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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Baa Humbug - Me?

As promised, finally a photo of some scrapping!

It's made using the November Scrapagogo kit which I only started to tuck into yesterday. Before I know it - hopefully on Monday, the Dec kit will have arrived and I already have a plan for at least one LO with it.

Not long to go to the big day, but we are not really having Christmas in Clapham this year.
I can't be bothered to get the decs out cos a) we wont be here after next Friday and b) the ratty palace occupies the space where my little tree would go!!
Not that I'm being all baa humbug, (promise) I just still don't feel at all Christmassy yet. I even popped into the permanent Christmas shop near the court where I have been all week, I even managed to buy some new decs, but they are more likely destined for scrapping pages than anything else?

I am ashamed to say that I haven't made any cards this year despite some super ideas picked up from Helen over at Fiddlefart. I just haven't had the time or inclination. It's gonna be a few late shop bought ones I think, but if I don't get organised soon I will have missed the post anyway??

Better go, was planning to go shopping in Canterbury today but am running far too late to go now. Am off to collect my doggy chum snuggles instead!!


Emma said...

love your lo Sarah! Don't worry about the cards, I told everyone that I wasn't making cards anymore and frankly I am prob not sending any bought ones either!! Have a lovely Christmas!

lisa said...

A gorgeous layout Sarah, glad to see you back in the zone.


Louby said...

Hi Sarah, just popping by to see how you're doin. So glad you've got Wills and Harry to talk to. Hope Christmas cheer catches you soon and you go and enjoy yourself girl - get on some more of those dates you said you enjoyed- oh and definately go with the blossom hill,LOL
Sending you a hug
Louby x

Nemo said...

Shouldn't that read "Baa Handbag"?
Great LO. Love the colours and lettering.
Hope you had fun with your doggy chums.