moment sometime) ???

I want to concentrate on improving my photography skills which have fallen by the wayside quite dramatically and take better photos, which will of course mean some more travels to practise them?

I want to sort out my finances and spend less time in my overdraft. Have splurged quite a lot in 2010 to try to cheer myself up, but now I have what I need, and need to concentrate on curbing my shopping whims - there is just no more room in my flat for anything else!!! (Of course this may not include shoes or stash as they are necessary on my path to wellbeing right?)

Not HUGE goals and nothing difficult, but am looking forward to this year without reflecting too much on the pain of the last. It was quiet and uneventful at the end, but not a bad end, especially the run up to it! I am not sad. I am filled with hope!

Hey look, I have even dusted off my mojo whilst at Grannywens' and have forged ahead and started to make some Crimbo cards for next year already!! Now that's planning and foresight!

I have even made a LO, now just need to get home and sort out some pictures to go on it! (can't keep using Grannywen's printer and photopaper to print them on!!) Oh that reminds me - one more thing to buy - a decent photo printer!!! Ooops!

So, cheerio last year!
Hello to a new year, even if I'm a bit late starting it? Better late than never I say!

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Lean said...

Have a wonderful 2011 lovely pictures .Sweet picture of you and your tiny friend.

lisa said...

What a lovely post Sarah. I'm so glad you are full of optimism and hope for this new year. I think we are all probably planning on being more thrifty. I know I have set myself to spend much much less on Craft stash and use what I have more, it may be hard though. Like you I desperately want to improve my photography skills, although i don't think yours need improving, you take stunning pics. I also need a decent printer, we'll need to swap notes.
Love your Christmassy photos, did Santa leave you anything nice, bet he did!!
Was it all only last week, it seems like months ago now. The hols were great but I'm amazed at how nice it's been to get back into a routine again, although don't think DH would agree with me. He has to go out to work, I just have to potter around home, I know who is the lucky one!!!!
Well, this has turned into an epic, sorry about that, I'll clear off now.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Lisax