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Saturday, 29 January 2011

The one where I waffle a lot!

So - what's been happening?
Not much if I'm honest.

Work of course!

A trip to the ballet - which was wonderful . We went to see Cinderella - the Matthew Bourne version and it was as magical as all his other treats I have seen.  He is wonderfully modern, and as breathtaking as the ballet itself is, the humour he injects into the choreography is what I enjoy the most.

I have been a good girl and kept up my cycling to work, despite the bad weather we have had. And although the running regime I started at the beginning of Jan hasn't been kept up because of my crazy shift work, I have run when I can and have renewed my sense of enjoyment with it - will be heading up for a  run with a certain lady very soon!!

Harry and the twins are all well, cheeky as ever but have caused no recent mischief or carnage that needs  reporting apart from the night of adventure they all had when I forgot to close the door to their house and I found them all exhausted on my sofa the following morning!!  The flat was covered in tissues and they all looked very guilty as I prised them out from under the cushions!! They continue to give me such joy and make me laugh so much - a BIG feat when you are only three inches off the ground.

I need a new 'thing' to look forward to. Will let you know when I have decided what it will be!


Lean said...

Great page you made love the colors and cool garden for your tiny friends.

Lynda said...

What a lovely layout and great to 'see' you again! I missed the last posting about the spa experience for some reason so have been having a little catch up. Bet you won't be going there again! Glad to hear you and the boys are ok though.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Glad you're OK Sarah. January is a hard month for doing much at all I think I think and you're so dedicated running and cycling when it's sooo cold again.
Love the LO, your colours are great.
Right I'm off to veg in front of the fire again so see you again soon!!
Hugs Lisax

jannekevanveen said...

wow i love it very nice to see greetings Janneke