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Sunday, 17 May 2009


I have lost my voice today!
(Hurrah! shouts Big Monkey)

He has had a nasty chest infection this week and I thought I had escaped, but last night I went out with a girlfriend and in between the consumption of pizza and many lovely cocktails we put the world to rights and complained about life and our men folk! As the evening progressed I grew to like my increasingly husky sounding voice, kinda sexy sounding I thought? I even tried it out on BM on my return home but he was asleep and didn't seem too impressed?

This morning, I am shocked to report, I felt awful and so slept most of the day away (it wasn't a hangover either). When I got up I couldn't speak at all and have a throat that feels like I don't know what?  I feel rubbish!  Maybe it's punishment for all that manbashing Megan and I did last night?  Who knows?  Sofa and hot blackcurrant here I come! 
Still no scrapping, so here's one I made earlier! xx

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