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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cream teas and cuddly things!

Well it's been a crazy week back at work and I have a cheeky day off today with every intention to do some scrapping, but dull life got in the way, like laundry and shopping and errands that had to be run - boo!

I have however managed to upload and sort out all the   holiday pics which is a start I guess. As usual for me there are quite a few, and some I am very pleased with.

Excuse the long post but here are some of my faves, and unsurprisingly most of them are of animals!! Who knew what wonderful creatures could be found in Devon? I'm sure some might be related to BM too??  

We had a great time though, at Paignton Zoo, Prickly Balls Hedgehog Hospital  where all these small creatures were begging to be cuddled, and along the coast where we ate cream teas and fish n chips, watched the boats and surfers and drove inland to Dartmoor to spy on the ponies. 

You may be aware how much I love tigers, well there were four little cubs at the zoo which I spent ages watching. They were about six months old and a delight to see and they were very boisterous playing with each other. Sadly two days later we saw in the local paper that one of them had died after he had broken both his shoulders in a rough and tumble game and another was very poorly. I was devastated, but so glad that I got to see them when we did. You can be assured that they will get a great tribute in a LO all to themselves.

Finally a little LO I made before we went away - another daft saying between BM and I. How much I love him! Longtime. Thank you. Please.

Am off now - have a lot of scrapping to catch up on as I have some ideas for these pictures!


Nemo said...

Doctor Doolittle - you have excelled. Those animal photos are simply magic!

Emilie said...

Those animals look soooo fluffy and nice!!! we can see that you really love them through your photos!
This LO is gorgeous as well!!!

lisa said...

What fantastic photos Sarah. Those tigers are awesome but what a sad story. Love the Hedgehogs too.
It's another great layout.
Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow - Amazing photos

Lisa said...

Wow - What a great blog.

sarahlp1 said...

I love the look of sheer delight on your face in the pic with the tiny hedgehog - magical!

I had a loook at your slideshow the other day - fantastic LOs, loving your style.

SarahLP x