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Monday, 21 December 2009

It's beginning to feel...................

Ok Ok, how could I not start to feel a bit festive having spent the weekend with this lot??

Firstly, Foxy in the garden on saturday. There wasn't any snow here but it was quite frosty and he looked quite chilly sat on his own in the middle of the lawn??

Then I travelled off to Kent for some snuggly animal fun. I went on the train in the end as the roads were still too bad and I didn't want to get stranded. After a fabulous snowy walk in the forest I found these creatures at the bottom of the garden - literally!
Real Christmas card pics aren't they - I was so pleased with them. I love the fat little robin.

Back home to the city and I was meant to travel off to visit some close family friends for lunch today. Sadly I have a really really sore throat and feel quite rubbish so have postponed the trip til the New Year as I didn't want to give my germs as a pressie. Am gonna stay in the warm til later this evening then its off again to Kent as I have a surprise tomorrow and I want to be well enough to enjoy it!!
Will let you know what it is tomorrow!


Emma said...

Great pics, that second robin one is beautiful and that fox is amazing!

brenda said...

Brilliant pictures Sarah, amazed how close you were able to get to Foxy without him taking off.

We were just having a debate about feeing the birds - I bought some fat balls yesterday and the question I got at home was "are they goood for the small birds because they don't get anything like that from nature". Good point and I have no answer.

Any thoughts ?

B x

Nemo said...

For my money that stag is the most amazing photo of them all - but Robin comes a very close second! Fab photos!
It is always very important to feed the birds at this time of year, especially when there is snow and ice about as it makes it harder for them to find grubs - so PLEASE put out food for them - fat balls are excellent and a much needed part of their diet - you must feed the birds all the time because they will come to reply on you and the location that you put the food. Don't forget to put water out for them too as they need to drink - just as we do! Encourage the birds and you will be rewarded by the different varieties that come to your garden.

Lynda said...

Fabulous photo's Sarah it must be lovely to be so close to such a variety of animals. I love the plump little robin - how cute is he?

Love Lynda xxx

debby4000 said...

Fab photos, you could use them next Christmas for cards.
Hope you feel better soon.

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. What amazing photos. That stag is gorgeous and the fat little robin is so Christmassy!
Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather, hope it all clears up for Crimbles!
If I don't get by again, have a quiet, peaceful Christmas and a happier New Year.