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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Over the top!

Sorry, another ratty LO to share with you, this one documenting all the things that Harry has munched since he arrived!! It even includes some of those things as embellishments on the LO!

Still haven't made it into the Zone so haven't scrapped for weeks now, how is that possible? 
How am I still sane?
There are still 40 odd elephants trampling over the table but inspiration has not truck yet and I know that I wont get a chance to scrap this weekend coming as I am out for most of it!!
I had a great catch up with the girls on saturday but even though I had my camera somehow didn't manage to take any pics. I still have loads of wedding and other stuff to scrap though?

Yesterday whilst cycling home I nearly got knocked off my bike by another cyclist going the opposite way. In my usual sensitive tones I called him a d***head and carried on. About five minutes later he came up along side me and smacked me in the face, crushing my sunglasses and giving me a bloody nose in the process!
Bit over the top wouldn't you say?
Of course, despite my occupation, I was so shocked and he cycled off so quickly, I did nothing other than burst into tears and cycled home! I had a nice red mark across my cheekbone and my face is still very tender but not much else to show for it!

Everyone at work is adamant that I report it, but why is it that even though I am one I am reluctant to speak to Police ? Is it because I know that in reality, the chance of catching this man is so remote I don't see the point of clogging up the system with yet another unsolved crime? Why is it then that in my specialist field, which deals with a particular type of serious allegation, so many people are willing to make up stories rather then face up to their responsibilities and we have to waste so much time investigating things which clearly haven't happened?
Its a funny old world!!!


Julie said...

You poor thing, what was that man thinking - stupid prat, I hope your not sore for too long.
Lovely layout and dont worry that mojo will be back soon - cant wait to se some great LO's with elephants on them.
Take Care Hun - Ju xx

Enfys said...

Oh Sarah, what a horrible thing to happen, cyclist rage.......whatever next! Hope you feel better soon, fab layout as always
big hugs
En xx

Lean said...

wauw what was he thinking to hit a girl,i hope your are ok.
love your little monster.
byebye,lean...take care!!!

lisa said...

Well that really takes the biscuit doesn't it. What a complete nutter. Who ever heard of cyclist rage-we'll be getting pedestrian rage next-what is this world coming too!!!
I hope you're feeling better very soon. Sending you big bugs.
I love your LO. Including all the chewed bits as embellies is great.
Don't worry about getting in the Zone, it'll still be there when you feel like scrappping all those lovely Wedding photos.
Hope the rest of your week is better!!
Hugs Lisax

Lynda said...

Oh Sarah what a horrible thing to happen to you - there are some nasty people around. Hope you're ok now. Love your LO especially Harry's handiwork!!!! Just been having a little catch up too - the elephants are amazing!

Love Lynda xxx

Rachel said...

i cant believe this happened, hope you are ok, Rob is always telling me a should shout back at people (coz i do it all the time), hope you make a good recovery soon xx