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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Midweek waffles.

What lovely weather we are having, great if you get to go out and play in it, but I have been at work all week and have just caught the lovely evening sunshine after sweltering in my office!

Big Monkey and I did go out for dinner at an al fresco eatery which was very pleasant the other evening and yesterday I had a very taxing office lunch to celebrate a colleague leaving which involved several jugs of Pimms, so don't send me too much sympathy, I haven't really suffered!?

Haven't done any scrapping, co's BM and I have been too busy in the evenings with the dance game on the new wii - it is fab fun and we are quite competetive with each other. It's about the only game that I actually get to win on, bless him his moves are not up to the wii timings!!! Here then is a LO from ages ago that I like but am not convinced the title is right, wasn't sure what to call it and didn't want anything too corny! Hope you are enjoying the weather


lisa said...

This is just great Clare. Your photo is fantastic and I like the colours you've used, they seem to pick up the photo perfectly.
It's great when we can beat our men at something isn't it, have lots of wii fun.


brenda said...

Hi Sarah, I just love to find fellow animal fanatics who are crafters as well. No monkeys at this end, other than children, but lots of varieties of four legged friends, oh and two legged ones -musn't foget about 50 chickes (9 cockerals hatched out last year and still living the life of riley - none of ours go 'pot wise'.

B x

Nemo said...

The Eyes definitely have it!!!
An impressive page.