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Monday, 26 July 2010

Sitting quietly.

Here's a LO I was going to post on Saturday before the tragic demise of darling Wills.

We are currently staying with Grannywen, and this is one of a series of pages I made on Thursday which documented the boys playing in the garden at her house. I actually managed to scrap 4 LO's in one sitting - not bad after such a drought!

We are all still a bit shocked at the sudden loss, and I think Harry is missing Willy dreadfully. He is not even bothering to come out of his tent at the moment. I seem to be cuddling a breathing tent rather than my little friend inside, and so am in the process of trying to source a new chum for him. Seems a bit quick but I think it will take some time and ratties aren't meant to be alone.

We tried to encourage Harry out and cheer him up yesterday by setting up the garden playpen again, he popped out a few times but wasn't really having much of it!

In the meantime we buried little Wills
and I need to paint a headstone for him!

Papajohn has been busy tinkering with my new wheels, I gave it a good clean co's the valet  that had been done on it was rubbish, and we have been doing very little else! 
Nice break from work but not much of a holiday methinks!!!


Lean said...

AAA so said he is missing his friend i do love your lay-out you made love the colours you used.

lisa said...

I feel so sad for you Sarah. You're having such a rotten year of it!!!
I hope you find Harry a new companion, but I'm sure Wills will never be forgotten.
Enjoy your rest and I'd love to help you with your Venice book. You know how I have a longing to go. My SIL went last week and loved it. Hopefully, this time next year I shall be on my way!!
Take care my friend.
Hugs Lisax

Rachel said...

oh hun hope you are doing ok xx

Louby said...

Hi Sarah, soo sorry to hear about Wills, poor him and poor YOU. Love the little ratty scrapbook - lovely.
Louby x