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Monday, 6 July 2009

This time next week......

Ooh, just this one week of night shifts to go and then next Monday BM and I are off on our first holiday for this year. Not that we are flash and have two, but we are off camping for a week on our own in Devon and then a couple of weeks after that we are off camping with small monkey in tow, going down to Dorset.

I can't wait!
I just hope that all this lovely weather we have been having can last just a bit longer for us.

I made this LO as a tribute to my little car. It really makes me sad that this may be the last year I get to play in it, as it is getting very old now and like most of us the bodywork is not holding up to keep its good looks!!! And no, you are not seeing double, I did own two at the same time very briefly!! I would love to take it on holiday with us, and make the most of having the roof off, but along with roof boxes and tents and other camping 'stuff' it's just not practical. Also two lots of petrol is so unnecessary in this financial climate.

Anyhoo, have a few hours to play before work so am heading into the zone now, come and join me tomorrow if you like?


lisa said...

What a great LO Sarah and what lovely cars, you lucky girl.

Have a wonderful holiday, hope the weather smiles on you.


Nemo said...

Such a sweet layout - I adore it! A very pretty way to remind you of a short fun-times-two time in your life. Memories are made of these.