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Friday, 4 December 2009

Not very festive!!

Here in the House of Cheeky Ratties, things are not at all festive!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas but just cant seem to get into the spirit of things this year. I haven't even thought about my cards let alone started making any!!?

I have very much enjoyed looking at everyones JYC pages and am very jealous that I haven't joined in, but there are only so many poses in tiny crimbo hats that Harry and Wills are prepared to endure!
(For that read - none!!! They rarely sit still for long enough!! Although if someone can send me some tiny hats I am prepared to try??)

The ratties are asleep at the moment and I am just watching foxy in the garden playing with my flower pots. I must remember to throw some more nuts out for the squiggles too - haven't done it for a while!

I still haven't scrapped anything and am running out of time to complete my Scrapagogo Cj - especially as it is my dreaded weekend working this weekend!! I have had to change my mobile number that I've had for about 15 years because of all the poop from BM and despite that lack of aggro I am still feeling quite low! I haven't started any Crimbo shopping, but at least don't have many people to buy for this year ? Oh hells bells - someone send me Gino Dacampo in a loin cloth to cheer me up??


beksynormz said...

Hugs Sarah, hope you feel a bit brighter soon. I reckon those knitted hats on smoothie bottles would be about rat sized!!! xxx

Polly said...

Don't worry, I'm not feeling super festive yet either, it's arrived too quickly so maybe the Christmas spirit will catch up with us both when we least expect it.

Loving the idea of a rat in a Santa hat - my dog has a santa coat which she will stand wearing for about 10 minutes a year!

lisa said...

Hi Sarah. I'm sending you a big hug over the blogosphere. Get in your pj's and watch some soppy movies with a big glass of something!!!!
I can understand why you're not feeling festive, but I don't think your're on your own. I agree with Polly, it's come round so quickly, it doesn't seem five minutes since July. Where on earth does the time go.
I've got some great squirell photos I've taken this week. I shall post one just for you.
Take care of yourself!!


Sarah xx said...

Ha Ha - great idea Becky but they are just a little too big - shame as I had some I was saving from last year!! xx

debby4000 said...

Sorry you're having a rotten time at the moment. Sending big hugs.

brenda said...

Hi Sarah

Still thinking about you and sending bloggy hugs.

Not sure about Gino, but would Brad so if I can arrange it ?

Love you card by the way.

B x