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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Just the two of us!

Hi there, sorry another Harry LO to share, there are some of darling Willy but I haven't had a chance to photograph them yet, and to be honest I tried to make one this afternoon but got too upset!!

We are back at home now and Harry seems to be ok, continuing with his usual rampaging around the flat and trying to get into places he shouldn't!  He only looks a bit sad when its bedtime and he goes back into ratty palace and he's all by himself - or maybe it' s just me who thinks he looks sad! I know I am!
It's not quite the same without little sneezy on the sofa next to me!!!

Grannywen made Harry some little stuffed socks to cuddle, he has one in his tent and one he has stashed with his carrot biscuits at the bottom of the cage where he hides his treasure! I assume that this means he likes it? Knowing what he is like with stuffing, as documented in previous LO's, the fact that he hasn't turfed it out yet is a good sign!

I'm back at work and although its only a short week it seems to be taking forever to get to the weekend!
I've had my circle journal returned to me so will photograph it to share with you soon and I have two to catch up on, and I have printed loads of pics to scrap, so guess where I will be for the weekend??

Be back soon xx


Lean said...

sweet lay-out lovely details .This is fun Harry likes the socks cool idea.

lisa said...

It's a great LO, Sarah. I love the peas. You'll probably enjoy doing more of Wills after awhile when you're not not feeling so raw and they'll be lovely memories to look back on.
Hope work has gone OK and you enjoy your weekend in the Zone!!
Hugs Lisax