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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Trials and tribulations??

As you might guess by the title of this post I have been at court again this week. I thoroughly enjoy court weeks as it is the culmination of several months of investigation but it also means a jolly week away from the office, nice lunches by the river and no weary phone calls!!
Obviously I can't say too much about the trial itself but this week has provided some moments of highly inappropriate comedy thanks to a very shaky snake and a bag of ferrets!!?

In my defence Your Honour this is partly the reason for my appalling blogging of late, due to burning the candle at both ends for work and play!!

I have been very busy............., working of course!!
(Guess where I am this weekend??)
but also...................

Aquiring new wheels which I have yet to christen and which I am strangely not as excited about as I should be!! Largely this is due to still being in mourning for my little sporty number! I know, I know, some people are never happy???

I have swum in the sea!

Snoozed in the sun on a lazy afternoon in Grannywens garden.

Discovered just how much of MY camping stuff my ex has kept !! This is despite me paying him quite a bit for the tent we had!! He couldn't be bothered to bring them to work so I could collect them  ( he works ten mins from where I live) but apparently has thrown some stuff away. I suspect he doesn't even realise some of the stuff he has kept, but some of it is sentimental to me from camping trips with my doggie!!

Taken middle of the night ferries to sunny locations for a well deserved Holi day!!
 For this you can literally read 'a' day!!

Suffered further incidents of rage against cyclists, whereby my calf was rudely and deliberately nudged by a car whose driver didn't appreciate cyclist boxes at traffic lights!!

Returned Grannywen's car to her.

Had my barnet trimmed as I suddenly turned into a member of the Hair Bare bunch seemingly overnight!

Not eaten as much as I should have and have drunk far too much coffee in order to try to function as normally as possible??

Normal service and hopefully some scrapping will resume shortly?


brenda said...

Oh Sarah, so much to catch up on, I have been a really bad blogger lately, but in my defence have had a nasty bone transplat but help my head under my arm for too long.

So ups and downs for you, your poor little car, I know how you loved it.

I will be posting more piccies of Daisy and Lily, we are seeing them again on Thursday, but off on our hols Friday so depends what time I get as to whether this is before of after the hols.

Take care and promise I've not deserted the ship....grief that's a pun, we are cruising !

B x

lisa said...

No wonder you've had no blogging time, what a busy bee but it sounds fun and interesting!!
Love the new wheels, hope you learn to in time!!!!!
Swimming in the sea, was that in this country!!!!! It's been wild and chilly up here, it certainly doesn't look like British sea so where have you been sneaking off too on the quiet.
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Lynda said...

Hi Sarah - You have been busy working/playing so don't you be worrying about the blogging!!! I've been a bit slack with it too - sometimes life gets in the way and so it should. The sea looks so inviting on your photo - hope it looks like that where I'm going next week but I very much doubt it lol.

Hope you've have a great weekend.

Love Lynda xxx

W@"£&r said...
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