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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bank Holiday treats.

No BBQ for us today, although it was tempting with all the lovely weather we have had. 
No fish n chips either as depicted in this LO, this was a few weeks ago on the last bank holiday weekend when BM and I had a day out and ate these on the sea front at Hythe - and yes they were yummy!

Off to Laura's wedding tomorrow, we are all ready to go and I even treated myself to a spray tan this morning which was a very bizarre experience - forgot to take the before and after pics though, just as well as the before were very very pale and pasty looking!!!

I have spent the day making  lovely cards, one for the happy couple and one for a friends birthday next Tuesday. I have photographed them but can't be bothered to upload them all tonight, so will have to share on Monday with some wedding pics hopefully. Off to bed in a bit, just letting the nail polish dry properly so it doesn't smudge. 
Enjoy your day tomorrow. xxx

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