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Friday, 10 July 2009

Fluffy Friday!

Here's a couple of LO's that I have made this week, as you can see I was feeling all cute and fluffy when I made them, and I am still so in love with shaped paper. Can't get enough of it!!!

Another appearance from SM who I haven't scrapped in ages, and a page about the pet names that BM and I have for each other. Can you tell who is who? How soppy are we?

I have finished work now, having survived night duties, and am now looking forward to our camping trip. I was meant to go in this evening but my job was cancelled so I thought I would take an extra days holiday and have a little me time. Who knows, might even get some cheeky scrapping done? Have some chores to do to though before we go, you know the usual washing and cleaning, but have all weekend to do them so they may just go on hold for a while longer.
Catch you later


Nemo said...

Cute fluffies! and luvverly threaded ribbon - oooh!

Enfys said...

these are both lovely Sarah, and I love the title of your post, I have a fluffy daughter....
En xx