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Monday, 25 May 2009

Laura's Wedding

What a fabulous day!!!!

The bride looked stunning as we thought she would.

The groom was charming and chuffed to bits with his bride.

The weather was as perfect as you could have hoped for.

Apart from running a little late,  and arriving seconds before the bride, BM and I had a fabulous day too. The colleagues from work were on good form and we all thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.  

BM was my prince charming in his whistle and flute and everyone commented on our carefully co-ordinated attire. BM complained about his 'pink' tie, but I think you will agree he looked wonderful.

The only downside to the whole day was my photography skills - I forgot everything I knew and was so busy juggling having a great time, drinking vodka and trying to catch some candid shots of everyone that there aren't that many that I am particularly chuffed with. There are some classics that I will put in the mini book for Laura that I am going to make, but there are some technically challenged shots throughout. Oh well, no-one knows but me I guess, but I think I need some more practice with people and portraits.
Hope you had a great BH? xx

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Nemo said...

The bride and groom look fabulous! Oh so happy! Cute tiny girl - and BM so very well "suited". Glad you all had a super day.