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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

This is a craft blog!

As this is essentially a crafty blog I thought it was about time I shared some crafty stuff with you, and as I  haven't made any new stuff for a while I remembered that I hadn't shared this with you yet!
My ratty mini book!

As regular readers will know I don't seem to do too well with mini books, somehow can't squish my 12 x 12 abilities into  the small screen, I am however quite pleased with this! Sadly despite my excitement at going, my Venice album has still not progressed into anything tangible and I am big fat STUCK on it!!

It's been a funny old week, the promised rain hasn't appeared, it it still gloriously sunny here, and despite being on hols at the mo I have to confess to have been doing some work related stuff! Ok, maybe the ex was right and I am job pissed, but this is serious stuff going on here and we still haven't got a verdict from last weeks trial!!
Am now officially off duty til next week!

Speaking of the ex, he made a comment on here after my last post, obviously I removed it but it shows that he is still sad/nosey enough to need to know what I am doing with my life - 9 months on?
Really, get a life and move on!
It actually made me laugh out loud as he felt the need to justify his behaviour to a bunch of crafters? Sorry, I am one, but that's hilarious!

Meanwhile this is a crafty blog and I am trying to get in the Zone this week to express some of my pent up creativity, promise!

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