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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Squeakwell!

My little ratties have been away for nearly a month and boy have the twins grown! Barney seems huge, almost as big as Harry!!

When I arrived at Grannywen's yesterday evening I recieved the most excitable furry welcome ever! The boys were in the wonderful playpen that had been built for them.

and were all hiding in the shed (shoebox) until I called them. Barney came running over immediately soon followed by Harry and we had a lovely cuddly kissy moment or three! Fred was a little more restrained and watched me from his igloo deciding if he wanted to join in or not?

Grannywen told me all about their escapades, the night Barney tried to fly and the night that Fred had a mini adventure and disappeared for the evening, only to be found at bedtime hiding in the dining room!!! It certainly seems to have kept the Grandparents busy/entertained/exhausted for a few weeks!!!?

The most amusing part was at bedtime last night when Granny came to take them out of the playpen and back to their house -they all 3 queued up at the door, waiting at the 'bus stop' for the tram (travel cage) to transport them across! It was hilarious!! They knew exactly what to do as they climbed aboard for the short journey into the next room! (Granny can't pick them all up at once like me, and had a few issues with one or more escaping while she tried to pick up one at a time)so decided to wait for them all to get in the travel cage, then park that next to their house with the doors open next to each other so that they could all climb out again! Ingenious!

It made me laugh so much that the boys knew what to do and were so obedient! I had to try to film it tonight as you have to see it to believe it!

YouTube Video
Of course co's I was filming they were playing up a bit and didn't behave nearly so perfectly as the first time I saw it!! Typical!

It seems that I needn't have worried about the extended stay at all, although I think Grannywen will be glad when they go home - she needs a rest!


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debby4000 said...

Oh this is brilliant.
You know children never behave when Mums around so it can't be any different with the ratties.

Lynda said...

Awwww that was so funny to watch - I think the 2 boys were trying to show Harry what to do!! Thanks for sharing it with us Sarah.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

It certainly sounds as though they have had a great holiday although I'm sure they'll be happy to be going home. It sounds as though your Gran needs a holiday now. I howled at them queuing at the tram stop, fantastic!!
Thanks for your lovely comments. I do do more LO's than I blog but don't show them if the photos are of the family, they have made me promise not to!!
Hugs Lisax